Why You Should Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market Today


Eating healthy has become a trend (and that’s a good thing!). Many have decided to adjust their eating habits in exchange for increasing their chances to live longer. Eating fruits and vegetables is a great place to begin, but knowing where to buy them so that they can provide their maximum benefit is essential. Fresh produce should be the key factor in making that decision. For ways to learn how to choose the best produce, how to store them and what their nutritional value is, click here.

Farm Fresh Equals Better Health Benefits

Produce sold in local supermarkets and food markets lose some of their nutrients throughout the journey to the shelves you select them from. If you think of the packaging they undergo, the preservatives that are added to maintain “freshness” and the pollutants they collect, you may want to consider an alternative means of getting your fruits and vegetables.

One of the best alternatives, besides growing your own produce, is visiting your local farmer’s market. Many markets sell farm fresh produce out of their refrigerated vans or set up their own outdoor market. They sell fully ripened produce which has been proven to have better texture, flavor and all of its nutritional value.

Find A Local Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets are conveniently placed throughout many communities, with some probably within walking distance. Visiting your local Farmer’s Market can be a great family experience. Marketer’s love to share their knowledge of all the food items they sell. The hands on experience and open market tend to peak a child’s interest, as oppose to a trip to the supermarket.

Besides selecting your produce, you are also able to taste test produce you haven’t ventured to try yet and you can walk away with some really good recipes. Low income families can also often benefit from the Farmer’s Market if they participate in W.I.C. or SNAP food supplement programs. You can use this helpful directory to find Farmer’s Markets in your area.

You may not be able to find everything you are looking for in one trip, but what you walk away with will be worth the trip and you might have discovered a new produce you hadn’t planned to pick up initially. You are also giving back to the farmers simply by purchasing their delicious goods. Supporting your local farmers helps to save local farmland. With team effort we will work toward a healthier and financially prosperous community.

For Farmer’s Market food safety tips, click here.

Veronica Davis