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Friday, January 19, 2018 at 06:40pm EST

BREAKING NEWS: Slow Suicide Increasing Every Day

1/19/2018 - Posted by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers in Health, Lifestyle, Medicine, Personal Care

Oldest Cancer Case Ever Discovered Showed Signs of Tooth Decay

Is cancer a modern-day disease? Recent discoveries as to the health status of ancient peoples may give us a clue as to the answer to…
1/19/2018 by planetnaturopath

How many carbohydrates do you need to boost your mood?

Often when people are feeling down they reach for the comfort foods like chocolate, cakes and other sweet indulgences, as these simple carbohydrates help boost… Posted in Nutrition
1/19/2018 by Dayna Colvin

Cannabis Is A Wonderful Healing Plant

This past year, I learned about a wonderful healing plant known as cannabis. I read about all the wonderful healing benefits men and women have… Posted in Herbal Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Mental Health
1/19/2018 - Posted by Hesh Goldstein in Health

A politician only lies when his lips are moving

I’m gonna start this with a joke. There’s four people on a plane, three parachutes, and the plane’s gonna crash. The first guy, Stephen Curry,…
1/19/2018 by audreythrone

Can a diet really protect the brain?

Many of us go on a diet because we want to lose all that extra weight and become fit and healthy. Following specific diets for… Posted in Mental Health
1/12/2018 by Sophia Williams

Top 10 Weight Loss Friendly Foods

Not all the foods contain calories because weight loss friendly foods are available too. Actually, different foods have different reactions. They react differently to hunger… Posted in Fitness, Fitness Nutrition, Food, Food, Health, Health, Lifestyle, News, Nutrition, Recipes, Weight Loss
1/12/2018 - Posted by samanthaolivier in Food, Nutrition

3 Tips for Achieving Your New Years Resolution This Year

The new year is upon us, and we all have our goals of finally getting that 6 pack abs and shredded physique we’ve been dreaming…
1/12/2018 by Hesh Goldstein

Staying healthy with nutrition or meds – your call

Most people involved with natural healing usually advise specific vitamin, mineral, or other food supplements, depending upon the state of health of the person desiring… Posted in Health
1/12/2018 by Yassine Elkarmoudi

How to Get a Flat Tummy

Abdominal muscles – A set of six muscles in the abdominal cavity. These muscles have important functions: movement and support of the torso, help with Posted in Fitness, Fitness Nutrition, Health, Weight Loss
1/8/2018 - Posted by annielizstan in Food, Health, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition

Lemon Balm: How to Use & Its Benefits & Side-Effects

Lemon balm (scientific name: Melissa officinalis) is a herb that belongs to the peppermint family. The crunchy, lemony flavored leaves have wider health benefits…

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