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12/7/2018 - Posted by Hesh Goldstein in Health

Do not let the media brainwash you

When we are talking about the media, it comes down to this question: do they create the consciousness of the people or is the consciousness…
12/7/2018 by raptorman

Harvard Scientific Paper Details Entire Geo-Engineering Program Using Jet Aircraft

  Geoengineering is a controversial subject, to say the least, with so many different theories about its origins and implementation. Geoengineering using aircraft has a… Posted in Health
12/7/2018 by everybodysfit

Ketosis: Filling up your fuel tank differently

Our body normally uses glucose from carbohydrates as our main source of energy. Ketosis is a popular word used in the diet and diabetes worlds.… Posted in Fitness, Fitness Nutrition, Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss
12/7/2018 - Posted by JSB Morse in Health, Medicine, Nutrition, Pharmaceuticals

There Is a Treatment for Depression, But It’s Not What You Think

Major depression disorder (MDD) has been ravaging the United States recently. A recent Blue Cross Blue Shield report shows that over 9 million Americans have…
12/7/2018 by Hesh Goldstein

Choice: You staying healthy or increasing the profits of Big Pharma and the medical profession?

Today we have more information and knowledge about the cure and prevention of disease than ever before in the history of mankind. The advancements that… Posted in Health
11/27/2018 by Hesh Goldstein

Pros and Cons of the Medical Profession

Before getting into this there is a definite given that must be understood. When an idealistic and caring individual embarks upon his/her medical training and… Posted in Health
11/27/2018 - Posted by everybodysfit in Health

CARPAL TUNNEL: When traffic backs up at the wrist

Chronic, lingering wrist pain that causes discomfort for daily living activities may be attributed to carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). When pain, tingling, and/or numbness is…
11/27/2018 by W.M. Peterson

Modern Liberal Looney Bin

Modern Liberal Looney Bin The tragically bewildered ‘modern liberal’ of today is truly a sight for sore eyes. Having long since abandoned the teachings of… Posted in Arts & Culture, Constitution, Crime, Free Speech, Health, Liberty, Mental Health, News, Parental Rights, Politics & Government, Weird, World
11/12/2018 by Thomasina Copenhaver

Cancer and circadian rhythm–Nobel Prize research shows how body clocks can turn back disease

Cancer. The word continues to evoke paralyzing fear in humans despite the science and education that exists to empower them to heal. Clocks-human beings live… Posted in Health, Health, Holistic Medicine, Lifestyle
11/12/2018 - Posted by Kate Supino in Child Care, Home, Lifestyle

A Hearticle About Work Life Balance

There’s a lot in the media these days about the importance of work life balance; how to achieve it, how to know when you’ve achieved…

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