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7/15/2019 - Posted by tlb777 in Chemicals, Food, Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Weight Loss

Top Foods to Avoid: Aspartame

Aspartame (the full name is aspartylphenylalanine) is a synthetic sweeter that is marketed as a low calorie product and is often used ostensibly in conjunction…
7/11/2019 by dcarrow

Monsanto Vs. Health

The most popular weed killer in the United States, Roundup, has been under fire recently as its main ingredient is allegedly causing cancer in thousands… Posted in Health
7/10/2019 by everybodysfit

Contacts: Wear them with caution

Wearing contacts is a convenient correction to vision that eliminates the extra pair of glasses. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,… Posted in Health, Lifestyle, Personal Care
7/9/2019 - Posted by Hesh Goldstein in Health

Becoming brain dead is not cool

Americans are losing their minds to Alzheimer’s disease. It’s an epidemic and it’s not typical of what’s going on in the rest of the world.…
7/8/2019 by Hesh Goldstein

The Spiritual Side of Vegetarianism

What you are about to read will literally blow your mind as it did mine when I first became aware of it. There are various… Posted in Health
7/8/2019 by everybodysfit

Blood Pressure 101

A yearly physical or even just a normal visit to the doctor can involve having your blood pressure checked. Not everyone understands why or how… Posted in Health, Lifestyle, Personal Care
6/13/2019 - Posted by W.M. Peterson in Health

Don’t Let Schools Propagandize Your Kids

The following is a letter I wrote to my child’s school upon finding out some of the ideas they were trying to force upon her…
6/13/2019 by Dr. Sina McCullough

How and Why I Protect Myself from Glyphosate

Glyphosate is one of the active ingredients in Roundup® – the most commonly used herbicide in the world.  Most of us are exposed to glyphosate… Posted in Chemicals, Environment, Food, GMOs, Health, Mental Health, Nutrition, Water
6/13/2019 by Dr Wayne

What Is The Real Cause Of Really Bad Morning Sickness And Nausea During Pregnancy

Western medicine continues to advance, but the health of pregnant moms and the health of babies do not. We must do something now before we have no more children left to lead us into the future. Dr Wayne Posted in Food, Health, Home, Nutrition, Nutritional Medicine
6/13/2019 - Posted by pixieforest1 in Vaccines

“Continuously escalating doses of this poorly biodegradable adjuvant in the population may become insidiously unsafe”

Exley co-authored, a research paper with this conclusion, “Nanomaterials can be transported by monocyte-lineage cells to DLNs, blood and spleen, and, similarly to HIV, may…

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