TOXIC WARNING: Fruit & Vegetable Stickers – Organic Makes Zero Difference!


The adhesives used on fruit and vegetable stickers are regulated by the FDA. They are labeled as “indirect food-contact substances.”

What chemicals the glue can be made from are listed in the Code of Federal Regulations part 175.125. The same rules apply to adhesives for both organic and conventional produce.

For any food-contact substance to be approved, the FDA considers its composition, the amount a consumer might eat, short and long-term health effects, and any other safety factors. The FDA then sets a threshold at a lower level than what one would be expect to have any adverse effect from. They still advise washing fruits and vegetables before eating them.

Why is that do you suppose?
Ever wondered what IS actually in that glue?

Fruits and vegetables have a skin, much like humans do. It is porous and absorbs things that are sprayed onto it or adhered to it.

Think of nicotine and birth control patches. You stick them to your arm and it absorbs systemically… These stickers may very well be doing the same thing to our produce…. So what exactly are they sticking to our food?

In turn, after a little research, it seems what they are really doing is sticking it to all of us.

Check this out: This is the list of approved adhesive/glue ingredients that can be used on produce here in the USA.

Trisodium – Corrosive when ingested.

Turpentine – Completely toxic when ingested.

Urea-formaldehyde resins – Rapid absorption, extremely toxic

Styrene Maleic anhydride – Non-surgical method of male sterilization

Petroleum – Highly toxic when ingested

Synthetic paraffin – Toxic when ingested

Xylene – In higher levels Xylene can cause progressive inhibition of nervous system function, culminating in coma, respiratory depression and ultimately death from cerebral anoxia. There is danger also of life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia.

Zinc ammonium chloride – It is a Class 9 hazardous material according to the U.S. DOT. Used in galvanizing steel.

Zinc dibenzyl dithiocarbamate – This is a rubber accelerator which may cause skin and respiratory issues.

Zinc dibutyldithiocarbamate – This is a fire accelerant. Combustible and toxic.

Zinc diethyldithiocarbamate – toxic rubber accelerator and contact allergen.

Zinc formaldehyde sulfoxylate – Highly toxic. Do not handle without special equipment.

Zinc orthophosphate – Slightly toxic. May cause skin irritation.

Zinc resinate – The toxological properties of this substance have not been fully investigated. May cause skin and eye issues.

Zinc sulfide – Toxicity only develops after chronic exposure.

Zineb – fungicidal powder on vegetables and fruit. Can interfere with metabolism.

Ziram – Also used to control fungal infections on food. Ziram exposure has been linked to an increase in the chance of the development of Parkinson’s Disease.

*Some chemicals have been excluded from the list as they were either found to be labeled as safe or I was unable to find evidence either direction.

The FDA has set these at “approved levels” – But how can anything that toxic be safe at any level? And do you really trust the FDA? A little bit of poison cumulatively over time adds up. None of these items are things I personally care to ingest.

The best way to wash your fruits and vegetables:

Step 1. Soak in Vinegar and water for 10 minutes.

Step 2. Make your own non-toxic Goo-Gone.
It works on vegetables, fruits and other stuff!

Coconut oil
Baking Soda

Mix 1 part baking soda and 1 part coconut oil, rub a little on the sticky spot, and let it sit for a minute or so. Then scrub the spot with a scouring pad or brush and rinse it off.

Will some of the toxins remain? I am unable to find any information conclusively one-way or the other. Please join me in writing to the FDA in protest. These chemicals are not safe, nor should they be anywhere near our food.

Sources: (goo gone recipe source)

Sarah Barendse
Writer | Graphic Designer at Sarah Barendse Creative
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My name is Sarah J. Barendse. I am a Natural Health Advocate, Writer, Graphic Designer, Life Enthusiast and Spiritualist. I am thrilled to be working with Natural News so look forward to many wonderful out of the box articles with which you may or may not agree. Love me or hate me I am hard to ignore! Happy reading!

*Disclaimer: As all writing, including my own, is subjective and skewed by the writers own beliefs and experiences - I consider all of my blogs "opinion pieces" and do not offer any medical advice. This blog is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease.

  • Joe

    Couldn't you just cut off the portion of the fruit/vegetable that the sticker was on?

    • Sense

      If you put a nicotine patch on, where does the nicotine go? Into your bloodstream.

      • Kate

        Vegetables don't have bloodstreams. Particularly not after they've been detached from their lifesource. They're dead. Unless you want to argue about Mango rights and become an anorexiaist, and then die.

      • Nashi

        So what's the point of washing if it's been absorbed into the apple?

    • SandiH.

      It says that just like Birth control and Nicotine patches, they are designed to absorb into the body. 🙁

  • Jennifer

    So what's the best way to get organic then? This sucks!

    • Bob

      Grow it yourself! Seriously!

  • Linda Phillippi

    I am so weary of it all. So very weary.

    • Sarah

      I am with you on that, Linda, weary, weary, so very weary.

  • Kevin

    Why not just cut them off?

    • Yes Kevin. Cut that piece off and wash the fruit.

  • Donna

    I hope Santa gives them a lump of coal…

  • Lauren Guss

    Thank you for this information, I will give this to all of my customers. The Norwex Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth is already one of my most popular items and one of my favorite gifts to give. All the more reason to use it now!

  • Platt Putti

    Never wash your fruits and vegetables with that liquid that comes out of your faucet. That's H2O, the same powerful solvent that's also used to clean toilets. So, any more tips from your tinfoil hats?

    • guest

      Platt, you're a real nut case. The ONLY reason NOT to use tap water (unless you have a well) is due to the fluoride in the water…which is a toxic waste by-product of phosphate mining/mfg. for fertilizer and also a toxic waste by-product of aluminum mfg. It has been labeled a toxic/hazardous waste by the EPA a long, long time ago…

      • RealScientist

        The aluminum industry is a CONSUMER of fluroride

    • Steve

      I tend to take no notice of idiots such as yourself, you either get paid by some company of interest for your trolling efforts or you are simply ignorant of what's really going on. Either way, please do us all a favor by continuing to eat and drink the food and water you trust so much!

    • intelligent response

      ahhh, the foolish trolls strike again..making absolutely zero coherent sense…

    • Guest from Canada

      I got your joke even if others didn't LOL!!
      GeeZ this is a serious bunch here

  • mike d

    so did someone teste the labels on the toxicity of the clue?

  • Jesse

    "The FDA has set these at “approved levels” – But how can anything that toxic be safe at any level?"

    You should check out the Paracelsus Principle. Everything is poison.

  • DavGordo

    band-aids, diapers with adhesive tabs, children's stickers, stamps, envelopes… these things are all around us… it seems resistance is either futile, unless it total. The letters on the keys I'm pressing are glued to each plastic key… New rug, new car, new clothes, work-places… the only way out is to totally get out. Not everyone CAN totally get out, so… basically the majority of us all, if not all of us reading this- are screwed no matter what. Sorry, this whole sticker thing just seems beyond the point… We're all gonna die of a heart attack or cancer anyway unless we're living in the woods with no modern things… in which case, you're not reading this and you're not shopping in a store anyway… So… ya… who cares? I still smoke cigarettes and when I quit, God only knows what horrid chemicals I'll have to consume to help me… fuck it.

    • Gar

      I must disagree with you here and I also must point out that it's a bit of cop out to say such a thing.

      No, you can't hide from everything…..however, you can drastically decrease your chances of harm by simply doing mindful things with your food, surroundings, and overall environment.

      The adhesive problem in this here article can be solved by a few minute soak in some water. Don't use band-aids, don't lick the stamps or envelopes, don't eat shitty food, don't "not exercise" and DON'T GIVE IN.

      It's that simple

      The goal here is to live as long as possible and as happy as possible and to achieve both you must make sacrifices.

  • Justin

    Just cut off the small area with the sticker.. or just dont eat it..

    • kitsy

      Justin said "…or just don't eat it." Well, I'm here to tell you that if you do happen to eat it, you won't necessarily die. Unless from fright. I admit this is gross, but one day I was about to flush the toilet when I noticed something a little out of the ordinary: a small white and red object, with black bars. OMG, was I dying…what the heck was that? Then I had a good laugh. It was a sticker that had previously been stuck to an apple. And which was now "stuck" to….oh never mind. 😉

  • Jacqui

    OMG – will it never end ? What about in Europe ? Is it the same stuff there too ?

  • vict4624

    Try LDC from GNLD ( The LDC is 100% biodegradable and phosphate free. The following statement is in the companies product info guide: Fruits & vegetables: Fill your sink and add 3 to 4 drops of LDC to water. Let the fresh vegetables and fruits soak in this solution for a few minutes. The LDC will suspend all of the crop oils and insecticides in the water. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water

  • Rob

    I just peel off the skin where the label is using a vegetable peeler.

  • Mary Sue Enders

    I just cut them off

  • Tommy

    They use similar labels for conventional fruits/veggies but with 4 digit code on it that starts with 4. What about cutting the the skin under the label? I been doing that for years.

  • #1USAOrganic

    Sarah, thanks for the great information. One thing I've always wondered, what exactly are they putting into those water misters in the produce section. There have been several times when I've noticed a distinct chemical smell when they spray in the organic section. I don't notice this in the GMO garbage section. Is this how Monsanto is poisoning those of us who choose not to buy their death food? Could you look into this? Thanks.

    • sarahbarendse1975

      That is a fantastic thing to look into. Thank you!!! I am sorry I just now saw this – amazing what we all over look. I assume it is water – but – well… We all know how well assuming works out! LOL I will look into it.

    • sarahbarendse1975

      Actually in doing just a real quick look – it seems they are just water – very well filtered. Its the filtration systems and ability to really clean the water so they don't get mineral or additive build up and clog that sells the systems…. so good news. 🙂 No article needed! Mist away!

  • patty

    only stuid people don't wash fruits and veggies , that's because they are to lazy

    • pjimerson

      Yeah, those idiots are so dumb they don't even know how to spell "stupid" and "too". They probably don't even bother to capitalize the start of sentences or to use proper punctuation. One word of advice patty. If you're going to post a derogatory comment online, it would be wise for you to proof read it before you click submit. Even wiser would be to have somebody else proof read it for you.

  • ThinkSmart

    That's good, let's cause a big scare over something so small. Take the sticker off before eating. I use a knife to remove a tiny piece of skin that still has the residue. What is wrong with you people. I think it's retarded to label every piece of fruit and I get annoyed when they don't come off. But, I still take them off before consuming them and I don't fear for my life.

    • HammerHeadSnark

      I have been hospitalized because of all of the fruit stickers I have consumed. They coated my tongue and my throat. My intestines have become blocked. Thank you for your helpful tip. I wonder if I should start peeling my pineapples and bananas. I have heard that the most nutrients are in the skins. 🙂

  • Beaker

    "The FDA then sets a threshold at a lower level than what one would be expect to have any adverse effect from."

    "But how can anything that toxic be safe at any level?"

    The answer is the dose is crucial.

    If you want to avoid anything which is toxic if you ingest it pure, you are going to have a very restricted diet. Selenium is a highly toxic metal, and bananas contain selenium. Vitamin A increases the risk of osteoperosis – better steer clear of organic carrots then. Washing veg in vinegar? Vinegar contains rather a lot of acetic acid. Drink acetic acid and you will seriously burn your throat.

    I agree that if you look up the MSDS for Turpentine, you probably are wise not to drink neat turps. However, a trace of pine extract below the FDA limit really won't harm you. It is quite easy to measure toxicity, to determine what concentration is safe, and to detect elements and compounds in parts per trillion. Then you can recommend safe levels.

    The best diet advice I ever heard – Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

  • Dan

    Why not skip the special wash/scrub under the sticker and just cut out a small sliver of the fruit under the label?

  • Nelson

    I enjoy reading intelligent articles, subjects making sense such as those oriented to a well balance nutritional diet… this is totally idiotic full of nonsense and actually I end up irritated reading this stupidity, begin to believe a sticker placed on a watermelon will poison anybody, the lack to improvise and publish a make sense article is obvious.

  • Kayla

    The collusion between Monsanto and the like with the FDA is one of the most well know facts in America. We all know there a humans running these behemoths organizations and most humans are good people, so where are we going wrong? It is the greed and ignorance of a very small group combined with the ignorance and apathy of a very large group. By the numbers alone the large group can squash the small group like a bug at any time, squash them with our votes and dollars. Buying local and growing your own food is a one way. I say this because I need the reminder too.

  • lovepaintingrainbows

    ok, so my 8 month old has eaten 2 of these stickers in the last 3 weeks that she found on the floor while at our parents house. I only know this b/c they have come out whole in her poop. Do I need to be super concerned about this?

    • HammerHeadSnark

      mmmmm….I eat fruit stickers like chips. There's nothing to worry about.

  • Bob

    where's my tin foil hat?

    • fredstjohnsengen

      It's wrapped around my cell phone. Plus, I may use it to make my patented chinfoil beard. Would you mind just getting another?

  • kari

    this is a bit overkill.. i am very pro organic and anti GMO and whatever but really? we are not safe eating anything because of a sticker!? wash it really well or if you are super paranoid then cut out a small chuck where the sticker was.. anyways the best source for your produce is growing your own of getting it LOCAL from farmers markets, neighbors, whatever if possible, then there is no sticker to worry about in the first place

  • Squid

    Run for your lives, there's no hope.

  • MelaMick

    I believe this information & agree that nothing is safe, not even our water or our computers or cell phones or vehicles or the paint on our walls or the flooring in our homes but I do not believe it's any sort of conspiracy to poison people. Do you think the FDA employees don't eat fruit or veggies or that they make sure they only put stickers on the produce that is at stores other than the ones they frequent while shopping for their own families? We're surrounded by toxins & terrible radiation causing things like cell towers, wifi routers & microwaves…we can certainly reduce environmental hazards but it's impossible to eliminate them altogether. Happy Holidays to all 🙂

  • FunFinn

    patty must be very smart, putting down "stupid people" while not be able to spell.

    • guest

      That was obviously a typo, not a spelling mistake….although her comments are certainly less than stellar!

  • jane

    oh god! lets all just not eat anything! I hear that sun gazing is the great new way to get all the nutrients you need….it's easy just stare at the sun for 10 seconds at the crack of dawn and at dusk. exceed your time everyday.

  • Sarah Barendse

    While I do realize that one sticker is not going to cause anyone to drop dead on the spot, how some of you are not grasping the concept that these toxic substances haveno business near or on our food is beyond me. You must work for the FDA…. because no one with a brain who was not being paid off would agree to consume this stuff in any amount.

    • Jahson

      I would.

  • SandiH.

    As I read all the comments, I can see why we are going down fast in this country. Most didn't read the facts of just what to do, and those who did, chose to still do what they've been doing all along. Is why we are being lead by our noses and not seeing the truth of what's happening in our land. One thing is to: write to the FDA and voice your anger of what they are doing to us. Another: call your Senators, etc.

  • craig

    simple question: are there any non toxic CHEAP adhesives available for the food industry?

  • DJ Dinnermoney

    No-one crazy wears tin-foil hats any more, they are made from toxic chemicals and are the MAIN way that 'they' target 'individuals of concern' for elimination. Best way to avoid negatronic mind waves: Faraday Cage Helmet worn at all times!

    • Jahson

      Agreed. And when are they going to tell us the truth that aliens lead by Barack Obama conspired to take down the World Trade Center on 9/11 in an attempt to make the Republicans look weak?

  • pakish news


  • Jessica

    I guess it's just Farmers markets from now on…

  • jmlufcy

    I want to know when they are going to tell us the truth about 9/11. I hear that the aliens, headed by Barack Obama conspired to take down the World Trade Center buildings in an attempt to make the Republicans look weak. Yeah, I think the author of this article is eating nicotine patches. Lmao

  • Ben

    Best solution is to grow as much of your own produce as possible. Doing a 2 week permaculture course is the best way to get into it.

  • badenewby

    Bade Newby showcases wonderful self sticker and window stickers in UK. Our custom sticker are printed on quality white vinyl with guarantee of more than 3 years. Visit our site today to know more about our organization.

  • tron

    get a grip people its only a little glue

  • Christy

    Everyone keeps saying just cut it off…did you not read the article?! She mentions the fruit absorbing all that shit like our skin absorbs all the shit we slather on it. guh. der.

  • Padraic Puissant

    To Those who commented that this article is non-sense, and that a little poison is not that bad and all that. Ask yourselves this question. Could the industry uses a truly natural and harmless glue? well the answer to that is a of course yes… There are plenty of natural starches that can make perfectly edible glues. Now. Ask yourselves another question… I know that's starting to feel like thinking, sorry… the second question is: " why are they using chemical glues then?" well one answer may be that its cheaper than natural glues… we all know that the mighty dollar creates a lot of evil on this earth. My feeling is that even this money answer is not, in fact, true. It is actually more expensive to develop a chemical glue than a natural ones. Did i see any natural glue components in the FDA list? hmmmm! So why is it? meditate on that…

  • Terry

    I've been eating fruit for 59yrs and I know the last 25yrs and maybe 35yrs have had stickers on them. I peel sticker, wash and then eat. I haven't died yet. I think people worry way to much about things that some nut job finds in a magazine. I think you should worry more about our Country and what shape it is in right now. If we keep letting people run over the Constitution, we might as well just eat the damn sticker and throw the fruit away. Just my opinion.

    • CiaoBella

      Well said Terry! It's 'much ado about nothing.' Remove the sticky labels- wash, rinse, repeat and enjoy your fruits and veggies. And you are also right in the sorry shape of our great country. We are losing our constitutional rights and our elected officials (most who are career politicians) asleep at the wheel, only interested in fattening up their wallets instead of representing the voters who put them in office. Glad you spoke your mind- greatly needed!

  • CiaoBella

    How about attacking the 'toxic invaders' with anti-oxidant/natural supplements? Resveratrol, Lutein, Beta Carotene, Vitamin C & E, Acerola Cherries are part of my daily regimen for wellness. I also include calabasa squash as a key ingredient in all soups. I keep a spritzer bottle filled with vinegar and spray on apples, plums, peaches, nectarines, tomatoes (thin skin fruits and veggies) and rinse well. We can't live in fear that leads to anxiety and have a direct impact on the health of our cellular system. Exercise 30 min 5 days a week; learn to meditate and get plenty of sleep. Be blessed.

  • enterested

    I just happened to click on this article, and was surprised at the negative comments. The website states –
    "The key mission of Natural News is to empower consumers with factual information about the synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, hormone disruptors and other chemicals found in foods, medicines, personal care products, children's toys and other items. " It narcissistic to assume a fact is not important to someone else because it is not important to you. Many folk read these sites because they are researching illnesses. Some people are allergic or sensitive to esoteric compounds in trace amounts. Empowerment means you are armed with facts, to make your own decision. Natural; News is one of the best hubs for this kind of data gathering.

  • Doug

    We already know that the FDA is nearly as corrupted as Eric Holder (just kidding – nothing comes remotely close). The FDA has allowed some of the most carcinogenic substances known to man to be used in our foods while they help to hinder natural cancer prevention and treatment. Why trust them with anything? Peel the skin below the stickers, become vegetarian, vote the bums out and be done with it.

  • Nate

    This is getting kind of ridiculous. I'm not going to soak my organic produce is this and scrub it with that because of a little sticker. The information is valid and appreciated, but I think cutting off the area where the sticker is will be sufficient.


    There is a difference between raw turpentine and the distilled spirits of turpentine. The spirits were uses for thousands of years as medicine- I consume a tablespoon in glass of water now and them and it is fine.

  • Fred VanOlphen

    Yes, Don’t eat those stickers. I wonder how many 100’s of thousands of those stickers get consumed daily along with our poisoned food in the good ol’ US of A.

  • Jeanne Hintze

    Why not just cut off the tag, and wash the rest of the fruit as usual?

    • Karen Hughes

      so what if the chemical has leached into the fruit washing the outside is not going to do much – just saying

      • Charlie Sommers

        Eating a bowlful of tags would probably be a bad idea but I seriously doubt the residue left from a tag, even after washing, is enough to destroy your health. I just dislike them because they are hard to remove, especially the ones on plums.

  • Paul M

    The glue has been tested and it’s food grade.