Toxic Pesticides from GM Food Found in Unborn Babies


Medical researchers at the University of Sherbrooke Hospital Centre in Quebec found that toxic pesticides used on genetically modified crops and animal feed entered and remained in the bodies of pregnant women and fed into their unborn babies through the umbilical cord.

Among the sample of pregnant women in the study, 93% tested positive for the pesticides, and 80% tested positive for them in their umbilical cords.  The source of these pesticide residues were determined to be diet, specifically the consumption of conventionally-grown grains, fruits and vegetables, along with meat from livestock fed genetically modified, conventionally-grown feed.

While the researchers did not make definite conclusions about the health consequences of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and pesticide residue on the women and their babies, GMOs and pesticides have been linked to a plethora of often severe side effects, including birth defects, miscarriages, endocrine system disruptions, allergies, tumors, and cancer.  A study involving the effects of GMO food on rats produced rats with tumors large enough to deform their bodies, visible here, in addition to severe organ damage and premature death.


Jonathan Cho

  • court

    I'm currently pregnant, what can I do about this? I eat organic when I can, but we have a family and with food prices going the way they have been (having gone up ~ 15% since 2008 and still going, according to to mention our pocketbook), it's very difficult to eat organically, especially when organics cost 2-3x as much as "conventional" products. We live in an area that has crap for organic choices, you can eat but not very well, especially not on a budget. It's enough to not want to have this child, why bring her/him to live in a world where people are disregarded as expendable when Profits are worshiped? Thanks so much to the GMO and herbicide/pesticide producers! They'll have fun trying to live on their own products, on the land they've poisoned, without pollinators…..there's some very small satisfaction in knowing that all their money won't buy them a liveable planet either.

    • JDR

      You shouldn't worry about this article. If you look at the sources, one of them has been redacted and the other one is not a study at all. If you look here you will see about 100+ articles and studies that show there is nothing inherently wrong with genetically modified foods:

    • David Flores… . See the photos, even the info is in spanish, when you see the pictures you are going to grasp the full scene.

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