How To Shop For Cheaper Fresh, Organic Foods


These days, we are stuck in some sort of race to find the cheapest, best and most organic food possible. Why? Because the media seems to destroy shelf foods talking about pesticides and how bad it is to eat meats from barn kept animals. Maybe they are right, maybe they are wrong I mean come on! We have been eating the food for centuries.

The Problem These Days With Going Organic/Fresh

I am not saying there is nothing wrong with going fully organic, the problem here is the price of things that are grown 100% organic. Look at what Cindy Crawford bought out this week, a meal plan that consists of shakes, juices, snacks and meals all in one nice healthy basket to be eaten over the course of a week at an unhealthy price of $255!

Many of these celebrities are jumping on the media bandwagon and earning out of it, many of these people are singers, film stars, what do they know about foods? They are in in for the dosh I am afraid, so my advice is to keep well away from things like this. Much of the stuff they supply along with the menu on how to prepare and cook the meals may be foods you do not even like, you do get the choice but even still it is a choice between set menu’s so there is bound to be things you don’t like in whichever one you choose.

Here is a brand new February 2015 University Study that look into pesticides in foods.

Where The Best Places To Buy From Are

A lot of the time people go to farmers markets and buy right from the farmer as there are in abundance up and down every country in the world, but I have been to a few of these myself in the UK and the prices are seriously astronomical! This is very understanding though due to the fact they are in a cut throat world and trying to complete with some monster corporations, these guys have to grow all year round hoping to sell in the summer seasons.

Going online and doing a lookup for markets near you and trying out a couple to see which is cheapest may be your best bet, in fact, I was doing a Facebook search for something completely different the other day which was food based and I found a place near me called Becketts Farm which delivered baskets of poultry and vegetables right to your door. You will also find many of these sorts of places have special monthly deals and some even offer discounts via voucher codes websites or over Facebook, so you would need to like their page to keep up to date with the latest news.


  • Home Delivery


Thinking about it actually, there are thousands upon thousands of online stores that deliver to your door, and the good thing about this? Buying in bulk will bring down the prices exponentially. What is going to be cheaper, buying a pack of chicken or an entire box?

What To Do When Buying Bulk

We all know that fresh food has a very short home life, the best case scenario here would be to have a good few meal plans set up and ready to go. Personally, what I like to do is spend the entire Sunday cooking different dinners to last the entire week, these can be frozen and easily defrosted and reheated when needed, fantastic for when you are on the move all of the time in the week like I am.