Seven Reasons to Stop Eating Food from Plastic Containers


Consuming all-natural, pesticide-free food is one of the best ways to ensure you’ll enjoy a healthy lifestyle. So it doesn’t make sense to eat antioxidant-packed food or drink liquids from plastic bottles. With all of the recent media reports about potential health concerns plastic bottles may cause, now is a great time to learn why you need to switch from plastic to glass. I’ll focus on why to only purchase food in glass containers and only storage your food in glass containers.

Reason #1: The biggest reason to avoid food packaged or bottled in plastic is leaching. Studies have shown over and over again that plastic bottle breaks down and plastic molecules actually leach into the food itself. This is a very well known in the food industry and is call “plastic leaching” This simply means no matter how natural or pesticide-free your food is, if it is packaged in plastic, you’ll soon be consuming plastic with every mouthful.

Action Steps:

When storing food, use glass mason jars. Simply purchase a supply of mason jars and lids and when possible, keep your food stored in glass jars. Simply replace the lids to ensure food safety.

Reason #2: Glass is more environmentally friendly. Glass outlasts plastic in the recycling process and you can repeatedly use and wash glass without it losing its shape, durability or cleanliness. Also, when you make a new purchase of a product packaged in glass it likely to have been made with recycled glass. Plastic food containers on the other hand are “downcycled”. This means that when a plastic bottle is recycled it is turned into other types of plastic products. So when you purchase a plastic bottle, it is made from new plastic.

Action Step:

Look to purchase only food that is originally packaged in glass bottles

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Reason #3: It simply tastes better. It doesn’t matter what type of food or drink it is. It always seems to taste better when it’s from a glass container.

Action Step:

Store water in your refrigerator or purchase milk only in glass bottles.

Reason #4: Glass is multi-functional. It doesn’t matter if it is food storage or food preparation. Glass is fully-functional from the fridge or freezer to the oven and finally to the table. In many instances all of the various stages of the food is usually is the same glass container.

Action Step:

Use glass containers that offer complete functionality. When purchasing glass dishes purchase tempered glass and microwave safe dishes so they can be used during all food preparation stages.

Reason #5: A single glass bottle can be used for many different uses throughout your home and office. For example, let’s say you purchase tart cherry juice in a 16 oz. glass bottle. After you consume the product, you can now use the same bottle to store milk or any other liquid food product. It can also be used as a flower vase, container for spare coins or maybe a place to show off all of the sea shells you collected while you were on vacation. After all of these different uses, you simply wash the bottle thoroughly and reuse it again. Make sure to purchase new lids, too to ensure food safety.

Action Step:

If you choose not to recycle bottle at your local recycling center, use it for different functions around your home or office.

Reason #6: Unlike plastic bottles, glass bottles don’t absorb smell or color from the food in them. The reason they occurs in plastic bottles is due to the porous nature of plastic bottles.

Action Step:

No matter what, certain types of food are only available in plastic contains. If you do purchase food in a plastic container, immediately switch to a glass contain to avoid plastic leaching.

Reason #7:

It creates a great ambiance. Glass offers an very pleasing presentation when served. For example, compared to serving dinner on a plastic plate or pouring milk from a plastic jug, glass makes food more appealing when served.

Action Step: Serve food and drink from glass plates and containers, only.

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Helen Thomas
Helen Thomas is an independent writer and writes about the natural health benefits of food, alternative medicine and natural home remedies. She in the process of developing her website sharing the wonders of Mother Nature. Some of her favorite sites include and

  • Chris A

    Plastic water bottles do lower Testosterone and are Estrogenic, they increase estrogen and lower Testosterone levels.

  • julia frampton

    only glass/ what about old crockery and china plates and pottery??

  • Rita A

    Mike you normally have fantastic information, but I really believe you are going way overboard with the plastic thing here.
    Instead of listening and believing all the sponsored information out there, You have the lab, why don't you do some tests your self with glass and plastic packaging and discover for yourself the truth. YES there are some bad plastics out there and unfortunately some some reason everyone uses photos of water bottles which keeps adding negativity to the most important food we need, water and bottled water only represents 0.003% of the plastic products used.
    I think we need to starting using photos of other products when it comes to plastic containers so people can start relating to other products that may be harming them.
    As soon as people see plastic water bottles they think of the environment, they forget how much damage the highly dangerous and toxic chemicals in tap water is doing to our health, to the animals, fish and environment, no one talk about that. So in reality the more bottled water we drink the less toxic tap water is doing harm.
    And when it comes to the environment plastic IS a much better option and a much cheaper option, I don't believe people are prepared to pay 2-3 times the price of what they are paying now for products that is packed in plastic.
    In the mean time here something to compare the 2….

    • Dee

      Thank You. I have two polypropylene glasses that I have used for years.

  • RustyShacleford

    "When purchasing glass dishes purchase tempered glass and microwave safe dishes…"
    You're warning against storing food in plastic (which is a legitimate concern) while at the same time ignoring the dangers of microwaves and simply tell people to make sure their glass is safe if microwaved?! The glass might be safe but their food isn't and neither are they if they're anywhere near it.

  • Guest

    What about BPA free food storage containers? are they not safe?

    • Ellen

      Plastic is plastic none the less and it will still leach into food and drinks. It always boggles my mind about them selling vinegar in plastic containers, that must be just eating right into the plastic pffft .. Tomorrow I'm going to phone a few vinegar companies about their use of plastic & persuade them to bottle them in glass containers ..

  • Joseph

    So the Sodium Fluoride in the tap water is bad. I believe it, I know it. Unless you own a home and can afford to install a reverse osmosis system on the city water supply, what are you left to do? In today's fast paced environment your only choice is to buy reverse osmosis or similarly purified water in plastic bottles. But then… yet again, it's harming you, and your kids? It seems to be the lesser of two evils unfortunately, but it still concerns me.

    Living in an apartment, what good systems can be installed on the facet that won't need a filter replacement every 2 weeks? Seriously, I don't know any and keep reading the reviews of the popular brands don't even remove fluoride. I would like a filter to last at least 3-6 months. Those options tend to need installment under the sink on the pipes, can be a big job if you have a dish washer hooked up on the same pipes, etc. What to do?! Seriously if anyone knows some solutions for those living in apartments that are somewhat affordable, please share.

    • frankgregg

      While it's not a whole house solution, I use a Berkey filter for all our drinking and cooking water. It's gravity fed, so it works even if the power is off. Yes, it does require more effort to use (simply filling the upper container), but it's so worth it. I have both black (for bacteria, viruses, toxic chemicals, etc) and white filters (for fluoride). With two filters (at about US$100) I get over 6000 gallons of filtered water. With the amount my wife and I use, I'll change them out every two years. Worth looking into.
      I'm not affiliated with Berkey in any way other than being a satisfied customer.

    • RustyShacleford

      A personal water distiller is probably your best bet. It's what I use in my apartment to keep my water fluoride and plastic free. They distill about a gallon at a time, though there are ones with larger capacity. Then you just need a nice glass water dispenser for your fridge and you're set. Check the distillers out on amazon; you should be able to find a decent one for around $100 bucks and it's a one-time investment; you'll never have to buy replacement tap filters again.

  • coco2

    I have a friend whose father worked in plastics. He refused to let anyone in the house drink out of plastic, eat off plastic, including plastic silverware, or use plastic containers to store ANYTHING, especially food. Plastic wrap was also not allowed to be used to cover food. He predicted the cancer rate would soar because of it being used for these things. This was back in the 60's.

  • SHW

    Thanks, Mike. I am a long time activist for just about everything. I have been adamantly against plastic since the 60's, especially housing or vesselling my food. There are plenty of studies showing the effects of plastic on hormones and brains….leading to ADD and ADHA. I buy glass containers and cardboard…..there are cardboard laundry containers, too. I search the thrift stores for heavy glass refrigerator containers for left overs like my Grandma used. I used paper bags for my limited garbage because I compost everything. Plastic does not break down for a 1000 years. It is detrimental to the environment. And cancer causing. The Plastic industry headed for Mexico when the NAFTA Agreement opened to "pollute" Mexico's environment…. I worked with the local people to stop them.

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  • I'm actually really happy that in Illawarra where I work at, we make it a point to make sure to be as environmentally friendly as possible and use as little of plastic produce. It just doesn't make sense to do something to hurt the environment so I hope that more people can learn to keep the plastic in storage and look at more alternative means of material.

  • ThomasMaloney

    Why are all the "unsafe" containers and food preparation materials still out in circulation instead of stowed away in storage for proper disposal? If this article is meant to be about how there's so much harm in us eating/drinking from these then shouldn't something have been done a long time ago about getting them all off the market?

  • Plastic water bottles do lower Testosterone and are Estrogenic, they increase estrogen and lower Testosterone levels.

  • Very helpful post for human body, thanks for sharing this great post.

  • I see all of these reasons are well describe here ” Helen Thomas ” . It’s a educative post . I feel glad when i read such post , thanks .

  • Really this post is very important for all peoples because today day by day peoples always using plastic bottle for carry their foods and drinking water. Specially soft and cold drinks. But this is very harmful for us. Thank of lots for sharing this important news.