Seven herbs that lower blood pressure


Reducing blood pressure helps ensure that people do not suffer any of the devastating side effects that can occur when it gets too high. Hypertension, as high blood pressure is often called, is responsible for an increased risk of kidney disease, heart attack, vision problems, heart failure, stroke and many other life threatening health conditions. Unfortunately, many people either do not take these threats seriously or they have found that the medications their doctor prescribed came with side effects that make them feel worse.

Medication is not the only solution

As part of a treatment plan for high blood pressure, the physician often emphasizes to the patient how important their lifestyle choices are to their health. Things such as exercising and eating a diet that focuses on eating more fruits and vegetables and less meats and dairy products can go a long way toward reducing high blood pressure. In addition to the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet, formulated at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLB), a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), people who suffer from high blood pressure can add other measures at home that are designed to help lower their blood pressure.

7 Herbs that can help

The following seven herbs, many of them popular and already in use in kitchens around the world, can help reduce blood pressure and the need for medications.

  • Garlic: A study at the Clinical Research Center of New Orleans found that allicin, a substance in garlic, helped nine research subjects with severe incidences of hypertension experience its reduction.
  • Onions: A Journal of Nutrition study found that the antioxidant flavonol, quercetin, caused subjects to experience a reduction of both their diastolic and systolic pressures compared with subjects who only took a placebo.
  • Cinnamon: This herb has many health properties, including lowering blood pressure and fighting diabetes. Research subjects who ingested a water soluble form of cinnamon had an increase in the antioxidants that lower blood sugar levels.
  • Oregano: An animal subject study found that a compound found in oregano, carvacrol, reduced arterial pressure, diastolic and systolic pressures and the heart rate.
  • Cardamom: After taking this herb for only three months, 20 people who were recently diagnosed with severe hypertension saw their blood pressure levels significantly reduced.
  • Olives: Olive oil, a staple in the Mediterranean diet, has been shown to reduce blood pressure, making people who live in that area some of the world’s healthiest.
  • Hawthorn: When 79 people with Type 2 diabetes took 1200mg of hawthorn extract for sixteen weeks, their mean diastolic pressure was reduced.

The above herbs are proof that just because a diet change is necessary for good health, it does not mean that the diet must be bland. Generous use of some of the most popular herbs can lead to better health.

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Sandeep Godiyal

Sandeep has written many health field articles for both Internet and print publication. His areas of expertise including traditional medicine, alternative and naturopathic and natural treatments, wellness, medical marijuana, diets and fitness.

  • Julupa

    The herb Mastranto is also quite good for high blood pressure

    • Ken Cohen

      Mastranto is an excellent medicinal used with success in Mexico to eliminate fresh surface tumors, swelling from injury, swelling of the liver, skin problems, swollen gums, etc. Do you know where I can find it in the State of Arizona. Years ago I saw an Arizona herbal that claimed mastranto to be present in Arizona but no success in finding it. It usually grows in wet areas much like watercress. Thanks for any info. Ken

  • Andrew


  • sandy

    Apart from seeking sufficient medical assistance, dietary and other associated measures can be taken so as to curb low blood pressure.
    21 Natural Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

  • steve

    How many independent medical studies achieved repeatable results. I suspect none or too few exist for scientific validity. I chased the cinnamon dream. The studies used large doses of Cassia and were not conclusive for diabetes. Since (East Asia) Cassia contains a ground residue toxin, not significant in small doses, large doses can be problematic. Safer forms of (Ceylon) cinnamon were not studied. Please use cites of Whole Health Chicago (for dosages), the Mayo Clinic, and WebMD. Supplements are not rigorously tested, so physicians cannot prescribe them. Big pharma would immediately grab any effective and inexpensive supplement and force FDA approval…since the profit margin would be astronomical.

  • John

    Most of these are spices, not herbs, and the terms are not interchangeable. And olive oil is a fat.

    • dougmccown

      John! Olive oil is a good fat (read some more). And so what about the interchangeability… the point is the info.

    • Cindy Green

      Spices can be herbs also. You are incorrect sorry.

    • Deb

      Can you explain the difference between spices and herbs?

      • pam

        Herbs are the leaves of the plant, while spices come from the roots, bark, and seeds. Essentially, any part of the plant that is not a leaf and can be used for seasoning would fall into the spice category.

  • jan

    glad to know this I have a lot in of these in my diet already but will add a few more…can never seem to get that pesky blood pressure even close to normal!!!!

    • Marg

      Jan, My BP 210/100, was having a test and they were worried, I had not felt well and was having nausea,
      Finally, decided the drugs were not working only felt worse. So Got the W… R… D Toxic 12 days program and Bp went to 115/77, and lost 10 pounds. One of my friends a Nature Path… usually puts pts, on detox and yeast detox, Went back to cardiologist, was worried, bp would be up just going to the office… it was 126/76, yeah, he was happy and I was thrilled. It was mild D tox. was easy to follow and never felt hunger.

  • Sara

    Ummm, when did olives become herbs?

    • Cindy Green

      They aren't however olive leaves are herbs.

  • Snehal

    This is Very helpful information.

  • Sally

    The only herbs listed are onions and garlic. Cinnamon, oregano, and cardamom are spices, olives are fruit, and hawthorns are a type of tree of which I never seen its use in cooking!

    • Irene

      Except Olives (fruit), Cinnamon (bark from a tree) Hawthorn ( rosaceae ) All of them are herbs Oregano ! for f.. ck sake ! of course it is a herb. All of them are used in Herbal medicine such as Ayurveda and others.

  • Ann

    can you take both medicine prescribed and herbs or will there be problems if taken both together I take Lantus&Solar star. Can I take cinnamon also to see better results?

    • annmavris

      I would like to switch to Herbs as they are natural, however I have been diagnosed as diabetes2 and I takeLantus and solar star. This is very costly as I am on a pension plan. If herbs will help I would love to switch to herbs. I have heard that cinnamon lowers sugar. Dieting helps a lot but I still am fighting high levels

      • Don

        Dear Friend, Don't be a victim of the most profitable Organization on this planet – BIG PHARMA! Remember "NATURE is BEST'". GOD has already provided everything you require to produce optimal health, so why would any sensible person be duped into spending their hard-earned pennies on vastly over-inflated priced SNAKE-OILS. 150 years ago the savvy American citizens ran these sort of crooks out of town.
        God Bless.

    • Jessica

      I take hawthorne, garlic, artichoke leaf extract along with my prescription and in two weeks my blood pressure went from 153/100 to 140/90. Still high but I feel the difference. I also cut out fried foods and caffine.

      • Deb

        Hi Jessica, could u let me know in what form r u buying ur herbs n how much do u take a day. Recovering from open heart surgery n now they want to put me back on BP meds n I don't want to. TY Deb

  • beryl aposhe

    best site for your health

  • Rick

    This would have been more beneficial if there were amounts of each item.

  • Suma G Nathan

    Nobody here has mentioned magnesium…which most are very deficient in and also helps with HP, it is known to help with 650 conditions in the body…remember it's a calmer…Pomegranate and Celery Seed along with Magnesium Malate will also work!! somebody here mentioned Snake Oils, well, I am called Snake Oil Women on my Holistic Health Show, since I have been around since the 1960's Suma G Nathan, Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Certified Chinese Herbologist/Holistic Health Practitioner/pioneering since the 1960's
    Radio Show now on demand [email protected]

  • ravi89

    Thanks for sharing this info……..

  • Ali

    These are my daily ingredients since childhood, but still my BP stays high !

    • guest

      You must learn to relax, as well. I had 2 weeks of aggressive therapy at Mayo last year. No amount of pharma drugs seemed to help and I had already suffered a small stroke due to HP. This year, it is normal. I now can tell when I am tensing up and know how to 'let it down'. Never suck it up and deal with it, it is much too hard to let it back down.

    • Biola

      Exercise for 30 mins every day and sleep at least 7 hrs every day.

  • Wendy

    Niacin is extremely good at lowering high blood pressure, at least for one of the reasons for having blood pressure. You need to realize the root cause of the HBP. Some have the High Cholesterol as the cause and would require different steps to lower BP and cholesterol. Niacin is great but needs to be vigilantly monitored when using it for this purpose.

    • Wendy

      Sorry the niacin actually helps with High Cholesterol.

  • Andrzej Ciesielski


  • Lawyer Rock

    Dr. Mercola, a leading physician in the natural healthcare arena also states that beets lower blood pressure. He has a website you can check out. My husband will take raw beets, 1 stalk of celery, one kiwi, an apple and ice cold water (and 5 ice cubes) blended well and it lowered his BP! It lasted 4 hours that is the only drawback.

  • maxwood

    May a bit off topic, but I’ve wondered why the term “hypertension” would be used as a synonym for high blood pressure– since tension is the opposite of pressure, is it not? I wonder if this doesn’t confuse some people who think it means high blood pressure is caused by “tension” (anxiety, conflict, uncertainty etc.) in one’s life, and will reach for drugs that promise to “calm” or “mellow” one’s emotional mood.