How I recovered from Multiple Sclerosis


Almost 2 years ago I was diagnosed, after many medical tests, with Multiple Sclerosis. The prognosis was not very hopeful: more than 40 lesions in the brain and 40 more in the spinal cord. From that moment on I had a little voice in my head saying that there were many things I could do to change all of this and that, somehow, the state of tension and stress I was experiencing in recent years could have a direct relationship with the disease.
I started looking on the Internet (thankfully!) and found dozens of blogs and websites of people who had cured themselves by applying a series of important changes in their lives. Although these points have been incessantly stressed, they are very difficult to implement. I would summarize them as:

– A radical change in diet (almost vegetarian with some fish, nuts, seeds and fruits), removing all pre-cooked and packaged foods.

– Eliminate stress by all means (meditation, sport, healthy living, stop being envious and feeling anger).

and the most important changes for me:

– Take charge of your life, listen to my intuition and do what I really wanted to do. In my case, it was to stop working in a bank and fully devote myself to working as a full-time actor (which had been my internal fight for a decade).

– Leave destructive negative addictions. I used to have several sexual intercourses with strangers almost every day to try to channel the anger and frustration I felt in my life.

The result of all these changes was that, months after implementing them in my life, symptoms of disease gradually disappeared and now I feel great and doctors can not explain what happened.

Of course, I’m not a doctor, and everyone should follow any treatment recommended by their doctor, but I feel all these changes are harmless and I think they are absolutely necessary for anyone with any kind of disease or anyone interested in taking charge of their life.

Therefore I would love that, together, we could make it possible to bring these ideas to people who need them and find relief in them. I would love to share my story of recovery in an article or otherwise so people can be inspired and implement changes in their lives. I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best.

Yours sincerely,

Jose Segurado