Raw Potato Juice That Can Treat Diabetes, Anemia & More; How To Prepare This?


Potato is one of the most common vegetables and is part of every cuisine around the world. Potatoes are composed mainly of starch, a complex carbohydrate, and are virtually fat and cholesterol-free. Raw potatoes are one of the most powerful natural remedy and medicinal properties of raw potatoes have been known and used for centuries, people generally think that raw potatoes are unsafe for consumption.

Benefits Of Drinking Raw Potato Juice

Although not scientifically proven yet, many attest to the efficacy of potato juice for treatment of cancer. Drinking it everyday is said to help fight cancer cells and inhibit them from damaging other healthy cells.

The anti-inflammatory properties of potato juice are beneficial for people suffering from arthritis and joint pain. A glass of potato juice in the morning will ease the pain caused by this disease in a matter of weeks.

Potatoes are excellent sources of both iron and folate, which are essential for the production of red blood cells. For this reason potatoes can be used as a natural aid in the prevention or treatment of different forms of anemia.

Detox Liver
Raw potato juice has a detoxifying effect and it helps in the cleansing of the liver. Every morning, right after getting up, or half an hour before breakfast, drink the juice obtained from 200 grams of raw potatoes.

For an anti-aging regimen, you can use a facemask made with potato juice and curd. This is a great way to hydrate the skin and reduce signs of aging like fine lines.

Raw potato juice favors the multiplication of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, helping at the same time in the prevention of the fermentation process in the intestines.

Control Hairloss
Potato juice can be used to grow hair faster. To do this, mix it with egg white and honey. Apply on your hair and let it stay there for two hours. Rinse off with mild shampoo and then, water.

Weight loss
It’s a myth that potatoes are fattening. It is the oil in fried potatoes that causes weight gain. Raw potatoes are an excellent alternative for cereals and grains in any weight-loss regimen, due to their lower calorie content.

How To Prepare Raw Potato Juice

-Use 2 to 3 large potatoes and 3 to 4 small ones.
-Brush the potatoes in water, make them clean and dry, then remove all the sprouts on them.
-Then remove all the green parts and the sprouts.
-Then squeeze hard to get the juice. One squeeze might yield one cup of juice.
-Take the juice about 30-60 minutes before breakfast every day, i.e. drink it with an empty stomach.


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