How to Make Okra Water For Diabetes, Asthma, Cleanse Your Body and More


Okra is one of the most common vegetables while with great medicinal properties. It’s popular used in many recipes because of its nutritional value. This vegetable has a long list of benefits and can be consumed in many ways.

Here is an amazing recipe that will boost your health in many ways. It’s simple to make and all you need are 4 fresh okras and 3 cups of water. For making the drink, remove the ends of okras and slice them in half. Soak them in the water for a whole night. Drink the okra water the next morning with an empty stomach.

Drink This Okra Water to Boost Your Health

1. Drink it regularly and you will get a good amount of dietary fiber, vitamins as well as minerals for your body, all of which are highly recommended for controlling cholesterol and normalizing blood sugar levels, thus fighting diabetes.

2. As almost half of kidney diseases are associated with diabetes, okra water also helps with kidney diseases. And there are studies found that consume okra regularly help reduce the risk of kidney diseases.

3. The dietary fiber promotes colon health. 1 cup (100g)of okra contains 2.5 grams of fiber, which is 10% of the recommended daily value.

4. Okra water helps with Asthma as okra contains high levels of vitamin C, which has been proven to help with Asthma as well as other respiratory issues.

5. A cup of okra contains more than 27% recommended daily needs of vitamin C, making it as a good agent to promote healthy skin. Regular consumption of okra water will make your skin look younger and vibrant.

6. Okra is a good source of folate, which boosts bone health and prevents osteoporosis. The vitamin K in it is also essential to strengthen bones.

7. Also due to the rich fiber content in okra, drink okra water helps relieve constipation and ensure easy bowel movements.

8. Okra water is super low in calories, and along with the fiber, keeps you feel full for longer to prevents obesity and promotes weight loss.

9. Okra is good for your vision too. It’s rich in lutein, xanthin and beta-carotenes, which are important to promote a healthy vision.

10. Okra also prevents anemia as the folate, vitamin K and iron in it aid in blood coagulation, red blood cells production, thus fighting against anemia.


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