Imagine A World Without Big Pharma


What would you do if you woke up one day and discovered that all the mainstream conventional physicians and big pharma medications disappeared? What if you found out that the only type of medicine that still existed on Earth were natural holistic medicine, herbs, and natural remedies? In other words, how would you feel and react if you weren’t feeling well and the only people you could turn to were naturopaths and herbalists? Considering the fact that healthy, safe, natural remedies are quickly growing in popularity over mainstream “slash and burn” conventional medicine, this is worthy of serious thought. When you think about the fact that wild herbs like mustard, garlic, lavender, lemon, orange, cinnamon, and mint have been growing naturally wild for millions of years all over the Earth and will continue to grow for millions more, it’s wise common sense to trust Mother Nature.


Big pharma pills don’t grow on trees. During the days of Jethro Kloss, author of Back To Eden, and Harvey Kellogg, Director of Battle Creek Sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan who inspired the movie, The Road To Wellville, a true story, pills were not as readily available as they are today. Natural herbs are safe and gentle and do not have any risk of dangerous side effects. Just because a physician may not understand, respect, or trust herbs, or is uneducated about their healing benefits, doesn’t mean that you should have the same lack of trust. The worst thing that valerian root and chamomile flower will do is make you feel a bit sleepy and then perhaps, you’ll need to rest. Fear is false evidence appearing real and succumbing to fear is not a valid reason to choose artificial pills over natural herbs. A great deal of research is necessary to determine what the pills contain. The potential harmful side effects alone should dissuade anyone from trusting pills. It’s just too dangerous and risky. It’s an issue that needs serious thought.


I’ve been a holistic woman for 25 years and becoming a Mother strengthened my passionate conviction for herbal natural living. Seeing turmeric, peppermint, cannabis, and oregano help my family with many painful ailments is all I need to put my full trust in herbs. I am very grateful for Mother Nature’s healing wisdom.



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Dayna Colvin
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Dayna Colvin is a holistic natural living self-care writer. She hopes to inspire her readers with her writing to make healthy holistic self-care choices and enjoy a very small carbon footprint on Mother Earth. She is a very active environmental advocate and animal rescue advocate. She and her husband live in the Pacific NW, USA and are happy thankful parents of an adorable little boy and share their home with 2 adorable sweet cats, their furry babies. You can reach her via email at permadeva at yahoo dot com. Dayna shares her ideas and thoughts about holistic organic self-care on her Holistic Organic Self-Care Blog:

  • Jerry Story

    Herbs are poisonous plants. I reject them. I prefer veggies.

  • C. Clearly

    I was just saying this in a comment here…Imagine… I’d be dreamin….Wouldn’t that be Awesome!!! Put me back, like in the 60’s….No big pharma, no 46+ vaccines for children, no flu shots, just old family doctors that made you well, no real known threat of glyphosate, monsatan, no gmo’s of any kind, clean clear water….Only small selection of foods at the supermarket…No problems….
    Herbs are always best, synthetic poisons/drugs will kill you! I too am super thankful for Mother Nature’s provisions in giving us all the natural healthy remedies our bodies will ever need for health and longevity!

    • I know and this is why I wrote this article! I miss the 70s and 80s…life was much simpler then, but the 60s and much earlier were the BEST!!! Thank you for your lovely comment.

      • C. Clearly

        Dayna, you are most welcome, and thank you for writing this awesome article! It’s really difficult these days to live clean and healthy as there’s so much pollution, toxins everywhere…It’s nice to share same hopes, thoughts and dreams!

      • archer

        Excellent point very well written Food for thought Can’t wait to visit your blog Thank you Dayna

  • Rachel Nichols

    If Big Pharma and their poisons vanished a lot of psychiatric survivors I know would be greatly relieved.

  • Diane

    I grew up to all my trust in doctors and pharmacies and was told that anyone else was a quack. My husband grew up the same. About 5 years ago, I left the family philosophy, and they all think I have completely flipped my lid, But I have found that herbs have helped my family’s overall health as well as kept us out of the doctors.