Are we being chemically altered into homosexuality?


Up until this very moment in writing this article I fully believed that people were born and on a genetic level were either inclined to be straight, gay or somewhere in-between. I hold no judgment and don’t believe it is anyone’s business what someone else’s sexual preference is.


Now with that said; I have come across information on a chemical called Atrazine. Marketed as a broad leaf grass and weed killer and approved by the FDA it seems harmless enough. After all, we all love a green lawn don’t we?


Why am I talking about landscaping and homosexuality?


It has been shown in numerous studies that (Triazine) Atrazine, an endocrine disrupter, induces hermaphroditism and over time complete feminization and chemical castration in frogs. All Atrazine exposed males in the control groups had greatly reduced testosterone levels and noticeable demasculinization. It has also been linked to breast cancer and is scientifically noted as a carcinogen, which has been banned in the European Union.


Atrazine is one of the most widely used pesticides in the world. It is also marketed as Triazine. Approximately 80 million pounds are applied annually in the United States alone, and Atrazine is the most common pesticide contaminant of ground and surface water.


I know I am making a leap here (no frog pun intended) but we, as humans, are exposed to pesticides such as Atrazine without knowing it and without our consent many times. This, and many other chemicals end up in our tap water, the water we shower and bathe in…

In 1991, the US EPA established a Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for atrazine in drinking water of 3 parts per billion. Industrial chemicals are not tested for safety directly on humans. EPA contaminant levels are established by investigating toxic doses in animals. Human and environmental health advocates criticize this approach for ignoring chronic low-dose and multi-chemical exposures.


If this chemical is powerful enough to change the actual sex of a frog and it is in water we are exposed to and drink, I have to ask what is it doing to us as humans?


I have wondered many times what is happening to our society, as so many men seem to be becoming more and more feminine, softer, and more and more are coming out as transgender or gay. I had assumed that this was their natural state and they were just coming to a place of self-acceptance. But what if it isn’t actually happening naturally at all? What if these feelings and physical changes are being chemically induced without their knowledge or consent? Their very DNA being changed through the water supply.


Why on earth would the FDA or our Government allow this chemical in the water when they have these studies and see the results despite other countries banning it?


I am going to guess that this plays right into Agenda 21 and the New World Order. Population control becomes easy if you cannot reproduce and are sterile but even easier if you are chemically altering the males to be attracted to males vs. females, as there is no reproduction possible at all in a homosexual relationship.


Believe me, I know how crazy this article sounds… please feel free to do your own research and draw your own conclusions on this… my mind is blown.






Sarah Barendse
Writer | Graphic Designer at Sarah Barendse Creative
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  • Doyle

    I have felt the same way you do about all of this. I believe the chemicals that they are putting into our water,food and everything else is making men more feminine and therefore a boom in homosexual and transgender men. Personally I think this is all biblical.

    • Thanks for the comment Doyle!

      • Irina Pavel

        Hi Sarah, when our visions are narrow enough, the truth cannot be seen and so it easy to blame others for our mistakes…. but I agree with the opinion that chemicals are bad in general (although some of them saved some lives, not the kind you talked about)… and that not only they are to be blamed for the homosexual disease you are discussing it in this article. Look back in history… and find about homosexuals…

        • Kenny Scicluna

          erm, everything is made of chemicals for one, even water is! And secondly it’s not biblical, its just science and genetics

        • Absolute_Shower

          “chemicals are bad in general”
          You mean the things that all of us are made of? Those chemicals? Or the ones that make up every single thing we eat and drink?
          Which chemicals are “bad in general”? Do you have a list?

        • John

          Homosexuality is not a disease, Sarah. God doesn’t make “diseased” souls.

          • You clearly cannot read. No where in there did I say #1 it was a disease and #2 that this goes for all gay people. READ AGAIN and comprehend this time! 😀

          • Irina Pavel

            Yes, indeed, John. You are correct! They are altered to this deviant behavior – moral disease – by the power of example made available through the simple acceptance of the homosexuality as being something normal (rather something we can tolerate) and through the bad people that put their garbage (sexual bad behavior and not only) in public where some teenagers can easily access and copy it in absence of education (but not only – which it’s even worse…)

          • Lucky

            I’ll say it. Being a poofter IS a disease!! And the amount of denial in poofs exceeds comprehension. God does not make poofs, screwed up humans have created this abomination via a variety of means, one of those is screwing up the chemical environment which this brilliant article plainly spells out. Time for your wake up call.

        • Please stop inserting your opinion into what I actually said… No where in there did i say homosexuality was a disease OR that this goes for everyone who is gay.

          • Irina Pavel

            You did not said that and I did not said you said that! I said that your opinion/wondering about some of us being homosexuals because of some drugs is not true… and I explained why. I said that it is a disease and I explained my point of view. Also the homosexual sexual behavior is the source for some porno ugly bad stuff reproducing the sexual homosexual behavior that some inhuman persons put in public – there others non-homosexuals people can access it easily… and they do violate women, later maybe their woman or even worse, children; I am talking about rape, gang rape etc. The homosexuals are wrong because if there only homosexuals would be, then the humans would disappear….they cannot preserve our specie on the planet.
            But I do not have any re-sentiment for them as time as their private life is kept private and they are not the source of others deviant behavior…which is not the case since they were legalized, …
            I feel it is a shame for them… it is a pity for the ones that cannot see things that are wrong ….for them and for others…

          • Irina Pavel

            I said it is a disease, but it is a moral one and could have it’s proper treatment….but not accepted as normal… not only because of the immorality they suffer, but because of the effects of them on society.

  • Irina Pavel

    No doubts the chemical in our food and everything else have lots of bad effects from driving us into madness to increase the level or hormones in our body, not only for human but for the entire life. But the question still exists: since when people have abnormal behavior regarding the sexual aspect; was it from a long time ago? Did the legalizing of this abnormal behavior increase its extinction over others? Was the “liberalization” of this also a reason for some of us having gay preferences? Was the lack of spiritual,moral, religious education also a reason?

    • Guest

      My granddaughter is 15 and she thinks she is gay. She told me that there are a lot of after school groups you can join…gay groups. I think teen’s today want to belong to something. These kids are to young to have so many opinions. She also told me that the thing to say at school is ” Are You BY ” It’s just Cool! Also many of my friends say there Teens say the same thing. Just sayin.

  • ChineseHealth AndFitness

    Nope, not crazy at all for those of us that are informed. It’s ALL part of their sick plan to completely rewrite the DNA of the planet and corrupt all of the creators original design. These people at the top are occultists that worship Satan and are doing his bidding to pervert all things of God and destroy the family, relationships and society in the process.

    This is why, as you mentioned, homosexuality is exploding, along with the younger generations of guys becoming more and more effeminate, weak, female oriented in their thinking and mindset along with their bodies too. This is one reason why I take certain herbs that help remove excess estrogens from the body, as well as boost testosterone, to help counter these chemicals that end up in our bodies from many sources.

    • Hraz

      Fuck the creator. He drowned an unknown millions of people all at once, and considering at least a few of the women were probably pregnant, not to mention the whole “infants and children” thing, that includes an unknown number of innocent souls.

      That’s just the BIG biblical disaster. There’s also earthquakes, wildfires, tsunamis, politicians, collapsing buildings, mosquitoes and diseases. Humanity owes God jack shit. Besides, of course, finding him and making him pay.

      God made malaria and polio, Man made vaccines and ice cream. I know who’s side I’m on.

      • Irina Pavel

        Apart of your ugly words, that we should not use at all but in public specially, it is something that all of us seek to understand, believers or not!
        I said something similar to you many times…. and to be honest there is still something that bothers me, but I can assure you that only when I did much effort to understand how God works, how God helps people and put my faith in Him, only then I started to observe God’s help. But for an unfaithful person, it is need that someone who understood God to explain to him through some examples the way of faith and morality…

    • Thank you. At least someone gets what i was trying to say!

  • Aaron Boone

    You are genuinely subhuman.

    • God forbid I think for myself our outside of the box! 😀 Have a lovely day Aaron.

  • Harley Davies

    So, are you all BIGorganic shills, or are you just vastly retarded? Perhaps that aluminium in your tin-foil hats is seeping into your brain.

    • Ill proudly adorn my aluminum hat thanks….. 😉

      • Harley Davies

        That’s… not something to be proud of.

    • JTG

      Rather an aluminum hat than aluminum under my arm pit you sheep…

  • Es145

    It doesn’t sound crazy…. I’m 35 and have said numerous times….. there were NEVER this many homosexual men….further more….lo straight men….. they have become so feminine, they have given up most signs of masculinity…even allowing women to.take on the “man’s role” they are the previous generations… take out the men….who’s left to protect ….. that’s my thought….I also believe it’s the toxins and chemical directly injected via vaccines. I’m with u, nothing wrong with being gay….but….where are these numbers over the age of 30???? I say the same of Autism….where are the 1 in 42 over the age of 30…something is happening….and seems like no one cares!

  • ChineseHealth AndFitness

    Yes, but its also happening to species other than frogs.

  • ChineseHealth AndFitness

    Because that is not how men are supposed to be, it’s that simple. Doesn’t mean you have to be tough all the time either.

  • bob

    I just…I just can’t…some people just shouldn’t science…please stop…you’re just terrible at it…the jumps of logic hurt.

  • Dave

    There’s nothing wrong with having a conversation, but I also agree that the amounts needed compared to the original test aren’t anywhere near the same. Personally, as a gay person, I do believe it is biological…and if you want to think out loud, why couldn’t homosexuality be nature’s way of saying…”Whoa… we have way too many people on this planet”. Stranger things have happened in nature. In any case, the way is irrelevant. Just be nice to each other. That includes here on the internet. You can disagree with each other respectfully, can’t you?

    • Irina Pavel

      Hey Dave, let’s assume you are correct in saying “….we have too many people on this planet”. But the discussions is about the social effect on accepting some non-normal behavior as normal. When the sexual behavior of homosexuals is copied by others (non-gay included) and made it ugly (porno stuff) it leads to some violent behavior like rape and gang rape, domestic rape,etc. Also when some uneducated people practice sex the same as homosexuals, there are other sufferings added to some good people life.
      Your assumption says then that the homosexuals couple should not have children and therefore their marriage would be only like a legal assurance for the material aspects rising when two people stay together for a long time participating at the assets they get.

      • Kelly Gilmartin

        What is abnormal about being Gay? Is sex abnormal? Is finding another person attractive abnormal? Falling in love…abnormal? Wanting to live with someone/get married/raise children..all abnormal? Just because it involves two people of the same sex does not make it abnormal! ”When the sexual behavior of homosexuals is copied by others (non-gay included) and made it ugly (porno stuff) it leads to some violent behavior like rape and gang rape, domestic rape,etc. Also when some uneducated people practice sex the same as homosexuals, there are other sufferings added to some good people life.”…….And as for that pile of drivel..I have no words.

  • Irina Pavel

    Probably they are the Catholics in our days… but these had/have big issue in their church because of their abuses on children… homosexuals sexual behavior hit again!

    Good Aztecs and Incas had laws against such individuals!

    However, “Two Spirits” term does not describe them correctly, two altered minds would be better… Reading the first lines about “Two Spirits” in Wikipedia, first thought that came in my mind was that Two Spirits man is a better man because it is possible for him to better understand woman and so be the ideal man that women desire (being protective but also affectionate with women , being powerful but still able to prepare a romantic dinner, and so on), and the same for Two Spirits woman. And I can assure you that there is no Two Spirits with a man having bad sexual behavior… there is No Spirit
    (the clothes are irrelevant because women and men clothes were alike since old times… they changed with the time for practical reasons I think in accordance with their occupation and probably to show a difference between men and women)
    But what our DNA teach us?

  • blue_onyx

    we live in a world where doctors help big business by misdiagnosing diseases and or giving the wrong drugs, foods are filled with pesticides and growth hormones that mimic estrogen. media generated fake gay acceptance and psychological cultural engineering as well as religious stigma and social out-casting. a governing stronghold of control

  • Mark Lewis

    reduced testosterone levels <– doesn't that make one more likely to be straight?

  • 40long22

    Reading through the comments section, it’s as though most here are implying that the author is saying that homosexuality is ALWAYS caused by chemical means. She’s not saying that.

    Yes, homosexuality has been around since the dawn of time, and yes, it’s found in humans and animal species. So what? What does that have to do with a chemical that can cause demasculinization? If they found a chemical that slowly, over time, turned tall people into short ones, would you say, “Meh, we’ve always had short people!”. What’s the relevance of that statement to the issue at hand?

    And for those saying humans aren’t exposed to enough of the chemical to be affected, how exactly do you know how much a human needs to be exposed to before physiological changes take place? Were any of you involved in the impartial studies performed on the chemical worldwide that all found it to affect male sexuality in amphibians AND mammals (rather than the doctored studies paid for by the makers of Atrazine that our toothless, corrupt EPA uses)?

    They just found that small mouth bass males in many of the nations waterways are also undergoing this change and have eggs growing in their testes. Is that happening to human males? No, but that’s not what the author is saying. Could it be theoretically possible that an increase in homosexuality or the feminization of men is possible due to long term exposure to smaller amounts Atrazine? Sure it could, and it deserves more study.

    Unfortunately, big business interests like Syngenta have deep pockets and a lot of lobbyists. But Atrazine has already been banned in the European Union and with any luck, will be banned here eventually. So before you crap on the author for making a connection that isn’t too tenuous considering what we know about Atrazine, remember that at one time, DDT was considered safe by our government as well.

  • Arcanix31

    Good topic if not completely fleshed out. I honestly think that atrazine is responsible for our ever growing gay population. The amounts of atrazine in our food and water supply today and in the past aren’t enough to alter people into homosexuality. However, over the period of time this pesticide has been in use, I believe that while it may not have affected the adult/developed humans that first consumed it, over time it may have trickled into our genetics. The offspring of earlier generations are now more likely to be gay because of this. Just a thought and a theory. Carry on.

  • Edmund burke326

    Hasty generalisations, like your response to this article, aren’t a science based rebuttal. Atrazine is an endocrine disruptor (it’s not the only one to be found on our food) and this article isn’t ‘crazy.’ Sadly.

    When has any government ever pushed the interests of a tiny minority? When it’s in the government’s (not society’s) interests only e.g. the US government aceded to some demands made by the civil rights movement but used the FBI to infiltrate and destroy the movement alongside Cointelpro. The US has enacted a host of policies hostile to any debate on homosexuality to back their new stance which is also supported by the pharmaceutical industrial complex.

    Apart from links to autism US vaccines have been dicovered to have traces of sterilisation drugs e.g. recent case in Kenya, Africa (on the internet). The EU ban does not mean Atrazine or other endocrine disruptors aren’t present in our food in Britain since we do import US produce. Sadly.

    If animal research is irrelevant to humans then why do it? Hormones in animals work the same way as in humans. If Atrazine radically disrupts the endocrine system of frogs as well as being a carcinogen then that’s an unjustified risk to humans.

  • sernada

    Yes – chemicals make you gay. As for history and today — (Too much) PRIDE makes you gay! That’s why they are called GAY PRIDE festivals! Pride comes in many forms. There’s a very specific way to get rid of pride…but that is another story. Pride = worst sin…in at least a couple of the major religions.

  • Sem Rossi

    I’m your fan

  • I am glad to see your article and some public discussion on these issues. There is often a crucial period of life when exposure to chemicals like atrazine can impact development. Often that is prenatal. There is very likely a synergy with other endocrine disrupting chemicals. There is a well-documented decrease in sperm counts in men in the western world over the last 20 years and a recently published US study shows decreasing testosterone levels in men over 20 years. Of course this is not the same as sexual preference — but is there a relationship?

    I think we should consider whether the changes in sperm and testosterone are due to chemical exposures and also study if there is, in fact, an increase in homosexuality. Unfortunately this is not going to happen anytime soon due to the political nature of the issues involved.

  • RedPRess

    It’s always been about the chemicals, who’s making all the money?

    Fertility Rates Drop to Lowest Level Measured in the US, Says the CDC

    By DR. JENNIFER CHEVINSKYAug 9, 2016, 4:38 PM E

  • Lucky

    A brilliant article Sarah. I have observed this for years. In the Philippines the number of homosexuals has gone through the roof. In the 1960s there were virtually none. Now its every second Filipino boy. This has alot to do with chemicals as well as the sickening agenda of Western homosexuals who have pushed their evils onto the Filipino people.
    Ultimately it is all part of the Satanic NWO agenda.

  • SteveJE

    2 points. 1.Testosterone/oestrogen levels do not determine sexual orientation. Reducing a man’s testosterone level will not make him gay. If gay men all had low testosterone levels, they wouldn’t be able to get erections
    2 Sex changes in frogs (at least certain species of frog) happen in nature, in response to population decline in one of the genders.

  • Rob

    I was thinking the same shit about chemicals altering people before I read this. I’m not gay but Ive noticed more and more people looking at me as if I was, in recent times.
    What if it has to do with the chem trails and the stuff they contaminate the air with? I’ve seen those around my area and I think I’m being affected by it.
    Even if its not chem trails I think I’m being affected by that chemical and I don’t like it. If we are being chemically engeneered into homosexuality, is there anything you can do to undo or reverse its affects?

  • 6161940

    I have wondered for a long time why so many people no longer identify with their physical genitals and thought it might be because of the way hormone medicine is disposed of in landfills and water supplies, but the pesticide theory sounds plausible too.

  • Marcos M

    Population control is the reason

    • Nimadan

      Population control is ONE reason. But the elite are masters at finding the move that works on multiple levels simultaneously and there’s never just one reason for any of their moves. Feminizing males strengthens the control grid while at the same time advancing the depopulation agenda, which is a vital sub-routine of the larger globalist agenda. Think of it as bio-chemical disarmament.

      The globalist elite are not like ordinary people whose minds are possessed by a single meme, or like garden-variety “intellectuals” who can use one or two mental tools skillfully, but can’t adapt to any others. The globalists always give themselves a full toolkit to work with. In this matter, as in all others, their watchword is Full Spectrum Dominance. FSD is a concept the elite borrowed from Pentagon strategic thinking (or possibly the military adapted from them).

  • Lance Hansen

    For some reason I just had the idea of the possibility that some vaccines may be contributing to this so I asked Google and read this article… I remember reading about Atrizine and it’s effects on frogs… This is some scary shit and of course the EPA, FDA and CDC are asleep at the wheel…

  • Wild Bill

    And we laughed when Alex Jones said the same thing.
    Perhaps, his hypothesis will now be validated.

  • Tina Gavel

    Also now coming into Australia in our frozen vegetables and changing the sexual orientation of rats. Nice to know that I am not the only one who wondered that and did some more research. Call me crazy but I refuse to buy frozen vegetables now