Avocado Seed – A Superfood Locked Within a Seed


Yes, it’s well known for us that avocados are with varieties of practical and medicinal benefits. The skins also offer great benefits due to the antibiotic and anti-parasitic properties. And the leaves can be made into tea to treat several ailments such as sore throat, according to studies.

But, did you notice that the seeds which are often thrown out are also very nutritious? What makes the seeds so miracle and they are also providing a range of potential health benefits, real or not?

It’s real! And the secret benefits of the seed of avocado will surprise you.

Benefits of Avocado Seeds

-70% of the total antioxidant capacity of avocados is found within the seed.

And other 30% are in the flesh and the skin. These antioxidants are able to lower high cholesterol levels, manage high blood pressure, prevent diabetes, boost your immune system and prevent heart disease and strokes effectively.

Dr. Tom Wu: When I eat the avocado I always eat the seed. It is packed with very good nutrients… It’s also the highest in soluble fiber. This soluble fiber binds to the fat and excess cholesterol. Then we can lower cholesterol and improve heart function naturally. We can improve the blood circulation by pulling out all the fatty deposits in our circulatory system with the soluble fiber of the avocado seed. Soluble fiber is very difficult to get in our diet. Oatmeal has some, but it cannot compare with the avocado seed. Any heart disease patient must eat the avocado including the seed. (s)

-Avocado seed may offer natural antibiotic and anti-fungal benefits

According to a study, avocado seed extracts inhibited a variety of pathogens, including Candida and other fungi and the mosquito that carries the tropical disease yellow fever.

-Avocado seed may also helps to prevent and relieve constipation naturally.

This is also thanks to the high fiber it contains.

-Avocado seed has been proven to reduce inflammation and ease arthritis.

The seeds as well as skins, both contain high levels of antioxidants such as catechins and procyandins, which act as pain-killers to reduce joint pain, swelling and relieve arthritis.

-Avocado seed aids digestion.

An avocado seed contains more soluble fiber more than oatmeal, which is very beneficial for a sound digestive system.

-Avocado seed helps prevent and reduce tumor growths.

As it contains flavonol, it’s important to add more flavonol rich food to your diet for preventing and reducing tumor growth.

-Avocado seed also helps you maintains a healthy weight.

The seeds are full of fiber, thus helping you curve food cravings and make you feel fuller easily. They are also controlling your blood sugar levels, makes you’re less likely to given in to junk food cravings.

-Avocado seed is perfect for your skin.

They have ability to fight away free radical cells, which causes aging skin. Consume the avocado seeds to make your skin firm and youth!

How to Eat Your Avocado Seeds

Now you know these potential benefits of them, want any suggestion about how to eat the seeds? Here is an example:

Avocado Pit Green Smoothie Recipe


  • 2.5 cups almond milk or water
  • 1 ripe pear
  • 1/2-3/4 ripe mango
  • 1/2 avocado pit
  • 3 tbsp flax seeds
  • 3/4 head of red leaf lettuce

Blended in a blender until smooth and enjoy!

Additional Sources:


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