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China is Openly GeoEngineering the Weather Over an Area Three Times the Size of Spain

China has begun a program to modify the weather over an area three times the size of the country of Spain using geoengineering technology that is openly admitted to by the Chinese government. Geoengineering is not only admitted to by… 0 Shares |

Medical Marijuana Programs are being Used as Stealth Gun Control

If marijuana was actually legalized it could be transferred like any other plant product with no strings attached. Truly legal marijuana could be used freely just as it had been for thousands of years before the modern war on drugs.… 0 Shares |

Humans to Merge with Machines? The Implantation and Function of Neural Lace Brain Chip Technology

The futuristic concept of using brain chip implants to merge humans and computers has been the goal of transhumanism and a staple of science fiction fantasy for years. Now that fantasy, touted by several tech billionaires, to create true computer… 0 Shares |

Massive Civil Disobedience Against the New York State S.A.F.E. Act Again! Government is Powerless Without the Consent of the Governed

The New York State S.A.F.E. Act ,which stands for Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, has been a monumental failure because the people of New York State simply have not gone along with the most oppressive act of gun control… 0 Shares |

America’s Three Layered Antiballistic Missile Defense Systems Could Stop Any North Korean Nuclear Attack on the U.S.

America has a three layered antiballistic missile defense system that would knock out any North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile(ICBM) if it was determined to be hostile to either the United States or it’s allies. Just as America has it’s nuclear… 0 Shares |

The Cassini Spacecraft is the Biggest Radioactive Dirty Bomb Ever Made and It’s About to Hit Saturn

No doubt incredible science has been done with the Cassini spacecraft. Enhancing the knowledge of our solar system. Yet there is a dark side to ending the Cassini mission by plunging it into Saturn. What will to happen to the… 0 Shares |

Facebook Shuts Down A.I. Experiment that Created it’s Own Language. Undecipherable to Humans.

The nightmare scenarios about an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) take over abound. One can hardly go a couple days without a new warning from some top scientist, academic or entrepreneur. The danger is that A.I. could become so advanced that human… 0 Shares |

HyperLoop SuperSonic Underground Transport: NY to DC in 29 Minutes. Secret Government Technology to be Deployed to the Public?

Many times military technology kept secret for years can have a second life in the civilian marketplace. Very lucrative contracts can be had for private corporations using advanced military technology not yet seen by the public. A sort of hand… 0 Shares |

The Deep State’s “Trump Card” Against Independent Media: Executive Order 13694

  National Emergencies allow governments to take special measures in the face of a perceived threat. Most are unaware a national emergency has been declared in the United States. Did you know there was a National Emergency declared on April… 0 Shares |

Google Censorship Against Small Independent Bloggers

Most are aware of the massive censorship being undertaken by Google, YouTube, Twitter and many other internet corporations against the more well known independent media outlets. All in the name of stopping supposed “fake news”. Such as the de-listing of… 0 Shares |