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Pixie is an impassioned woman, empowering others to live a natural, healthy life. When not researching and writing about natural health and healing, she's in her healing herb garden, practicing yoga. "Be First In Line For Honest Vaccine Research AND Become Part Of My Inner Circle With A Blatant Bribe Of... 100 Free Certified Organic Food Seeds (plus 2 more gifts!)"

Hesitant To Ask What’s In That Vaccine? – The 1 Life Saving Question I Urge You To Ask

Despite what you may have been fed by the CDC and their cohorts in the media, vaccines are not an argument of duality. There are, in fact, 4 different ways of looking at this increasingly important vaccine debate, and they… 0 Shares |

2017 Research Shows Every Human Vaccine Is Contaminated With Inorganic Chemical Compounds – 44 Vaccines Tested

Do you ever wonder what else is in vaccines? We already know there is a vast array of poisonous chemicals in those vaccine shots, but did you know that they all have inorganic chemical compounds in them too? 44 Tested,… 0 Shares |

Fish Oil – Get The Upper Hand On Bipolar Cognitive Disfunction With The Potent Natural Health Benefits of Omega 3’s

“Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids The benefits of omega 3’s in fish oil cannot be overstated.” My Story According to the psychiatric community, I have bipolar 1 with ultra rapid cycling, but I don’t take pharmaceutical medications.… 0 Shares |

The Curse Of Financially Polluted GMO Study Data – 672 Research Papers Reviewed

Even among those of us that haven’t done their research into GMO food products, there is an uncertainly about not only what they actually are, but no one seems to know about the safely of these inventions either. For that’s… 0 Shares |

The Uncomfortable Truth About Dr Wakefield And Why Your Story Of Vaccine Injury Is “Essential” – 6319 Stories And Counting!

…the uncomfortable truth if you’re big pharma, that is. Find Out Why Your Vaccine Injury Story Is “Essential” If you and your family remain unvaccinated, he’d also like to hear from you too. Please read on to discover the truth… 0 Shares |

Unearth The Secrets Of Ayurvedic Medicine

If you don’t trust your modern medical doctor to give you time, attention and medical information that pertains EXACTLY to you, then I suggest you check out Ayurvedic medicine, the oldest health care system known to Man. Ayurveda is the… 0 Shares |

24 Natural Ways To Re-purpose A Dead Toothbrush, Including Craft Uses

How many times have you looked at an old toothbrush, wondering just what you could use it for, instead of dumping it in the bin? I used to just toss mine in the bin, but wondered if there was another… 0 Shares |

5 Fabulous Natural Health Tools

When I first looked at living naturally, I was severely overwhelmed at the huge amount of natural health choices on offer. Where to start? Food? Clothing? Plastics? My environment? So began my quest to read everything I could get my… 0 Shares |

Robert Kennedy Jr. – “The CDC Owns 20+ Vaccine Patents”

“One out of every six children has a neurodevelopmental disorder according to the CDC” – JFK Jr. JFK Jr doesn’t even have any family or friends with developmental disorders or neurological disorders problems. And yet here he is, fighting for… 0 Shares |

Do You Know Which Are The 3 Most Powerful Healing Essential Oils?

A few years ago I became interested in the healing power of essential oils and quickly found a few favorites. Those are; oregano oil, black seed oil, and magnesium oil. Essential oils are more than delicious smelling oils. These wildly… 0 Shares |