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After much thought I took the path less travelled, a path on which I strongly believe the Lord is walking right alongside of me. I started my healing path in 2014 as a 41-year-old wife, mother of three and business owner. I’m still holding these titles as I travel on my new cancer journey. The C diagnoses has given me an invitation to live again, allowing me to learn so much about myself, health, relationships, lifestyle and of course this awful disease… cancer... I decided to start a blog to share my experiences with you. Of course, many of you may ask why? Why would this woman make herself open and vulnerable to thousands of strangers on the internet? Simple! An amazing invitation was given to me, to embark myself into a healing journey, not only to bring back physical order but to heal my mind and soul, to develop and grow into a new season of change. Although I don’t have all the answers and I don’t have it all together, I want to share, ignite and declare the works of that healing light that dwells in all of us. No, I cannot say that I am completely “cancer free.” But things are definitely moving in the right direction. Tumor has shrunk, and blood flow to it has been reduced. Looking at my blood work through the eyes of the (conventional) medical community, I can say that my immune system is stronger and my level of tumor markers is lower. I know in my heart that I’m on my way to discover, heal and fully live in thankfulness for every blessing I have, embracing the journey with joy and hope and intentionally loving people everyday of my life. I don’t know how it is all going to end but I know I can choose how I want to live today. It is my hope and prayer that by sharing my journey, you and others can benefit from what I’ve learned and what I’m still going through. If you, too, are searching for answers, I want you to know that you are not alone, that I am right here with you. But most importantly I want you to know that the power to heal is within you.

Cancer and Emotions / Is There a Connection?

When I was first diagnosed I thought of why? why me? I went through an emotional roller coaster for sure but after a while of processing what was happening to me I knew I needed to go on a quest… 0 Shares |

Cancer Diagnoses / Why I Chose the Holistic Approach

As soon as I received my cancer diagnosis, I started to educate myself. I wanted to understand as much as possible what was happening to me, analyze all the facts and make a rational decision. I gathered information from different… 0 Shares |

Life with Cancer and the Steadfast Courage in the Face of Death

When I was first diagnosed ( Karen’s Journey ) I couldn’t help myself but to feel afraid, somehow I felt shame for feeling this emotion because I thought as a believer of God I had to be strong in every… 0 Shares |

Decisions About Your Cancer Diagnoses / Standing Up To The Pressure

So you have been diagnosed with cancer, the dreaded C-Word and you never saw it coming, maybe uncle Joe but not you. You are young, You are doing everything right how can this be? All of the sudden FEAR takes… 0 Shares |