Antibiotics Made Irrelevant By Colloidal Silver?


The Problem With Antibiotics

Many stories have been written lately for Natural News and other sites about the pending health disaster of super microbes resulting from the use of antibiotics.  The problem is that antibiotics have been used for many decades to kill pathogenic organisms, but they never quite kill them all.  The toughest ones survive and multiply.  This is seen in an extreme form in a hospital environment, where all kinds of antibiotics and chemical disinfectants are used.  Eventually all that is left are the super bacteria, and like super viruses such as those intentionally created in government laboratories, they are very hard to stop.  In the meantime, the routine use of antibiotics has killed the beneficial microorganisms in many people’s bodies, and these microbes are the main part of our immune system, especially in the digestive tract, so we are left wide open to infection, disease, unable to withstand environmental stresses that would normally not hurt us if we had not lost our natural immunity.  This may be a great business model for allopathic medicine, as it guarantees lots of business from people with no functioning immune systems, but like most of modern health care, it is a disaster for the people it is supposed to serve.

Solutions Available Right Now

The answer to this problem has multiple parts, and they fit together.  First, if we take the time to really study health and learn how to take care of our bodies and keep our immune systems strong, most pathogenic organisms will not affect us, and no health care from the system, other than in cases of accident or similar emergencies, will be needed.  As much as we might not initially want to admit it, everything we eat, drink, breath, think and feel, deeply affects our health, even if the effect is not immediately visible.  If we take responsibility for this, and make our decisions consciously to maintain our own health, we become empowered and much less dependent.

Second, we need to work to replace our current health care system with one that works in accordance with the laws of nature, not with the drug companies and their allies in and out of government, whose objective is to make a huge profit by keeping us sick.  While this unfortunate system still exists, we need to learn to take care of ourselves, not depend on those who are trained to drug us, radiate us, poison us and cut out our organs when the other things don’t work.  That may not be the most ideal system, to say the least, and there are plenty of tools including lifestyle improvements, that we can use by ourselves.

Third, for those cases where a pathogenic organism does pose a threat to our well being, where it attacks us in spite of our healthy lifestyle, we need to use a tool far better than antibiotics, one that does not kill the beneficial microorganisms that we need to stay strong.  One such potential replacement for harmful micro-life killing drugs, including antibiotics, already of proven value, is colloidal silver.

Ancient Alchemists Considered Fools By “Modern Science”

All of the precious metals, particularly gold, silver and those we call members of the platinum group (rubidium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium and platinum) were once considered to possess special properties beneficial in health or spiritual ways.  Alchemists back into antiquity have sought to change base metals into one or more of these, but their goals were not always just the creation of monetary wealth, they also are known to have sought lasting health and long life or immortality.  Our modern “scientific” point of view is that the alchemists were merely superstitious, with baseless beliefs, and that now with modern science for the first time in history, we really understand nature and what is going on around us.  Our scientists and educators learn this arrogance as a central theme in their studies.  I can confirm this, having worked (and still working) with many of them.  Long ago, when I was a child in elementary school, we were taught, by our teachers and with the aid of reel to reel movies from Disney and others, that prior to about 1950, all “knowledge” was really just superstition, but now we had modern science.  As a result, we would send rockets into space and basically master all fields of knowledge.  This mentality has now led to the full development of a system of medicine based on the use of poisons and cutting out important body parts from trusting patients for massive profit and control, nuclear power that is now on the verge of destroying life on Earth, GMO plants that threaten to do the same thing, and jets flying over our heads 24/7 dropping toxic metals and other poisons on us, so that it is now impossible to breathe clean air.  And scientists on TV remind us it is all in our best interests, according to experts that know best.

But there is another breed of scientist that has not quite died out, fortunately for all of us.    They remember that science was not always about memorizing and repeating acceptable points of view.  Once it was about keen observation, pattern recognition, and an open-minded and critical search for understanding, of ourselves and the world around us.  If whole paradigms of understanding and world views fell in the process, it was perfectly acceptable, because the goal was understanding, and the development of tools for life that really did benefit humanity, and did not cause harm.  One of those tools that works is colloidal silver.

Silver As A Tool In “Natural Allopathic Medicine”

Dr. Mark Sircus has written a lot about what he calls “natural allopathic medicine.”  This is the practice of corrective medicine, including emergency medicine, which uses skills and knowledge shared by allopathically trained doctors but tools that minimize or totally avoid harming the patient.  Tools like hot and cold water, far infrared saunas, biomats (you can get these from Dr. Sircus) for a source of healing internal heating, bicarbonate of soda, iodine, magnesium, and among many other such non-drugs, colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is not hard to understand.  The silver in it is regular pure, elemental silver, like the silver used to make pure silver coins (not all silver coins are pure, some contain other metals as well).  Very tiny amounts are put into suspension in water, and generally the particles are too small to see individually and too small to settle to the bottom of the container, so they stay in solution, which is what “colloidal” means.  Very small amounts of silver particles suspended like this tend to quickly kill pathogenic bacteria and viruses without harming beneficial micro-organisms.  Dr. Rima Laibow of the Natural Solutions Foundation has confirmed my understanding of why this happens, that it is connected to the difference between anaerobic and aerobic conditions that harmful vs. helpful organisms require to thrive.  I cannot personally guarantee for you that this is the exact reason that silver works, but I can tell you from my own experience that I have seen it work numerous times, on myself, on others, and even on animals.

Yes, it is definitely true that pets like cats and dogs, and possibly other creatures (I have not personally tried this on reptiles or birds yet) can also benefit.  Just this past week, silver saved the life of a very small poodle that has been with me for almost 16 years.  She almost never gets sick, because I keep her far away from vets and their drugs and vaccines, and because a few years ago I threw away all “dog food” and put her back on her normal diet as a dog.  When her diet was corrected (to fresh raw organic meat and a few supplemental foods), she quickly got back to an energy level she had not had for many years, and stopped getting sick.  However, dogs pick up various parasites and other organisms from the outside environment, and she apparently picked up one of those that was particularly nasty.  She developed a cough so chronic and severe that eventually she could hardly breathe and was getting exhausted from the coughing.  It seemed clear to me she could die.  As a holistic health investigator/practitioner since the 1960’s, I was not going to subject her to potentially deadly antibiotics, but instead I started giving her very small amounts of colloidal silver in her water, but these very small amounts did nothing visible, and she continued to get worse, so I figured that silver could not help her.  Then one night as I was almost asleep, I heard her coughing very badly without a break, and I could not stand her suffering and had to do something.  I picked up the bottle of colloidal silver I had used to put small amounts in her water, filled the screw-on eyedropper top with undiluted colloidal silver, and put it in her mouth.  She swallowed it without resistance (it just tastes like water).  Within less than a minute her cough stopped.  Even with my prior experience, this was amazing.  Apparently all that was needed was an adequate dose, and I had never before thought of this because people had told me that tiny doses were best.  This belief almost cost my small friend her life, and reminded me yet again, “Question Everything.”  So for the next couple of days’, I gave her a full dropper of the silver a few times a day.  Within two days, her cough, after months of suffering, was 90% gone, and soon after was completely cured.    The colloidal silver I used was just a brand I found at the local natural food store that turned out to be good.  It was 500 PPM (parts per million) concentration, and was dark brown in color.   About a year previously this same silver had gotten rid of a skin cancer on the back of this same dog within about 2 weeks.  You really have to experience these things to know they are possible, as they sound just to amazing to be real.  But experiences like this are why I take the time to write this for you.

Understanding The Government Seal Of Approval

One more thing, remember the U.S. government’s special program to give its “seal of approval” to some of the best natural products you can get.  For example, organic raw milk vendors have been assaulted by swat teams and sometimes arrested and tortured, as was the case in California with James Stewart, the notorious terrorist actually caught in the act of promoting and selling organic raw milk.  If this is not a seal of approval, I don’t know what is.  Similarly, EPA has attempted to regulate colloidal silver as a pesticide, too dangerous for ordinary mortals to handle without their supervision.  For now, public outrage from those who use colloidal silver seems to have backed them off, but it is unknown for how long.  After all, colloidal silver, if it ever became widely known, could pose a real threat to the medical drug dealers that contribute so much to the U.S. economy by selling antibiotics and other killers of pathogens.  If these drug sales were reduced, who knows what economic chaos could ensue, right?  So if you need official endorsement of the real benefits of colloidal silver, it seems to me that you have it right there.  Hardly anyone in the natural movement ever takes a minute to thank their federal servants who work tirelessly to offer them services like these various seal of approval programs, and we ought to be more appreciative.  Just a note of caution, though, just in case government agencies succeed in making colloidal silver totally illegal for you to purchase (for your own good of course), if you want to still have it available, you need to either stock up on it in advance, or get yourself one of the systems to produce it yourself, offered by Silver Lungs and possibly other companies on the internet.  I have seen excellent results with this home-produced product as well.

One other precautionary note, is that if you take large doses of colloidal silver all the time, you may eventually succeed in turning your skin blue or gray from the buildup of silver.  Most users agree that silver is a tool to use when you need it, not as a daily supplement, and this is the main reason.  The condition of this coloring has been called permanent, but Mercola and others do not agree, and directions have been offered to reverse it and get rid of the blue-gray color (called “argyria”).  One of many online suggestions on how to do this can be seen at  I have not tried any of these, as I have never turned my skin gray by overusing silver.  Just be reasonable and only use colloidal silver when needed so it has no chance to build up in your system to this extent.

Colloidal Silver In Context Of Total Health

I would certainly have colloidal silver in my home medicine arsenal, and you may want to learn as much about it as you can.  It is not a panacea for health, just a great tool that makes it easier to avoid using some others that are dangerous and don’t work nearly as well.

To put tools like silver in context, remember that it is primarily your every day lifestyle that will determine your state of health.  When you first start becoming aware of this, and gradually realize that your body is an extremely sensitive, conscious instrument, and everything you put on it or in it affects its well being in a positive or negative manner, you may feel disheartened that learning to really take care of yourself is such a job, with the world as it is today.  My suggestion is, instead of resenting it, take it as an exciting and educational challenge.  Become enthusiastic about learning.  You have great power to repair and maintain your own health even in this poisoned world being run by those who seem determined to destroy it, and us as well.  You can learn anything you want to know.  Your body is designed to be fully self-healing, and it has amazing powers that most of us never imagine, and instead we run to drugs that in the long run make us a lot sicker and can lead to serious disease (read the so-called “side effects,” which are really just more of the main effects you’re not supposed to think about).  Try changing your reason for eating.  This can totally transform your health.  Instead of choosing your foods and drinks, your times to eat and the amounts you consume according to taste, try making these choices only based on what your body will most benefit from, what it actually needs, when and how much.  Then enjoy those things you choose AFTER you make the choices for the new reasons.  If you become a keen observer of what your body tells you, learn to differentiate completely between learned cravings and deep nutritional needs (and your body will tell you these things if you learn to listen), you can really transform your life.


Thoughts And Emotions Are Also Part Of Your Diet

Choose not only your food and drink, but also your thoughts and emotions the same way.  I am challenging you to monitor the thoughts and emotions you carry around all day, and realize they are VOLUNTARY, and you can change them at will.  The secret there is this: if a certain thing happens around you, in your life, you are not required to have a pre-set mental and emotional reaction to it.  Learn what this means.  It is not the thing outside of you, the event, even the other person, that is really the source of stress.  It is always our reaction to it that hurts us and hurts our health.  We have forgotten, this is a voluntary choice.  We can re-learn this, and eliminate most stress, even if we still have to deal with the same circumstances and people.  It is a totally amazing discovery and it holds the key to eliminate the source of many health problems that come from emotional distress.

So get inspired.  You have the ability to radically improve your own health, just based on your choices every day.  Start making them conscious, and be brave enough to question them all.  Those being made for the right reasons can be left alone.  The others hold secret keys for you to change your life in amazing ways.  And when you are considering what tools to have on hand to deal with infections when and if they occur, learn about what silver has to offer.  Real medicines with powerful benefits and no toxic or negative effects are worth considering.  Combine the knowledge of these tools with deep learning about how to detoxify years of built up poisons in your cells before they cause more disease, and how to raise your nutrition to the next level, and you will find many of your old ideas of what limits you have disappeared, leaving you face to face with a new life.

Richard Sacks

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Richard Sacks

  • danstewart

    If you develop 'argeria', greying of the skin, it means the silver particles are too large. Silver is normally excreted from the body in 10 to 14 days, however large particles cannot be scavenged & remain in the body producing the grey color. This happens mainly with the cheap colloidal silver makers used in the home.

  • Sabrinafaire

    Does colloidal silver work against fungal infections?

    • guest

      Supposedly it does

    • Katinhat

      I have been using colloidal silver for approximately 15 years and have not had great success with it and fungal infections. Perhaps I've not yet learned the proper way to use it to combat fungus.

      • haha

        It took you 15 years to realized it doesn't work on you? You've got to be kidding me!

  • John Large

    when I get the first sign of a cold or flu, I gargle with silver, then spit it out . then take 1 teaspoon and ingest it. whatever it is I am dealing with it has always nipped in the bud, as Barney would say.

  • tom

    and if someone want to by this product what quality brand would that be ? what trusted vender would that be ? and what would be a fair price

    • Linda

      Read the science. That is the machine that NASA uses. The water made with that machine is NON-TOXIC. It generates 7ppm and is produced by a medical company in Boise Idaho.

  • Joe Huels

    I've been making and consuming colloidal silver for over 10 years. I make my silver 20ppm because most experts agree that the optimal strength for combating pathogens is between 10 and 22ppm. (this allows the particle size to remain small enough to enter a bacteria). I have consumed, on average, a gallon per week (mostly in the fortified water I drink) during this time, have remained basically infection free and haven't turned blue. I've found that when I do catch a bug, drinking an ounce every two hours along with a powerful digestive enzyme usually clears everything up in 24 hours. Enzymes on an empty stomach really get the blood moving and propels the silver throughout the body. Colloidal silver is great on rashes, cuts, burns, eye infections, ear infections, fungal infections and is the BEST after-shave ever. It is great for bad breath, body odors, yeast infections and a whole host of other things. It's non-toxic, non-allergenic and kills over 650 known pathogens. What's not to like?

    • c.l.

      can you share your method for making colloidal silver? mywildblueriver at g mail dot com

  • lola

    Can I give silver to my cat? His hair has came out on his legs and behine, he scratches and grooms consitantly

    • Albert

      Yes. I completely cured my cat of feline aids with a type of colloidal silver, as verified by blood tests before and after treatment by a vet who treats only cats.

  • Jennifer

    There's a little book called "The New Silver Solution" by Kenneth S. Friedman. Excellent info. I believe not all silver solutions are the same, there are different particle sizes and methods of making it. Yes you can use it on cats perfectly safe.

  • Bullion

    Here's another excellent article that supplies some science to back up the Colloidal Silver claims.

  • Bruce McBurney

    To make high voltage colloidal silver see on you tube Himacmovieman
    make all the difference when done with 2000 volts AC
    The low voltage produced is 80-90% compounds only the 10-20% colloids

  • shandtmorris

    Colloidal Silver has saved many a baby goat, calf, turkey, chicken, horse, and dog in our household, as well as keep us from a doctor visit. A colloidal silver maker has been a staple for a long time. A water distiller was just added to our arsenal.

    • Carrie

      what type of generator do you use?

  • Dr. Beth

    Good article, and I am glad you pointed out it is to be used as needed and not daily. HOWEVER. I wish you would have informed readers one needs to replenish probiotics to the body after taking it, just as one does with echinacea or antibiotics.

  • JimR

    I have been making and using CS for over 25 years and have not been sick with cold or flu in that length of time. FYI, I am now 80y/o. I make a low voltage CS and have been using the same 2, 1oz silver ingots that I purchased over 25 years ago. My major expense is the gallon of distilled water with which to make the CS. The only time I have ever had the flu was when, 30 years ago, I allowed myself to be vaccinated with a Flu vaccine.

  • Strep No More

    This article seems to be missing something. I buy my colloidal silver from Silver Living Tech and I like to read about nanoparticles of silver which are the same as colloidal silver.

    I have used it for throat infections including strep (thus my name) eye infections, allergy relief and everytime it works, even my wife uses it but she was skeptical at first so I went ahead, did my homework and researched it and here it is:

    Go to Nanocomposix, Silverlivingtech or any other laboratory or manufacturer who actually makes it like them and you will see that not all colloidal silver is made the same.

    I know most people don’t care to read or do their homework and go find the correct info, so let me share a bit here.

    Colloidal silver is not natural it is made in a few different ways to achieve the nanoparticles’ size.
    Colloidal silver does work on bacteria, virus and other organisms but it does not cure 650 different things and it is not a cure all treatment.
    Colloidal silver has charged nanoparticles of silver which are actually ions because charged particles are called ions and in the case of metals they are called cations.
    I said it is not natural and its because in order for the nanoparticles to stay suspended in the water they need an electrical charge which if it happens in nature it would be very rare, otherwise we find it in nature.
    Colloidal silver has a color (this one is a bit more technical so look for those companies I mentioned for the explanation) the summary version is light hits the nanoparticles and we get their color and the color changes with the concentration of silver and the size of the nanoparticles.
    Size of the particles is important because different sizes act differently.
    and the list goes on.
    I do have Searle book and a few other books, you can google them and read them too, but if you don’t have the time or don’t want to, read what laboratory colloidal silver is and then make a smart decision about which one you are getting, otherwise you might end up like papa smurf who made it at home with his make-at-home kit.
    Best wishes to all!

    I don’t know if I am supposed to include the links, so just in case, here they are if I do:!characteristics

  • billh

    Does anyone need some extra colloidal Silver ? I hate to see it go to waste…I made too much for my use…its free…to good home…

  • billh

    I conducted an experiment between my homemade Colloidal silver that I made on two different occasions, using AC/DC voltage and maintaining less that one milli-volt of current. I have no way of testing their effectiveness, and or it’s purity, as I cant afford to send them to a laboratory for testing. I feel reasonably sure that by comparing my samples to two known laboratory controlled samples of over-the-country Silver samples,

    that I can get a reasonably accurate evaluation of my homemade samples….The two best or highly recommended Colloidal Silver Samples that I used are …MESO Colloidal Silver @9PPM and ASAP10 Colloidal Silver @5ppm. One should be able to get a general idea as to the quality and purity of the strength of my two homemade samples.

    The experiment is designed to give me an insight to the effectiveness of my homemade Colloidal Silver against two widely known laboratory approved Colloidal Silvers samples using “time duration of spoilage” of fresh whole milk as the measured basis of proof. My first Silver was made (11/22/2014) took about 6 hours to complete and settled out later at 16 PPM with a very, very, slight tinge of yellow…almost clear….while the other home made sample (2/17/2015) took slightly longer at about 8hrs and settled in later at 10PPM and remains completely clear. the ASAP10 PPM is 5ppm and the PPM of the MESO sample is 9ppm. The base against which I tested my samples was in the use of “fresh whole milk” . I used 5 standard shot glasses filled almost to the top with fresh cold fresh milk, insured that the glass containers used, were clean and dry. Plus, the glass containers were all at the same cold temperature as the whole fresh milk when I removed from the refrigerator to start my experiment. Each shot glass was filled with the “cold fresh whole milk” straight from the refrigerator, I then added 2ml each from my personal samples (2115) & (2014) to two milk samples and also 2ml of the ASAP10 silver to one milk sample and 2ml of MESO silver products to a glass of milk. Nothing but cold milk was placed in the “control milk sample” final shot glass. Then each of the milk samples were place on a (room Temp) shelf and the experiment was begun, and logged the results on a daily basis. The results were totally unexpected and is as follows


    After only a day and half…36hrs standing at room temperature the mike in the MESO sample began to clabber and sour….and after 48 hrs…the milk in the MESO sample completely separated into a blob. After only two days 48hrs, the Milk soured and clabber….and after 50hrs the milk separated completely into a blob.

    So far after 7 full days the ASAP10 and my two experimental samples (11/22/2014) & (2/17/2015) continue to be ….just milk.. with no sighs of deterioration. I ended the experiment with the ASAP10 as I spilt it on the 7th day…..but will cont with my two homemade samples and will post the final results as the milk in them clabbers…

    Actually I think I could drink from any of the three on the 7th day before I spilled the ASAP10 Sample. There was no foul odors coming from the three, and still no indications of the milk breaking down from any of them. On day 8 the 2015 milk sample finally began to clabber and spoil but (preserved the milk for 7 full days) Of the 2014 milk sample it remains just that ….milk after 10 full days Oct 2, 2015 – Oct 12, 2015 @ 2:30pm, still no signs of congealing or even an odor….my 2014 sample has out done even the “store bought” over-the-counter samples. I will watch this last sample pouring it from glass to glass to find the exact time my silver preserves the milk without spoilage.