3 Simple Truth about Health —A Pharmacist’s Perspective


I’m excited to be part of the Natural News blogging team. I am a pharmacist, and author of Off Balance, The American Way of Health, A Pharmacist’s Perspective on Why Drug’s Don’t Work.  I’ve watched my customer’s health slowly decline over the years even though they are taking more and more medications!   My goal is to not only show people the limitations of doctors and drugs, but also to inspire people to search for better solutions. For my first article, I am sharing A Pharmacist’s Perspective about 3 Simple Truth about Health that most don’t understand.

1 – Drugs don’t heal.

They make you more comfortable by suppressing symptoms. Meanwhile, the disease continues to progress. For example, many people with diabetes take several medications which work to lower sugar levels in the bloodstream. But there’s only so ways to “deal’ with excessive sugar. These medications don’t save patients from the complications of diabetes, although they may postpone them. Patients still often struggle with complications such as heart disease and  blindness.  Many people often need amputations due to poor circulation. If someone is taking medications for diabetes, they should not feel “safe.” They should work to reverse the diabetes with lifestyle changes and safely taper off their medications as soon as possible.

2 – Sometimes listening to your doctor is the worst thing you can do for your health.

In my book, I wrote about Storm Cole. She was a 22-year-old dancer and athlete, and was suffering from low energy and brain fog. Storm felt terrible and tired all the time. She did her own online research and believed she was struggling with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. She shared her findings with her doctor that she had known her entire life. Her doctor  laughed and commented that he had chronic fatigue too and isn’t that funny?

In fact, I interviewed eight people in my book who healed themselves from health conditions their doctors could not treat. Their conditions included chronic pain (20+ years), Tourette’s Syndrome, addiction, neuropathy, and even cancer. These individuals were able to heal themselves and then changed their lives and professions so they could help others.   Several of the people I interviewed would be completely disabled by now had they had listened to their doctors.. It is important to know the limitations of your doctor, so you can better understand when the doctor can best assist with your health care needs.

3 – True Health is Going Back to Basics.

For true health we must take into consideration body, mind, spirit.   Equally important is nutrition, detoxification, creating empowering thoughts, and releasing negative emotions. People depend upon doctors and pharmacists to be their health care practitioners.  Doctors and pharmacists are only trained to provide pharmaceutical drugs as a solution to all health conditions and diseases. They are no longer trained in the basics of health—however their patients depend upon them for all their healthcare needs. This creates a very dangerous situation where people take several pills every day in effort to do the best they can for their optimum health.


The standard treatment model for most Americans is to go to a medical doctor when you are sick, get a prescription for a medication, pick up the medication at the pharmacy and get a drug that is covered on insurance. This is what is considered the standard healthcare in our society. And this is why Americans are getting sicker and sicker while pharmaceutical companies are making huge profits. There is so much more to true health.


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Dr. Leyla Ali has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years. She has discovered that long term prescription drug use causes the health of patients to worsen over time. This inspired Dr. Ali to write her book "Off Balance, The American Way of Health, A Pharmacists Perspective on Why Drugs Don't Work". Her goal is to encourage patients to seek alternative and holistic health care options.