10 Ways to Detox from Heavy Metals and Pesticides


A lifestyle which includes a balanced diet, regular exercise and good hydration definitely supports a healthy mind, body and spirit. Sometimes, however, it is simply not enough. Exposure to environmental toxins like pesticides and heavy metals iis unfortunately inevitable in this modern age. So detoxifying the body with some of the methods listed below can reduce the risk of damage from environmental exposure.

1. Add Beets to the Diet.
Beets support the body’s natural detoxification system by providing calcium, zinc, magnesium, and iron. They are also rich in Vitamins B3, B6, C and beta-carotene, which stimulates the liver and gallbladder and increases the production of bile, a natural bodily cleanser.

2.Increase Water Intake
This is probably the single most important lifestyle change to make to really cleanse the body. Water helps to flush out and excrete bodily toxins and generally makes all the body’s systems worked more efficiently.

3. Bathe with Kaolin Clay
Take a bath in water containing kaolin clay is an easy and relaxing way to help remove toxins from the body. The clay is particularly good at the absorption and elimination of pesticides.

4. Supplement with Pantethine
This biologically active form of Vitamin B5 is useful for opening areas of blockage in the body and allowing for a free flow of nutrients to areas that have been clogged with the by-products of pesticide build-up.

5. Consume Activated Charcoal
Taking 20-30g of activated charcoal daily is also an excellent detox method. It binds with pestcides, heavy metals and other toxins and helps with their natural removal. Follow-up with a small amount of molasses when the charcoal treatment is over in reccomended for restoring minerals to the body.

6. Reduce Dietary Meat and Dairy
Reducing meat and dairy or purchasing organic meat and dairy is important. This is because conventionally raised animals are often raised on feeds, etc., that are GMO-rich and avoiding this is a good step towards overall health.

7. Increase Citrus in the Diet
Citrus fruit contains pectin, which aids in natural detoxification and is especially valued for its ability to remove heavy metals while still leaving the trace minerals which are so essential for good health. In addition, grapefruit in particular contains a special flavinoid which is beneficial for the liver.

8. Eat More Fiber
A high-fiber diet truly is one of the ways to help support improved digestion and liver function. It helps push toxins through the digestive system and takes a load off the liver to allow it to perform optimally.

9. Include Garlic in the Diet
Adding garlic to the diet is, unsurprisingly, an excellent way to encourage detoxification. Garlic does this by increasing the body’s ability to produce white blood cells which form an active and important part in the destruction of disease-causing pathogens.

10. Create Alkalinity in the Body
Eating an increased amount of organic fruits and vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables, causes the body’s pH to alter and become more alkaline. This can help to cleanse the liver, skin, bowels, blood and other bodily components that are active in the detox process.

These are all simple detox methods that do not require any expensive equipment or ingredients. However, they will help reduce the risk of long-term and potentially serious damage to the body from pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins in the environment.

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  • Meital

    Great tips! But what about one of the easiest ways to detox heavy metals – Infrared light therapy?

    It's effortless and you simply sweat out toxins while relaxing and reading a book or watching TV…I use it at least once a week and it's incredible.

    You can see more about it here: http://www.natural-alternative-therapies.com/how-

  • JesYogGerBud323

    A very good article. 😀

  • Ejo_Gortner

    It seems that lately there has been a lot of talk about heavy metals and toxins being sprayed by chemtrailing. After extensive research this is insanely true. The term our world leaders that are doing this is Geo-engineering. They are spraying nano particulates of Aluminum and Barium oxides over our heads and yes, it does fall to the ground.There are other components also being released. This is so alarming. Please look for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf0khstYDLA.
    I have been detoxing for a while now using Essiac Tea which does a great job of removing heavy metals from your liver, cleaning your blood and building your immune system. After trying many different companies, I found that http://www.reneshealthytea.com has fantastic tea for a very fair price. Other companies sell 1.7oz of dry powdered tea for around 40 dollars. Rene's healthy tea sell a better blend for 8.95 for 4oz. Please look into chemtrailing and act ut, spread the news, you will be in shock to see how diabolical this really is. God Bless, ejo