15 Ways to Flatten Your Belly

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Belly fat is the bane of most dieters, but unfortunately – as you probably already know – is one of the more difficult places to firm and tone up. There are, however, things you can do to help lose weight from this area. Fifteen tips for firming up your tummy are listed below.

Girls’ Time on the Track
Suggest a weekly walk-and-talk session with your girlfriends so you can both catch up as you’re getting fit. If you have a walking buddy, you are more likely to stick with your program as we

Keep up with Cardio
If you are really after burning the belly fat, aerobics are still the way to go. They burn 67% more calories than strength training and will tackle even problem areas like the tummy.

Ramp Up the Fiber
For every 10gms of fiber you eat daily, your body belly will carry nearly 4% less fat. Great sources of fiber include fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, and cereals like bran flakes.

Order First
Don’t be afraid to be pushy and order first when at a restaurant. This will generally mean a shorter wait time before your food arrives so you will not feel like you are starving and overeat.

Wipe the Windshield!
Lie face up with arms extended, palms down, and legs bent at a 90 degree angle so your feet are off the floor. Keeping abs tight, lower your right legs to the floor, keeping shoulders firmly planted, then raise leg up again. Repeat with left leg and do 20 reps.

Vacuuming actually provides a great workout for your tummy, especially if you tighten your abs while you are doing it. You will get a cleaner house and a slimmer waistline!

Beware of the Salt
Too much salt in your diet will cause you to retain more fluid and contribute to water weight. So watch your salt intake.

Indulge in Avocadoes
Avocadoes are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids which stop the blood sugar spikes that can lead to more belly fat. They also are easy to work into anybody’s diet.

Skip the Soda
The calories you get from these fizzy drinks usually wind up on your belly. Try sparkling water or unsweetened iced tea instead.

Avoid Alcohol
Too much alcohol in the diet can raise your levels of cortisol, which can send fat straight to your belly. Opt for virgin drinks and you will save a ton of calories.

Kayaking is loads of fun but also provides a great workout for your abdominal muscles – and your upper body, too!

Eat Sunflower Seeds
Sunflowers are also a great source of monounsaturated fats and adding them to your diet is as simple as sprinkling them on your lunchtime salad.

Tummy Tuck
Tucking your tummy in while you walk or do housework is a simple way to help tone muscles while you go about your day.

Get Fishy
Salmon and other fish are good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which also help you in the war on fat. Try to get several fish servings a week.

Good hydration keeps your whole body functioning better – including your metabolism. You also need more water if you are working out.

Following these tips is not difficult, and it can really pay off in the form of a firmer, tighter belly!

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  • martin fano

    Simple…..good diet, no crap….no GMO, no CAFO meats, no processed foods, limit sugar intake….High Intensity Interval Training and last Intermittent Fasting….and yes it works….forget idiot diets…If your food intake is a mess..like the average Americans is…..fast foods and drink as many calories as you eat….then you need to change your LIFESTYLE..not go on a diet! Lifestyle changes are for ever…diets are very temporary.You either pay a bit more money for quality organic foods..or pay Big Pharma a lot more for your Obesity / diabetes drugs..for life..and enjoy a lower quality of life as a result…and "check out" 10 years before your time. No Brainer!

  • tommy tootone

    ………."several fish servings a week………??? I don't think so.

  • Karim Khan

    good diet

  • SavvyLiberty

    Don't forget the blueberries!

  • guest

    im sure surprised that not listed is a parasite cleanse! it most certainly should be on the list, don't you think??

  • echod

    Keep up with Cardio
    If you are really after burning the belly fat, aerobics are still the way to go. They burn 67% more calories than strength training and will tackle even problem areas like the tummy.

    I'm not sure where you get your #'s…. Weight training or HIIT has been shown to be more effective in shedding calories than running. The other thing is as well, when you weight train or HIIT you are still burning calories after you are done. With running, when you quit running you quit burning calories.

    • riri

      Hey wats d name of d herbal pms? I nid it as well for my tummy. Thanks

  • meh

    i'm surprised there's nothing on here about balancing hormones for women… a herbal pms supplement helped me lose 10lbs straight from my belly area. avoid cereals and eat more protein; the fewer the carbs/starches, the better.

    • riri

      Hey pls wats d name of d herbal pms u used? I nid it for my tummy asvwell. Thanks.

  • Adam

    Half my body weight, in Fluid Ounces of water……daily…..seems to have helped me drop 80+ pounds in 2 years……

    at 197 lbs……I drink 98.5 fl, oz. of water per day……

    YES, I still drink coffee, pre-workout supplement before my workout. The only thing that gets counted as "water" is simply water…..

  • Helen

    My problem with this article is not the content, it's the image of an underweight body portrayed as the ideal. No wonder so many women have a poor self image.

    • Tyler

      Doesn't look underweight to me. Maybe the lower end of healthy weight but definitely not underweight.

  • ShEila


  • Chatic

    Hmm…I don't think that image is of someone who is underweight. My guess is she is close to the lower end of her ideal weight. Of course, with so many people being overweight these days, I can understand why you might come to that conclusion.

  • Very nice tips, i really enjoyed by reading, a lot of helpful informations about get a flat belly, thanks for sharing!

  • Mama

    Why should anyone have any more weight on their body than the image portrayed, she looks healthy and perfect.

  • Great tips, really enjoyed by reading, thanks for sharing!

  • cis

    Do NOT get your belly pierced!!! That leaks vital energy ("qi") and stops your belly from being flat… forever more.
    Even the picture above shows a non-flat belly (on what is otherwise a slim lady).

  • We all knew that kayak fishing was hard work. But who knew it was good exercise!

  • Mere

    The same BS suggestions …..i do 100's of sit ups n cardio but my belly is not a 6 pack coz it's in my genes ..they shud mention dis too…doughnuts

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  • John Peter

    nice tips to flatten your belly. These tips are not difficult, and it can really pay off in the form of a firmer, tighter belly!

  • nameless

    In my opinion, “tummy tuck” is a bad idea. Majority of us already are shallow breather, we do not “fully” inhale. We need to relax and let our stomach “hang” so we can take in deep breath, basically trying to mimic what babies do naturally (this will also (likely) help lower stress hormones and blood pressure)

  • Shonda

    This article is sexist and kind of dumb. I don’t mean to be offensive, but seriously, the first two suggestions are nearly the same suggestion. And why hit the track with your girlfriend? Because you’re assuming your readers are females that don’t have self esteem. These suggestions are uneducated, or written by a small child.

  • carolina giannini

    really good recommendations! Like walking 2 miles per day on a hill makes wonders with your legs, thighs and butt! Also making 40 squats per day helps to reduce your waistline!

  • seekless

    Bunny hops up a large staircase is the ultimate.

  • Margo

    Thanks for your recommendations!

  • Good recommendation! Thank you!

  • Megana

    Wow!!! your article was very helpful to flatten our belly. You have mentioned easy points to avoid and to get rid of it. But tummy tuck will help us to make fast to flatten our belly and if we go for good surgeons, tummy tuck is best what i feel to have flatten belly within few day. I have read this from theNewyou.

  • Besides aerobics, are there any other cardio suggestions?

  • i think Alcohol is very bad for health. We should not use Alcohol as so much quantity. and tummy track is good for fit.

  • Is this enough or need to do more exercise also to get better results? I think, just dieting is not enough to get better results.