A Woman Removes Her Makeup and the Internet Reacts in the Most Horrific Way


A YouTuber, My Pale Skin, decided to remove her makeup and posted pictures of herself on social media. She then created a powerful video documenting the reactions. This is unquestionably one to take a few moments to watch and then share.

Just goes to show that people are too judgemental and cruel. I personally rarely wear makeup anymore, but I understand the stigma that goes along with both flaws and going to great lengths to cover them up. Lately, my favorite phrase for all of this going on right now — from this to gay marriage and the Confederate flag — is “glass houses”, which some have misinterpreted as personal attacks. It is not. It only means that NONE of us are perfect. We ALL have flaws, and the sooner we stop judging one another, the better off the world will be.

Have you ever experienced anything like this? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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  • AlphaLady777

    When the phony MASK falls away– the horrible truth remains open for all to see. The “American Dream” of lies is shattered and people are shocked and horrified by reality. Wake up world — the DIVINE is here!

    • Mel Possehl

      It’s a perpetuity of perfection via photoshop. I think we should just embrace who and what we are and all of these people living in glass houses thinking they are perfect really need to turn that glass into mirrors!

  • Eva

    I hate masks. Please let us be ourselves, the way we are. Beauty comes from within, from beautiful thoughts.

  • Danny-Leigh Hill

    She looks beautiful with and without makeup , Shame on anyone who thinks different !!

  • Tammy

    Social media is a terrible trap. I happily shutdown my Facebook account and I am free! Free as a bird now…and this bird you cannot change…. Namaste Beautiful!

  • W Hughes

    I applaud this girl for actually removing the toxic stuff from her face and bearing all for the world to see. And, incidentally, the break outs she had were probably from wearing the toxic stuff for so long. I think that as time passes and she uses organic, natural cleaning for her complexion and has a healthful diet and drinks enough pure clean water her break outs will clear up. And if they don’t…she’s still a beauty! And, by the way, when the SHTF and all the make up and hair dyes are gone…then what will we ALL LOOK LIKE? :-[ I won’t look any different because I haven’t used make up and hair dyes for many, many years…and don’t intend to. Just think about us then as being “au natural.” 😀

    • aholidaychef

      I completely agree. I used to joke that my body was confused because I was beginning to get fine wrinkles yet at the same time would have a few pimples. I started cleaning my face with ACV then followed that with either a high quality olive or coconut oil to moisturize. MUCH better!

      • Amarind Benning

        Bentonite clay works wonders for acne, too! AMAZING STUFF!

  • Kurt

    A few tweaks to her diet and I bet that acne would be under control. She’d feel better on the inside and out and wouldn’t need the makeup.

  • Amarind Benning

    I think this woman is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL both with AND without makeup. She is a creation of the Most High and that in itself makes her PRICELESS. Each and every one of us was created with the love and care of God, priceless, purposeful and precious in His eyes, fearfully and wonderfully made.

  • Amarind Benning

    For the blogger who posted this…Nina, thank you for bringing this to our attention. It made me cry. Thank you!

  • Brenda

    Vitex and maca balance hormones. Eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables. ….flush out excess estrogen. Organic as much as possible. Do a liver cleanse. Hesperidin for allergies. …….use hydrogen peroxide as a facial toner…..calemine pink lotion will dry it up overnight.

  • chuckmi

    Social media is mostly filled with rude, immature teenagers. Ignore them.

    I think she is beautiful.

  • Dave Clark

    Acne isn’t a life sentence, there are a bunch of natural cures for acne, not to mention the ones advertised on TV. She is naturally beautiful, a bit of trial and error with the aforementioned and acne will be a thing of her past.