Why Grains Are Good


Grains Are Good!
A diet rich in whole grains can prevent heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Research Proves this. Amongst the many scholars out there who have done this type of research, (one of them being Harvard Women’s Health and Tufts University, Academic studies written by Flight, Clifton, Hardin, Cheng, Witte and Richardson have all proven that a diet low in refined foods and natural whole grain can significantly decrease the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke. Because there is a lot of media hype today surrounding grain consumption and ill health; my job in writing this article is to prove them wrong with scientifical evidence that consuming grains are just as healthy (if not more) than consuming raw fruits, vegetables and unprocessed whole vitamins.

Going against the grain (no pun intended)
Numerous sources, including my own Natural News.com, claim that diets thick with grains are supposedly unhealthy for you: block arteries, cause ultra-high sugar levels contributing to Diabetes (Scisson, 2007) and finally my personal fave, contributes to increased colon cancer risk (Monastyrsky, 2008). At first this author was skeptical, but decided to do a little research on her own. What was discovered was not really surprising; a little less than half the research I’ve found contained justifiable evidence for the anti-grain crusade and the rest is just fiction. These studies were taken from well-respected journalists who published their findings in some of the finest academic sources in the world, including magazines and journals. These findings conclude the more grain consumed, the better the chances one is at attaining and maintaining good health. And the kicker to this is; it is backed up with scientifical evidence (Gee, go figure. What a concept, eh?)! Not only is it claimed a well balanced diet in unrefined whole grains is actually good for you and your health but is actually backed up by hard, factual scientific evidence throughout years of testing, documenting and researching human study groups. Many scholars claim after numerous studies that a diet rich in whole grains can significantly decrease the effects of coronary heart disease, particularly a diet balanced with soluble fiber and insoluble fiber grains such as oat and wheat (Jacobs and Gallaher, 2004). In addition, consumption of grains have actually demonstrated inverse, or contradictory correlations to aggressive prostate cancer, particularly when consumed along with fruits and leafy greens as demonstrated in a study conducted Hardin, Cheng, and Witte (Nutrition and Cancer, 2011) . A cold cereal breakfast containing minimally processed whole grains can contribute to decreased risk of diabetes in women ages 40-65 as demonstrated by Women’s Health Watch in 1997.

Common sense goes a LONG way!
To give yourself cancer, heart disease, or any other type of illness from eating grains one must eat an overabundance of it for several years in a row several times a day to offset the wrong genetic chromosomes codes often leading to illness and disease (Such consumption can be made worse if the type of grained consumed is refined rather than whole). One pastry once in a blue moon or even a few times per week made by natural whole grains is not enough to do your body into the damage it takes to succumb to cancer, and avoiding foods made with refined grains such as white flour based bread, rolls and/or rice can significantly decrease your chances for ill health because less refine is easier on the sphincter region so therefore less polyp formation. So don’t panic and awaken the senses to what is healthy and sensible. And remember; too much of any one thing is always bad. Even too many collard greens like kale and spinach can deem toxic for your digestive system and body(Suzar ,1999).

Go for the grain!
Lots of good stuff exists about grains and a healthy diet if taken the time to really research and study, one can find that there are good sources circulating about grains and good health. While yes, there is plenty of well-written so called “research” out there bashing grains claiming them to be the bane to good health; one must take into careful consideration, the source itself and the kind of grained consumed. While many well educated health enthusiasts will agree that a diet consisting mainly of whole or refined grains is deteriorating to good health, it is important to back up such claims with reputable sources and take into consideration what type of study and research went into such sources to make them credible. Only then, can the public make such a decision when it comes to selecting whole foods (yes, grains included), for optimal health and well-being.

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