What Happened to Obama Era Of Mass Shootings Under the Trump Administration?


It has been horrific to watch all mass shootings in America over the last 8 years. Everyone has been traumatized by the images of carnage week in and week out. Have you noticed these mass shootings are no longer happening in America?

In any political environment, it is important to observe what is actually happening not just what is being said. This is an observation only. Considering all the Machiavellian possibilities. Looking through history, it would be naïve not to question the surge of mass shootings in the Obama era in this context.

Under the Obama Administration, mass shootings were up many times over any previous president. A constant bombardment of horrific incidents involving mass shootings was endured by the public during the last 8 years. It seemed every couple of weeks a deranged person was killing in mass. Hardly a month went by without these scenes being projected through the media. With hyperventilating commentary from mainstream media on how gun rights were to blameThe constant drumbeat of gun control as the only answer to stop the carnage. Obama himself saying this had become routine. Routine indeed as there was a mass shooting on average of about every 3 weeks. Some shootings in clusters and others further apart. Sometimes multiple instances in a row when certain legislation was being pushed. Always used to for political advantage.

Accompanied by ridiculous coverage ready to go by the mainstream media. In many instances, the killers were known to the Intel Agencies like the San Bernardino shooters and the Boston Marathon bombers. Yet the Intel Agencies were called off months before each incident. This has happened many times. Instead of talking about false flags, Operation Gladio, or the Obama justice department protecting their wind up toys from an investigation. Let’s ask a simple question. What happened to all the Obama Era Mass Shootings under the Trump Administration?

Mass Shootings under the Last Five Presidents

Ronald Reagan: 1981-1989 (8 years) 11 mass shootings
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 5

George H. W. Bush: 1989-1993 (4 years) 12 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 3

Bill Clinton
: 1993-2001 (8 years) 23 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 4

George W. Bush: 2001-2009 (8 years) 20 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 5

Barrack H. Obama
: 2009-2015 (in 7th year) 162 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 18

Source: List of each event by TruthStreamMedia

What happened to all the Obama Era Mass Shootings under the Trump Administration?

We are already well past the longest time without a mass shooting under Obama. Statistically, if these were all organic events, there would have been one by now. Under Obama, there would have been several by now. Sometimes week in and week out. Trump has been in office for 52 days as of the writing of this article. Not one mass shooting or terrorist attack. Canada had a conveniently timed shooting when the temporary travel ban was introduced but nothing in America.

Why hasn’t there been one of these attacks in America since Trump was elected? Perhaps without the lax oversight or outright protection of a corrupt justice department. These wind-up toys can no longer operate in the continental United States. In the most heavily surveilled population on the planet, it would be very difficult to pull off one of these operations if the government were actually intent on stopping them. These types of operations take money and coordination that is very detectable by Intel agencies.

Trump has instructed the Justice Department to focus resources on actual terrorists, not veterans and gun owners. Breaking up and disrupting plans that would have gone through under Obama. Bringing to bear all of the surveillance tools used on the American people to stop actual plots.

 Is this what we are seeing?

Now there is no clear political advantage is to be gained through such acts by the establishment, mainstream media or gun control advocates. If a mass attack were to happen, it would only bolster Trump’s calls for better vetting of immigrants, border security, and 2nd Amendment rights. So they stop. Very interesting. Of course, mass shootings and terror attacks will never completely end. Yet the suspicion is there will be much less under a Trump Administration. Just an observation that many may be thinking themselves.



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Why Have There Been More Mass Shootings Under Obama than the Four Previous Presidents Combined?






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  • ac05jn
    • 7LibertyForAll

      Fake “shootings”, fake “actors”, fake everything….all to take away Americans’ rights to defend themselves.

  • d j

    They were all false flags to get the guns, guess what… FAIL! NWO, your days are UP! And WE will NEVER turn in our guns, ESPECIALLY now. WE KNOW who you are, we KNOW where you are… Time is ticking , you better reverse course real fast, unless you want to face the wraith of a REALLY pissed off group of proud AMERICANS, You mistaken our patience for ignorance, you counted WRONG! Don’t press your luck!

    • 7LibertyForAll

      YES, YES, YES!!

      When people get their news from the lame/yellowstream media that have lied for decades and just as importantly, omitted and ignored real news of great importance, they are intentionally misled and continually brainwashed. When they all repeat the same words, newsroom to newsroom, that’s got to raise a huge red flag. The amount of attention focused on the “shootings” and especially the Sandy Hoax garbage showed them insisting that people must believe THEIR stories and were not allowed to basically think for themselves or question. There is SO much wrong with the fake event….start looking into it, peeling back the veneer and see the ugly truth of what really happened.

  • Deplorable Ralphwylie

    An armed society is a polite society. Baracko wasn’t named, “Gun Salesman of the year” for no reason. Patriotic citizens are now armed and ready to defend themselves. The Affirmative Action Presi-dunce and his TV Bigfoot are gone. There is peace once again. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eaa8681a8fec31f65258ff3604a15750cccb787fbf4e4892edb4a1ef8de61203.jpg

  • Snopes article. What a joke.

  • Piks Revo

    Makes sense to me – Obama’s ‘people’ orchestrated the brainwashed minions who killed for his political agenda.

  • rlhnkh

    The Muslims are settled down over fear of Trump deporting them.

  • SidCharming

    Unfortunately most of the ones of recent are false flag events… They are events to provoke the people to accept a more overpowering government in their personal lives. It sickens me that many are not seeing these for the fake that they are.

  • Der Golem

    Many of us suspected these were contrived events – like 9/11. Look at all of the inconsistencies just in Sandy Hook (Debbie Wasserman-Schultz) and the refusal of Connecticut authorities to cooperate (after all of their mortgages were paid off). We are all glad the chief Bolshevik was kicked out of The White House but those responsible should be made an example of if we don’t want a bad federal administration attacking its own citizens again or a rogue CIA killing a few Americans to disrupt the news cycle.

  • Simon Humphries

    I found this blog typing “mass shootings since Trump” great minds. As a forensic historian who do you think wrote the Protocols of Zion, Gustave le Bon or Huston Stuart Chamberlain?