Weight Loss Problems Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency


A new study revealed that those who have problems losing weight despite dieting and exercising may have a vitamin D deficiency. Earlier research showed that deficiency in this vitamin increased the risk of being obese and other related complications of obesity.

But it does not mean that vitamin D supplements should be recommended. There are no studies yet that can prove the effectiveness of these supplements in weight loss.

However, treating vitamin D deficiency may help in losing more weight and in inches. But it should be accompanied with a low-calorie diet.

Obese or overweight individuals suffering from this type of deficiency may be able to take advantage of vitamin D supplementation to facilitate their weight loss goal. This supplementation may also enhance the effects of following a significantly reduced-calorie diet.

Experts do recommend getting vitamin D levels checked first before supplementing with this type of vitamin. It also does not mean that obese people should take large doses of this vitamin or other supplements. It is important to remember that most individuals, including overweight people, are not vitamin D deficient.

This vitamin is also known as sunshine vitamin. It is called that way because the body will only produce it if the skin is exposed to the sun. This nutrient can also be obtained by eating food rich in this vitamin, like eggs, yogurt, salmon, cereal and milk.

Supplementing the body with vitamin D may help in stopping and preventing this deficiency. It may also enhance weight loss effects of a low-calorie diet program. If there is a need to supplement the body with this vitamin, the dosage recommended is up to 2,000 IUs.

Check with your doctor to know whether or not you have enough vitamin D in your system. Your level may be low if you have limited exposure to sunlight or if you have dark skin. Following a vegan diet may also result in vitamin D deficiency.




Janey Danes
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