Treating Ebola with Homeopathy


Natural News was made aware of a blog post that seemed to recommend a highly questionable method related to Ebola prevention. The blog post has been removed pending further investigation, and the blogger is under review. Natural News does not condone any member of the public attempting to interact with Ebola, a very hazardous biological threat.

RELATED NEWS: Ebola vaccine to be manufactured by criminal drug company with felony record

Ken Oftedal
Kjetill Oftedal, a Norwegian by birth, physicist, systems analyst and homeopath by education, multilingual at an early age--a result of being raised in the U.S., Norway and the Dutch West Indies--has lived and worked in various professions in a number of European countries and the U.S.
Kjetill Oftedal has worked as a sailor, salesman, night guard, electrical engineer, North Sea offshore engineer and in the Sahara; tutor, high-school, adult education and university teacher; director of personal enhancement training institutions in Spain and Portugal; systems analyst, computer programmer; classical homeopath, multilingual translator, webmaster, managing director of a school and clinic of classical homeopathy he established in Spain.
While in Spain, he wrote a book on the subject of electrosmog--a much neglected and often purposefully ignored health hazard of the current technological civilization--for the Swiss company Smogly, and, lately, he has authored a book and web-based courses on classical homeopathy.
Kjetill Oftedal is the author of "Family Homeopathy and Survival Guide," a practical self-learning book for household use, which he is translating into Spanish.
Kjetill Oftedal has always been interested in the unusual, mystical and occult, leading him to write a number of esoteric short stories, some of which are published in "Nine Dewdrops," available from Amazon as a Kindle eBook.
He lives in Caracas, Venezuela with his wife Xiomara, where he writes and runs the International Homeopathic Web Clinic and Avila School of Classical Homeopathy.

Director of the International Homeopathic Web Clinic and the Avila Clinic and School of Classical Homeopathy in Caracas, Venezuela. Author of the e-book "Family Homeopathy and Survival Guide."

Former director of the Iberian School and Clinic of Classical Homeopathy in Estepona, Costa del Sol, Spain and Gibraltar.

Founding member of the Spanish Association of Classical Homeopathy (Asociación Española de Homeopatía Unicista) approved by the ECCH (European Council for Classical Homeopathy).

  • Void

    Please don't do this. This is how Ebola spreads.

    • rcasha

      It's also how natural selection works.

  • Tom

    I can't believe the irresponsibility of this advice: Take… "An Ebola sample: some spit or other disease product, such as blood, from a person infected with Ebola".

    If you don't mind, I'll let you go first.

  • Lazslo Toth

    You never actually got to the part where you provided us with evidence! All you said is "they've worked for over two centuries," which is probably the same thing somebody would say if they believed in dowsing or astrology. I'm not saying there's nothing to homeopathy. But if that's the best reasoning you can offer us, an empty assertion, I'm not likely to get any MORE convinced by reading this article, and I am still VERY concerned that you would recommend this to treat a deadly, highly contagious disease like this. You're putting more than just the faithful at risk.

  • James


  • Madeleine Innocent

    I think it is irresponsible and dangerous to tell people how to treat serious disease with homeopathy. Most likely they will select the wrong remedy, dose incorrectly, with the wrong potency. Then when they don’t get better, they blame homeopathy, rather than their inability to use the remedies properly. If they then die, their relatives try to blame homeopathy.

    I really can’t see the problem with seeing a practitioner. Home prescribing is great and I am all for it, but not for really serious things and not for those who know nothing about what they are doing. Then there is desperation, which further complicates the issue.

    • Alan

      Homeopathic solutions are water. Nothing but water.

  • Scott

    Satire, very funny, very funny piece of writing. It has to be satire, right?

  • thedaillew

    Insanely irresponsible. A surefire way to help ebola spread. You may as well try treating the disease by putting a loaded gun in your mouth and pulling the trigger.

    • Sedona

      You would get better results with the gun…

  • Charlie

    So if you suspect someone you know has contracted Ebola you should go out and get a sample of Ebola to cure them with. This is so far removed from common sense it is staggering.

  • whatsamattayu

    For those who have been following actual information about Ebola at the CDC or WHO there is no mainstream treatment or cure for Ebola — just intravenous hydration as supportive therapy. If the hospitals are swamped or there is a major outbreak, you will be quarantined in your house with no help from the mainstream whatsoever.
    Have to wonder at the intelligence of people commenting about "spreading Ebola" from making a Homeopathic remedy that will contain no active virus when prepared in the way the writer suggests. They clearly have no clue about Homeopathy.
    Quackpotting about people endangering themselves when they're already on the road to fatality is complete idiocy.

    • banda

      Well said, and I 'TEND' to agree, but can you be sure there are no traces left of the virus after 30 dilutions???

    • Mini

      Are you crazy?! I must have missed the part where the water and alcohol in the bottle makes the ebola virus inactive. *Shakes head*

    • craig

      you are the ONLY one who truly understands how homeopathic-nosode really works. Also consider giving oneself a low voltage multiple contacts. I use 12 volts DC as it is readily available anywhere . google curing disease with electricity. Using both homeopathic-nosode (same thing as isopathic) AND low voltage electricity, one should come out of it ok. the other choice is to die pretty painfully. ALSO to understand the mindset of doctors Big PHARMA and hospitals, study DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN MD the scumbag doctor who started this whole mess of ORTHADOX MEDICINE. add Johnny d rockefellar and his stardard oil money and you see the big picture, BTW ol johhny was a big time personal believer in homeopathy.

    • Flint

      The thing about diluting a remedy, is you have to start with the undiluted sample in the first place.

  • loljustlol

    Also, is Ken really recommending handling Ebola without a level 4 biocontainment procedures and facility.

    Really guys, this is the worst advice in the history of giving advice.

  • Alessio Curri

    "During its more than 200 year history, homeopathy has proven highly effective in epidemics" any source material that is actual science? Example: double blind tests…

    • mpTHEGREEK

      Every vaccine is based on homeopathy considering it is the virus injected into you. Though the efficacy of vaccines is hotly debated.

      • Odd

        No, that is not even remotely true, a vaccine contain inert material from the virus, which the immune system then attacks, and is then well adapted later to encounter the real deal if you catch the disease. The woo quackery of homeopathy dilutes the content til there is no longer any trace of the content, but instead the magic shaking has made the water "remember" what was in it or whatever these idiots claim. it has no basis in reality.

  • Henry

    "Citation Needed"

  • ChristyRedd

    Homeopaths ARE in the 21st century. They use medicines based on quantum mechanics. Conventional medicine is obsolete because it's based on an obsolete model — Newtonian physics. The WHO states clearly that conventional medicine has NO treatment or vaccine for Ebola. People who say homeopathy should not be used in the case of Ebola are short-sighted and irresponsible. Cuba used homeoprophylaxis very successfully to eradicate leptospirosis. Homeopathy works and has a great deal to offer victims of Ebola.

    • KindofaPhysicist

      Christy, your reply is incorrect and I believe that you may be misinformed on the topic.

      Quantum mechanics cannot possibly be used for homeopathy. QM is a complicated mathematics model without much practical use in medicine today, as of now.

      In fact, the physicality of most medical interactions are NOT based on physics. Maybe in the future of nanomedicine, but not what we're taking today.

      Best regards – please read more about QM before boldly making such claims.

    • flint

      No, it doesn't use quantum mechanics. There is a good rule of thumb, that is if someone who isn't a physicist is trying to invoke quantum mechanics to explain something, they are just making it up.

      I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt though.I could be wrong and terribly misinformed. In such case, you you please show some of the equations, and explanations from quantum physicists used to explain how homeopathy works?

    • Idlehands

      Quantum mechanics huh!?! I've got to hear a homeopath explain the quantum mechanics behind their treatments. I'm guessing it must be an atomically small Super Mario running around bashing viruses with his hammer? Correct me if I'm wrong

    • alaskan expat

      Are you being sarcastic? Please tell me you are, or that you've at least taken a physics class (oh, and college-level chemistry) so that you understand that dillution and quantum entanglement are not the same things. Watching Fringe, Eureka, or Warehouse 13 (all fantastic entertainment shows) are not the same as an education.

  • Ian Robertson

    If we assume that each of our 30 iterations dilutes the amount of Ebola in the bottle by a factor of 100, then after 30 iterations, it has been diluted by 10^60. But an Ebola virus is not infinitely divisible. A drop of water contains about 10^21 molecules. Water molecules are smaller than most, and a virus contains not just one, but millions of molecules. But even if we assume it is enough for just one molecule of the virus to remain, there would still only be a one in a billion chance of that happening.

    In other words at the end of the process, all you are likely to have in the bottle is water. Not Ebola. Not even an "essance of Ebola".

    This isn't western vs eastern medicine. It's a simple matter of math and basic physics.

    • Sedona

      How do you ensure that the virus isn't clinging to the inside of the container… even after 30 iterations? Or the cap? My socks cling to my pants unrelentingly after taking them out of the dryer (static electricity – a crazy scientific concept).
      Here, try an experiment (I know – sounds like more science): take a container similar to the one you were about to create your Ebola elixir, place a few drops of oil. Stir. Shake. Rattle and Roll. Now dump the oil… in the same place you were about to dump the Ebola water. Now add water to your container. Shake. Stir. Do a one footed dance (you want to impart a special memory to that water). Now dump the water. Look at your container. See the oil film on the walls? Not diluted. Get it? It has to do with surface tension. Not titrations. Ebola virus might stick to the walls of the container. The water around it will not dilute the virus. Hydrate yes.

      • Sedona

        Dear Delores,

        Do explain how Homeopathy actually works. More precisely explain water memory.

        Dr. Do Little.

      • Chris

        It's no good reasoning with people who essentially believe in magic…

  • Old Woman

    Thank you for this information! Obviously you will have to keep it from the type of idiots who just posted.

    • NoMoreNonsense

      Yes, because the herbal and "magic" remedies that most Africans believe in ( and what the escaped ebola paitent believed in when she ran amuck before being captured again) have TOTALLY HELPED.

    • AkosuaEva

      Actually, there are about five vaccines and at least one treatment in development for ebola.

      • Actual Scientist

        I didn't have to get any further than the title `When Will We Have a Vaccine for Ebola Virus?`! The big word there being WHEN….as in not yet… in "in 2-6 years"!

  • helps4hardtimes

    Great article! I agree 100% with the well reasoned serious comment by whatsamattayu. Fortunately, there are 500 million people in 80 countries (10 million in the UK alone) that support the use of homeopathy. Why? Because it is effective, inexpensive, non-toxic and has no adverse side effects.

    • Jimmy

      Except not working

    • Actual Scientist

      3 out of 4 isn't bad….its inexpensive, its non toxic and has no adverse side effects but unfortunately and most importantly it isn't effective!! Just as much chance as being cured with Evian, Buxton or Pecham Spring.

    • lala

      suggestions: one could also google the Following: frequency zappers … ebola EVD or Marburg MVD hemorrhagic fevers, viral … I myself would probably also TRY the following: MMS…I just read they made a test w. colloidal copper …wormwood tea or tincture … salt water … a BioMat on high heat (a cold virus dies in a hot or feverish body) … vit 'C' … etc etc … something is better than nothing !!

    • Shashi Mohan Sharma

      Thanks for your wise comments.
      People are dying without any treatment and if there is no help from other medical sciences, then why not take Homoeopathic Treatment. I advise all to see a properly qualified and experienced Homeopath.
      I am sure that Homeopathy will help save some lives.
      I offer free advise and treatment to any one suffering with Ebola Virus.
      Mr Shashi Mohan Sharma
      Registered Homeopath.
      Slough – UK
      E-mail: [email protected]

  • midwestlady

    Darwin still lives.

  • PaulHurst

    If you are going to attempt this as a preventative, do please send all your details in advance to the organisers of 'The Darwin Awards' so they can spell your name correctly.

    The relatives of anyone you may subsequently infect may also want details of your next of kin to pass on to their lawyers…

  • rcasha

    Why not get as many homeopath professionals as possible, charter a plane and go there where the outbreak is thickest, with your ebola cures and start curing people? You don't need to bother with face-masks either, just take a glass of homeopathic ebola cure before departing. That way you'll ensure that the ebola cure is correctly prepared – PLUS you'll be able to test its effectiveness.

    • matt p.

      The government is actually stopping colloidal silver from being sent to Africans so WHO UN etc may want this. Hence CDC's patent on Ebola and royalties they will receive from any vaccine. Google it if in doubt.

      Here is the link where the Governments ban the shipment of homeopathic drugs. So maybe if the governments allowed it Homeopathy would be used to treat these people. Since Doctors are doing so well coming home sick with Ebola. If you can't even cure yourself or keep your self well you may as well not go.

      • Odd

        And if homeopathy actually worked, do you not think every doctor would use it? Why go through all the fuss with special transport planes, quarantine and all the trappings of modern medicine if all they had to do was slosh some water around in a jar?

  • Mr.WHY

    "… many examples of successful homeopathic treatment in various kinds of epidemics."

    Claims, not examples. And unverifiable claims, since nearly all of the epidemics in Goddard's slide-show PDF took place in the 19th or very early 20th century. Regarding her claims about polio, Goddard fails to mention that in 99% of the population, polio is asymptomatic, meaning only 1% of those infected with the virus become paralyzed and die.

    It is curious that Goddard doesn't provide very much at all in the way of verifiable information, which would be necessary for her arrived at conclusions, preferring, it seems to drop-names, quote claims made second-hand, and throw-out numbers without proper citation.

    In her claim about a 1974 meningococcal outbreak in Brazil, her "Ref. British Medical
    Journal, 1987:294‐6" citation isn't really a reference at all, as she fails to provide a journal number. Page 294 of the 294 issue of the 1987 British Medical Journal is about vitamin a supplements and measles, without any mention whatsoever of Meningococcinum prophylaxis.

    Honest mistakes on her part? Perhaps, but she's had plenty of time to make corrections and not done so.

  • TropiChris

    Makes about as much sense as all homeopathy "cures"…

  • Sus

    Go demonstrate the magical healing powers of your snake oil on yourself, why don't you? -_-

  • Heartbreak

    love how they took this down and then then had to add "RELATED NEWS: Ebola vaccine to be manufactured by criminal drug company with felony record" At the end.

    • Tim

      Same here. I'm not surprised at all though. Nobody likes to be wrong, but there are plenty of people, and groups of people who share a certain belief, that don't handle it very well.

  • Maltese

    Kind of reveals how much faith the pseudoscience types really have about homeopathy. If they really believed in it, they should have no problem with the process being applied to deadly diseases like Ebola.

  • sanford943

    Any one who follows this advice is an idiot

  • 20c

    Its been taken down!! can anyone repost it somewhere else ?

  • Desiree

    READ your history. Read what happened with the flu of 1812. Homeopathy was really the only thing that was working . They had the highest prevention rate and treatments. We will be seeing more and more old diseases surface. IT seem irresponsible not to learn from history.
    Double blind studies are blind to the fact that they are looking for ONE result, not the total picture. If the side effects of the drug kills people, they don't care, as long as what they want to see is in the study, they use it. People are so arrogant, what they do not understand, they just close their minds to.

  • Delores

    For all of you idiots who put your trust in professional big pharma poison companies that are bringing you to your own early demise with all of your pills…pills…pills that don't do anything except prolong your ignorant reality…swim in your own ignorance. The only reason this wouldn't work to cure a person and with a slightly different approach vaccinate a person is because your pharmaceutical medicines have so distorted your own DNA that nothing natural would work. In Africa this would work like a charm because they can't afford the poisonous drugs coming from the usa.
    Don't tell me about your so-called studies on homeopathic remedies. They are nothing but self-designed, self-fulfilling prophecies that are designed mechanically to feed your overwhelming egos and your underwhelming knowledge of the human body. Do the research, make your own remedy…test that.
    In the mean time take a look at your attitudes around the sacredness of human life. If it were your own child you would be better served by a Homeopathic Physician than by all of the other very intelligent so-called doctors who don't have a CLUE.

  • cia parker

    I thought it was good advice. Obviously if you are in a position to get a sample of Ebola virus, you are in a dangerous enough situation that it might be a good idea to make your own homeopathic remedy. This is how they make vaccines, as well, using a minute quantity of the pathogen. In this case you'd be succussing, pouring away nearly all but the drop that sticks to the bottom, filling with water again, succussing again, and on and on for thirty times. There would not be enough of the virus left to hurt you, but the solution should have the energetic vibrations that could save your life. I've used homeopathy, and it has worked for me and my family miraculously well.

    • sedona

      Please explain energetic vibrations. What do you mean?

  • Grumpdoc

    Given that Ebola victims have, at some point, undoubtedly had contact with the Ebola River and that the river (eventually) empties into the Atlantic, the vast body of the Earth's oceans ought to provide the most potent serial diution available and hence the most powerful homeopathic remedy for Ebola viral illness.

    There you have it. No need for homeopaths, the CDC, isolation or travel restrictions.

    Just swallow some seawater and you'll be just fine.

    • sedona

      Unfortunately all those fish in the oceans have absorbed the energy vibrations of the cure. They are now immune. 😉

  • Homoeopathy Rocks!!

    Trained Homoeopathic Practitioners/Professionals should assist in the fight against Ebola. We need to try everything we can to stop it. Not necessarily above mentioned treatments, but let the professional Homoeopaths try because Homoeopathy has proven itself invaluable during epidemics before… not knock it till you have tried it…..but keep it for the Professionals!!

    • sedona

      Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • drshivaniverma

    There are many reasons we choose and use homeopathy first. These are a few of the basic reasons using homeopathy is common sense for millions of us world-wide:
    Homeopathic remedies have no known toxic side-effects in over 200 years of use. For more details please visits bellow URL