Top 6 Fruits for Diabetics


It is essential for people who get diabetes to control it on time as diabetes may lead to long-term damages and cause many health issues, such as eye disease, heart disease, hearing loss, kidney disease and even skin problems. Study from American Diabetes Association found that till 2020 almost half of Americans will suffer from diabetes.

Knowing the normal signs of diabetes is the first step in combating it, people who are suffering from diabetes are easier to feel thirst, fatigue, need to urinate more often and may feel pain in the hands, legs or feet.

A healthy diabetes plan together with exercise, enough sleep plays a big role in treating diabetes, and fruits with high vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are effective at managing blood sugar to help those with diabetes. Check these top fruits for diabetics:

Guava has many characters which make it a good choice for people with diabetes:
-Guava has a high concentration of lycopene – an antioxidant that helpful in maintaining the blood sugar level
-Guava is rich in dietary fiber, which helps lower the risk of getting type 2 diabetes
-Guava contains high level of potassium, makes it does better at maintaining a healthy blood pressure

Eat one guava without the peel or drink a glass of guava juice daily can reduce the sugar absorption in the blood to help you control the blood sugar levels.

This sweet fruit contains chemicals anthocyanins, which help to boost insulin to control your blood sugar levels. This chemical is found in lots of foods, including red grapes, vegetables, berries, wine and tea, while the biggest insulin effects are existed in cherries, such as strawberries and blueberries, the anthocyanins inside of them help lower blood sugar by increasing insulin production by 50% around.

Pear contains anthocyanin which may prevent people getting diabetes, and rich in different types of vitamins, including vitamin A, B1, B2,C and E. The high level of fiber help to improve digestive health to promote a healthy weight for you, keep a healthy weight is not only with a lower chance for diabetes, also help you to lower cholesterol, improve heart health as well.

Oranges contain high levels of vitamin C, fiber, minerals while not high in natural sugar, and oranges are also with a low glycemic index to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. And the high content of fiber can help you to control your weight, and it’s known that overweight is one of the most risk factors for diabetes.

Eat oranges directly rather than orange juice for a better result in treating diabetes, as the juice is with less fiber content inside.

Grapefruit has a low glycemic index of 25 and high in vitamin C as well as soluble fiber, makes it listed in one of the top recommended superfoods for diabetes by the American Diabetes Association. And lots of studies and researches have found that grapes have extraordinary components that make them great for overall health.

Experts suggest eating a half cup of grapefruit everyday, rather than drinking the juice, will help maintain your blood sugar level.

“An apple a day keeps diabetes away”—A research by the British Medical Journal showed that eating whole fruits such as apples was “significantly associated” with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.Apple contains good amounts of fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C and flavanoids, all of which may lower the insulin requirements of diabetics by 35%.

Plus, one medium-sized apple a day may help prevent heart disease as well as reduce the risk of getting cancer.

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I have written articles on various physical and mental health related conditions, including diabetes/ heart disease/ autism/depression/Nutrition/fitness/diets/fad diets/herbs/alternative therapies/weight loss/obesity in children and adults/smoking risks/alcohol risks/fast foods/disease….

  • The Brahman

    A renowned diabetes specialist told me that for people with Diabetes, half a glass (= 32 FL OZ) of pure squeezed tomato juice or lime juice is safe and best.

    • L Robertson

      Brahman, a glass is considered to be 8 ounces, therefore 1/2 a glass would be 4 ounces not 32. 32 ounces it a QUART (1/4 of a gallon).

    • BlythewoodSpirit

      32 oz = 1 quart.

    • Curt

      1/4 gal = 32 oz
      1/2 glass = 4 oz
      I suppose it makes a difference.

  • Leamonade

    I wish "Diabetes" articles would differentiate between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, that would be helpful for us parents who have children with T1D. As an example, are cherries helpful at all for kids with T1D? They don't have a working pancreas so it won't improve insulin production by 50% for them. Anyway, good article but just some feedback to Natural News when it comes to diabetes articles would be to either differentiate or at least acknowledge when it will work for both versus just Type 2.

  • eyelostmyname

    Well, I eat plenty of those and I still suffer from diabetes.

    • Sylvia

      This is most likely written for those with pre-diabetes.



    • eliotdennis

      Why are you qualified to criticize? It isn't "Where's your degrees?" but "Where ARE your degrees?"

      The writer has probably accomplished more research in the subject than most doctors, who get almost 0 training in nutrition.

  • TobyT

    Make sure you aren't taking any cholesterol medications like statins and eating grapefruit on top of it. The grapefruit interferes with the effectiveness of the medicine since both use the same pathways in the liver for processing.

    • citygirl

      Toby is right. Most diabetics take statin drugs. Grapefruit is a huge no-no.

    • juicygraham

      I think that I would trust grapefruit more than any statin drugs though. Oh I discovered that diabetes is a possible side effect of my friends statin. ! Hmm. Makes you think, doesn't it?

  • Citygirl

    Sounds like they consulted with Dr. Oz for this list of foods. (yes, I'm being facetious – sounds like fruit he would push when some of this is bad for diabetics. But it all depends on the individual – oranges have a tendency to raise blood sugar levels. Grapefruit is bad if you are on a statin drug (which most diabetics are).

  • MJD

    Pears (and bananas) have the highest fructose (sugar) of most fruits. This article does not point out the significance of high glycemic load of diabetics eating fruit. Although most fruits are simple carbs, it is imperative that after eating fruit you work it off via activity. A moderate portion of fruit is going to skyrocket your sugar load otherwise. Please be more thorough in your reporting as to not mislead.

  • arnan

    The grammar could have been better.

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      The grammar definitely needs help. This article is hard to read.

  • LeAnn Robertson

    Who wrote this? The grammar in it sucks. I am definitely interested in the information, but when fragments and phrases are not correctly connected, much of the meaning is confusing. No one says, "… as the juice is with less fiber content inside." It would read better if it said, "as the juice has less fiber content."

  • Molly

    This was either poorly translated into English or the writer should take up another profession! I could barely follow the poorly constructed sentences. ". . . while the biggest insulin effects are existed in cherries, such as strawberries and blueberries"–what?

  • Scott

    The key to keeping your blood sugar under control is to eat very little carbs, I wouldn't recommend more than one or two pieces of fruit a day, as all fruits has carbs.

  • Madge H

    Disagree on some of the fruits. Might as we'll be eating sugar cubes than grapes – really messes up blood sugar levels. Might just be me but a handful of grapes and I'd be off the chart!

  • Floyd Wilson

    Obvious that English isn't his first language. Or maybe it is the proof reader that needs help. To wit "as the juice is with less fiber content inside" should read "as the fruit does not contain as much fiber". Good job Yahoo. Some yahoo proof read this for sure!

  • Helen

    What? Drink Guava JUICE………….!!!!!! No diabetic should be drinking JUICE of any kind as the fibre that nature put there has been removed and it has no "brakes" to stop the sugar spike. PLEASE EAT WHOLE FRUITS ONLY. The fibre was put there for a reason.
    Healthy Helen

  • Thanks for the Top 6 Fruits for Diabetics post! Really helpful for my father!

  • Diana Baldwin

    This article, while helpful and informative, could benefit from an editor.