The Top 10 Toxins that are Poisoning Your Kids


From BPA, MSG, pesticides, environmental chemicals, household cleaners, toxins in vaccines and prescription drugs, our children are exposed to a huge amount of toxic chemicals. Toxins are everywhere in our modern society. They are damaging your child’s health and causing disease. How can you get these chemicals out of your children’s bodies and protect them? The first step is to understand where they are coming from. Then you can eliminate them and incorporate a healthy lifestyle that naturally detoxes your child’s body.

This article is Part 1 of 2 addressing the issue of toxicity in our children and what to do to detox them. It is not necessarily easy to rid your kid’s bodies of years of these stored toxins but it is possible. In part 2, we will discuss specific strategies and tips for detoxing.

Toxins and Childhood Health

The problem of toxic exposure has only increased year by year. My readers of more advanced years will remember a time when children were generally healthy and active. Today, however, there are more children who are sick and taking prescription drugs than there are healthy children. Certainly, there are many factors that contribute to this but the extreme exposure to toxins is a huge factor that you can control.

Nearly 12 million children in the United States under age 18 suffer from one or more learning, developmental, or behavioral disabilities.(1) We have seen ridiculous increases in the incidence of autism, ADHD and cancer in children. Consider these facts:

  • Autism rates were 1 in 150 in 2000. By 2008, the rate had increased to 1 in 88.(2)

  • From 2001 to 2010, the rate of ADHD diagnosis increased 25%.(3)

  • Cancer is now the leading cause of death by disease in children under age 15.(4)

My Experience with Toxicity in my Own Child

When my son was born, the doctors felt that my wife had an infection in the birth canal. If that were the case, it could be transferred to my son during delivery and cause harm to him. However, the only way to confirm the infection is a bacterial culture that takes three days to grow. As a result, my son was placed on ‘precautionary’, heavy doses of three different I.V. antibiotics for three days.

Well, three days later, the cultures came back negative – my son never had a bacterial infection at all. However, the three days of heavy antibiotics were not without effect. As a result of the antibiotics, my son is profoundly deaf. There is nothing I can do to restore his hearing. However, the experience that we gained over the last five years dealing with his deafness have been amazing. In fact, my wife and I write about those experiences at this blog: Seeing Life Differently.

Additionally, the antibiotics wreaked major havoc on his digestion system. It took at least three months to detox him from the antibiotics and restore his normal digestive functions. He endured a lot of discomfort and pain for three months all due to three days of antibiotic treatment.

He is now one of the healthiest, non-toxic kids I know. Since that incident at birth, he has never had need of any prescription drugs, including antibiotics.

He attends the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind – a public school serving Deaf and Blind children in all of Florida. Many of the children at this wonderful school live in dorms Monday through Friday. The school has a great medical clinic/health center right on campus.

On registration day, all the parents have to also check in with the health center. It was amazing to me how many of the parents – nearly all – checked in prescription drugs for their children’s chronic health conditions! Toxicity from prescription drugs alone is a huge problem for our children.

It seemed like we waited forever in the line for the health center. We simply had to let them know that he has no drugs, remind them of his vaccine exemption, and sign a health services form.

I thank God everyday for my child’s great health. It is not that he has great genes. It is that we have formed a lifestyle for him that produces great health. This is no easy task as a parent, for sure. But it is possible, even for picky eaters like my son and every other five year old kid!

Children and Toxins

The fact is that children are exposed the same chemical toxins as adults. However, children are more vulnerable to toxins than adults for several reasons.

  • Their bodies are still growing

  • Pound for pound children drink more water/juices, eat more food and breathe more air than the average adult which increases their exposure to toxins

  • The typical child receives 50+ toxin-laden vaccines before age 6(5)

Here are the top 10 toxins that our children are exposed to regularly:

  1. Mercury Fillings. The mercury in these fillings is slowly leached into your kid’s body everyday which causes long term neurological damage. This mercury exposure is made even worse by the other sources your child is exposed to from vaccines and other drugs.

  2. Toxins in Vaccines. Vaccines are not as safe as you may have been led to believe. I do not intend to discuss the validity of vaccines in this post. I would refer you to NVIC and for a full discussion of this important issue. However, please do educate yourself fully before deciding which vaccines and how many vaccines to give to your child. Regardless of your vaccine decision, they are filled with toxic chemicals that damage your child’s health and cause disease. Here are just some of the common vaccine ingredients – posted on the CDC website(6) – that may shock you:

  • Formaldehyde – also used to preserve dead things

  • Mercury (thimerosal), especially in flu vaccines

  • Aluminum – highly associated with alzheimer’s disease

  • GMO yeast

  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

  • Antibiotics (neomycin, streptomycin)

  • Human cells from aborted fetal tissue

  • Cells from pig and horse blood

  • Monkey kidney cells

  • Calf serum protein

  • Chicken embryo cells

  • Egg Protein extracts

  • Soy Protein extracts

  • Ammonium Sulfate

  1. Prescription Drugs. I discussed the problem with antibiotics that my child experienced. That was only scratching the surface. Prescription drugs are all toxic and inherently dangerous. ADHD drugs are especially dangerous and toxic. They belong to a class of drugs called amphetamines and are similar to street drugs like meth and speed. No parent would even consider handing their child meth. However, when a doctor gives you a prescription for a legal version of the same thing, unfortunately, most parents don’t even think twice about giving it to their kids every day. Even worse, more and more kids are being prescribed antidepressant drugs as well with devastating effects.

  2. MSG in foods and personal care products. MSG is everywhere. It is very toxic and results in many health problems. Read How to Avoid Being Secretly Poisoned by MSG to learn more about this important issue.

  3. Toxins in processed foods and fast foods. Have you thought about the amount of synthetic chemicals, preservatives, nitrates and artificial colors and flavors in the hot dog that you give your child for lunch? These chemicals are used in all processed and fast foods and are a constant source of toxicity.

  4. Toxins in Laundry products. These products may smell nice, however, the chemicals that create that fragrance are cancer-causing toxins. They are absorbed by your clothing and then absorbed through your skin and into your body.

  5. Toxins in shampoo and personal care products (soap, deodorant, toothpaste, etc). Have you read the back of your shampoo or body wash bottle lately? Chances are that you will not recognize 99% of the ingredients. Neither will your body when they are absorbed through your skin.

  6. Toxins in household cleaning products. Window cleaners state on the bottle that they are harmful or fatal if swallowed. Bleach will certainly cause grave danger if ingested. Though we don’t drink them, these chemicals are absorbed into our bodies by inhalation or through our skin.

  7. Pesticides in the home, food, and environment. We use pesticides in the home that get into our bodies by inhalation or accidental skin exposure. We consume produce and meat that contain ridiculous levels of pesticides.

  8. Soda pop. Both – depending on where you live – soda (and) pop contain high amounts of phosphoric acid which literally dissolves your child’s teeth and leads to softening of the bones as well. Not to mention the high fructose corn syrup causing toxicity, obesity and diabetes.

If you stop to think about all of these items, it becomes abundantly clear that our children (and you) are toxic! What can you do? How do you get rid of these toxins? We will discuss that in part 2 of this series. Look for it tomorrow.

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QuestionWhat surprises you most about these statistics on childhood diseases? What about the sources of toxicity? You can leave your comment below.

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Dr. Brent Hunter
My mission is to help you Achieve Wellness! I am a Chiropractic physician with a focus on delivering the principles of a wellness lifestyle to people of all ages. In my practice, this is accomplished through providing specific chiropractic care and whole-person wellness education.

Additionally, I am a husband and father of a Deaf son. I am passionate about the Word of God, building strong families, Chiropractic Health Care, Optimal Nutrition and Exercise, Deaf Culture and American Sign Language.

  • toxicfreewellness

    Great Insight! Thank you for Sharing Dr. Hunter!

  • laura m.

    I knew the environment was trashed in the 70's. Me and several friends and our spouses who are environmentally savvy, chose not to breed. We knew about over population and chemicals in foods, etc. Now it's GMO and toxic drugs, along with massive pollution and risks of sea foods. We are now retirees. Thereis zero future for the generations to follow because of corp. greed and apathy. Laura


      Sadly I believe that your views are very close to the truth, even more sadly for me and my offspring, I learned this too late!

      • Nothing can be late dear just be delayed for a while. I think we still have a time for this. thanks

    • Henrietta

      Wow – and centuries before it was the plague or the marauding vikings or the flu!

      The planet is a bigger organism than we are, it may well knock our numbers back to insignificant and if it does we will continue to try to survive because that is what life does.

      you need to watch more TED videos – solutions are out there, and mankind continues to breed and develop and screw some things up while solving others and yes there is greed but there is also kindness.

      • Jo

        Exactly, it is right to be angry, we have every right as we become aware of the choices the few had over the many. Choosing to not have kids is a responsible choice, but Mother Nature has an antidote to every poisonous chemical man can create. For example cilantro chelates heavy metals out of tissues and monoatomic gold can cure autism. Not breeding is a responsible solution, as well. I used to have the same sentient. If you do want to have biological children, please do not be afraid of toxicity and let that prevent you from spreading your seed. It is all about education, do everything in your power to keep first your vessel toxic free, even before you plan yo get pregnant. We can heal ourselves and the world with natural resources and lifestyle changes. It doesn't have to cost a lot. (Borax,baking soda, apple cider vinegar, community gardens, are exercise groups are very powerful positive alternatives to biochemical warfare.) A lot of people feel powerless, some in denial, and some ignorant. It is not anyone 's fault. We are all in this situation together. Pass the genocide articles, tips, solutions, and memes on social networking sites like Facebook, etc. if you are comfortable( imagine if Twitter existed during WWII, do you think the death tally of the Jews would be nearly as high?) Because there are so many of us and so few of them we have the power to stand up, make effective change. Excuse my grammar, too many neurotoxins 😉 peace, love, light & keep on fighting the good fight!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to give you all my support I understand we are the weird ones in some of our geographic locations, but if we don't stand up, who will?

    • Lewis Edward

      I came up with that decision in the late 60's when I saw the planet going down the toilet.
      I applaud your choice.

      As Franz Kafka said: There is hope for mankind, but not for man.

      Do not alcohol, aluminum, aspartame, caffeine, canola, chlorine, fluoride, cow's milk, malathion, mercury, nitrites, Nutrasweet, Neotame, tobacco, sucralose, sugar and vaccinations constitute biological and chemical warfare against us.

  • anon

    Polysorbate-80, squalene (an oil) and wild viruses are in vaccines. Vaccines are hideous brews, extremely hazardous at best. They will induce chronic auto-immune diseases and also break down the natural (inate) ability of the immune system. Examples auto-immune disease includes Parkinson's, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. Getting vaccinated means:
    1. You're naive/ignorant
    2. You routinely defer your power to authority figures
    3. You enjoy diminished health.

  • Raymond

    I watched a video yesterday about food additives-in particular on the 100 or so odd colours and flavours-they are all made from crude oil- the average person consumes two and a half litres per year, and they are all carcegenic,its a daily battle
    explaining to our 4 kids why they are not allowed coloured lollies-flavoured soft drinks and all the other mountains of toxic junk that's found in our supermarkets,its out of control,obviously population control is no longer going to be a problem,the new weapon is food! read the labels people. and grow your own where you can!

  • Bookworm95

    There are toxins everywhere – I agree. But some of what you say here is misleading. For instance, you write: "Cancer is now the leading cause of death by disease in children under age 15." If this is so, it is not necessarily because cancer rates are up among this group. It could also be because vaccines have eliminated or reduced the number of deaths by other diseases. Yet, you seem to see vaccines a risk to children's health. It could also be that more children are getting cancer now because more children are living past the age of 2 because of the success of vaccines. I think so many people forget (or never knew) that, as in so many developing countries today, children used to die of diseases all the time in this country. And you can say that it was because of poor nutrition or poor sanitation, but if you really look at the facts, at the numbers, it's hard to say that sanitation and nutrition has led to the low number of cases of many communicable diseases in the US in recent years.