Purple Cabbage Juice That Beats Hypertension, Cancer, Removes Toxins & Heals Gut Naturally


If you don’t like to juice green cabbage, try juicing the purple cabbage instead. Purple cabbage has a vibrant beautiful color when juiced and tastes quite sweet, unlike green cabbage which can be a tad more bitter. Cabbage is absolutely loaded with goodness. It contains powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s wonderful for heart health, helping to reduce cholesterol by binding bile acids in the intestine. The lactic acid in cabbage also acts as a potent colon cleanser.

This recipe is a master healer to the gut and digestive system, beats hypertension, prevent cancer and loaded with phytonutrients known to guard against cancer and cleanse your kidneys too.

Purple Cabbage Juice Recipe


3 plums
1/4 small purple cabbage
1 beetroot (beet)
2 sticks of celery
1 orange


Wash all produce well.
Remove the stones from the plums.
Chop the desired amount of cabbage; I used a small purple cabbage.
Peel the orange.
Juice ingredients.
Pour over ice and enjoy!

Why Are These Ingredients BENEFICIAL?


-Fight against infectious agents, counter inflammation and free radicals.
-Vitamin A found in plums is also known to protect from oral and cavity cancer.
-Eating three servings of this fruit daily can lower the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration.


-Beneficial to the digestive tract.
-Great sources of antioxidant and phytonutrients.
-Provides a fair amount of dietary fiber.

Purple Cabbage

-Purple cabbage is rich in these antioxidants which has also been found to make skin supple and clear.
-Purple cabbage is an alkalizing food. It helps regulate the pH in our system.
-Cabbage aids in digestion and elimination Cabbage can dramatically lower bad cholesterol and helps lower blood pressure.


-Rich in Vitamin C, B6, A, E, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc.
-Aids in digestion.
-Purify blood naturally.


-Super Antioxidant for a Long, Healthy, Pain-Free Life
-Beetroot ingestion can be one of the useful means to prevent lung and skin cancer.
-The betalains in beets have been used in certain treatments of depression.







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  • mangomuffin2

    Sounds great!

  • It must be noted, that beetroot is a SUPER effective way to reduce high blood pressure. The only catch with that is, that it must be eaten (or the juice drank) on a daily basis, as once it is missed the blood pressure can return to being high. I once tested this after having read about it online by not taking the pills I am prescribed for that. Replaced that with eating fresh raw beets twice daily. At each test my blood pressure was even lower than the meds were able to accomplish. Coupling some with red cabbage would obviously help considerably. I hadn’t known that red cabbage could so drastically remove high cholesterol, so I intend to try this recipe and see how that works out! Thanks for the information!

  • Just me

    What juicer do you recommend for maximal nutrient extraction?

    • BoBo Jones

      i love my Omega juicer

  • Anne

    I love the sounds of this recipe, but do you feel like that is quite a lot of sugar? Most recipes I have seen for juicing greens say go easy on the sugar which means only one piece of fruit. Just curious what your thoughts are.