Master Cleanse Lemonade – Modified!


The Master Cleanse was developed by Stanley Burroughs and published initially in the 1940’s with a reprint and revival in the 1970’s.

Both a diet for weight loss and a detoxification cleanse, it is done by drinking a mixture of fresh squeezed organic lemon juice, grade B maple syrup (as it has far more minerals than grade A), cayenne pepper and purified water. It is recommended to consume 6 to 12 glasses per day. It’s actually quite good.

The length of time depends on your own personal need as well as your will power. 10 days is recommended though some people do 30 successfully, and some go even longer.

Benefits of the cleanse:
-Gained energy and vitality
-Better regularity and digestion.
-Cleansing of the whole body, not just the colon.
-Can assist the body in stabilizing blood sugar and lowering blood pressure.
-Greater joint flexibility, less pain, better sleep, and better relaxation.
-A reduction of inflammation, pain, digestive disorders, and lethargy.
-A reduction of mucus in the body (less congestion), help with allergies, asthma, and acne.
-Creating a balanced pH environment that is less hospitable to disease.
-Clearer thinking for a healthier and happier disposition.
-Help with improving mental problems and depression.
-Feeling vibrant and looking radiant with glowing skin.
-Drug detoxification and a cleaner bloodstream.
-Improved sense of smell and taste.
-Help with past food sensitivities and food allergies.
-An enhanced immune system giving assistance with many ailments.
-Renewed taste buds with an appreciation and appetite for healthier and simpler foods.
-Conditions that generally respond well to fasting in general and a truly healthy diet are rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, asthma, lupus, uterine fibroid, colitis, headaches, and aging!
-Easily establish your foundation of will power to build powerful health!

On top of the ten-day cleanse it is recommended that you do an ease in and ease out phase, especially if you have not been eating particularly healthy up till this point. To do the ease in –

Day 1 is the Living Food Diet. On this day eat live foods – Fruit, Veggies, nuts, and so forth. Eliminate processed foods, meats and dairy.

Day 2 Juicing, blending, soups and broths. This helps prepare your body for an all liquid diet while still providing nutrients.

Day 3 Fresh orange juice (2 liters) and of course good clean water.

Day 4 Start drinking the master cleanse lemonade mix.
This begins your 10 day cleanse phase.

With the standard cleanse, no food is consumed. All of your calories are derived from the lemonade mixture.

It has been stated that weight loss on this diet/cleanse is 1-2 pounds a day.

Morning: Lemonade mixture

Lunch: Healthy. Vegetables, salad or light sandwich, soup, your choice really. Just make sure to pick something healthy and preferably organic. Most days I also get dessert – café latte and an organic cookie, brownie or such.

Dinner: Back to lemonade.

Doing this I am not at all hungry. In fact I think I may stick with this permanently. I feel great, my energy level is up and in 6 days I have lost 5 lbs. That isn’t any less than expected if you do just the lemonade by itself.

Sarah Barendse
Writer | Graphic Designer at Sarah Barendse Creative
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  • Guest

    What are

  • Calysta Steve Gerhar

    What are the measurements of the ingredients for the lemonade mixture?

    • Dwayne Mortenson

      How to Make it:

      2 Tbsp Lemon or Lime juice (approx.
      ½ lemon or lime)

      2 Tbsp genuine maple syrup (not
      maple flavored sugar syrup)

      1/10 Tsp cayenne pepper or to taste
      (liquid cayenne works the best; about 3 to 5 drops)

      8oz Water (spring or purified)

      • ZivaPuppy

        Maple Syrup should be grade B for the Cleanse or you can use Agave Syrup… 8-10 ounces of water is good…

    • Heather Nicholson

      Not everyone looses weight, I lost 3 pounds in 10 days and it all came back with the first regular meal. Surprise! Sure felt good, my hearing became better, my eyes much mush more clear and skin was dewy and beautiful.

  • Abey Witecka

    The whole point of this Master Cleanse is to have ONLY liquids. It is actually not hard and even pleasant (I did for 13 days and not want to stop!). Absolutely not coffee, solids, cookies, sandwiches, etc. Just lemonade. Ideally, rest and relax. Ideally, meditate. You will get more peaceful and clear headed. Important: in the morning, take saline solution or detox tea to help with the elimination of toxins. Also, important is to have some form of mild exercises, to prevent muscle loss (from lack of protein intake). No need to prepare before at all, unless your diet is really conventional. I just "jump- started" the lemonade cleanse.

  • Rita Osswald Prescot

    i did this cleanse and i almost colapsed, so be careful!

    • John Kiefer

      the diet worked great for me, will do it again.

  • Kristine

    could you use raw honey rather than maple syrup?

  • As far as I know, no.

  • Let how you feel be your guide for sure….

  • Maria S

    I did this for 18 days. after the first three days of misery I felt better than I'd ever felt in my life for the next thirteen days. For the last two I felt exhausted so I took the hint that my body was done and started to juice back to food recommendations. It is VERY important to dink the full quantity described in the booklet since you do need the sugars and minerals proved.
    The second time I did it was only for 8 days but I wasn't being careful to get the total amount every day. I crashed on day 8.
    I will be doing it again soon, and every year as my full cleanse. Although I have never been successful with the salt-water part of the cleanse, the rest of it has been perfect for me.

  • Maria S

    Great advice. I only do a couple days of preparation if I have been eating meat or dairy in any quantity. I found the first couple days were easier – less of a headache. I also found walking, gentle yoga, and meditation are very helpful.

  • Tom Woloshyn

    Hi, you have not described the Master Cleanse but a very distorted version of it, I have done it about 1500 days since 1979 and knew Stanley Burroughs personally, please read "The Complete Master Cleanse" to do it right and understand how and why it works.

    • Melanie Evans Martin

      You are right Tom. The lemonade drink is not the whole cleanse. I have seen a lot of people do more harm than good by only doing the drink and not the rest of the cleanse. Like breaking the fast with pizza and not following any other of the cleansing protocols of the cleanse. This is misinformation in this article. Natural news has posted a lot of misinformation. Check sources people.

  • gowidow66

    Yes. I've also used Molasses, because I'm a diabetic. I've also used a combination of lemons & limes and make a whole day's worth at a time. It works just the same as making it hour by hour. I take the lemonade on the hour and drink 8 oz. Spring water on the half-hour. I stayed on it for 40 days and SHOULD have continued until I lost all the weight I needed to, but listened to "friends" who frightened me into stopping. It took a couple of years, but all the weight I lost, is now back on.

  • Lynn

    I have done the Master Cleanser. I do not see the salt water wash included here. I feel that was a very important step to remove all toxins from the system.

  • Margaret Sm

    Yes, I have did the lemonade diet and is the the process of going on the diet again, this new diet I would'nt want to try because it says not to eat solid food while on the diet which could cause death if not done. correctly, be careful. It has help me I believe in it I've been doing since 2006.

  • Avibha Anand

    Hi! Thanks I was looking for sth like this! How much lemonade do you drink at breakfast and dinner?