Lemon with Garlic Mixture: Perfect for Clearing Heart Blockages


When you think of garlic and lemons, you might think about using them for flavoring fish or making a homemade vinaigrette. But these pungent, potent foods also have health-improving properties. One way in which garlic and lemon may be helpful is by increasing the health of your arteries. When the level of “bad” cholesterol is too high, it can build up on your artery walls. This decreases blood flow and can put you at risk for heart attack or stroke. While there are medications to decrease bad cholesterol, natural dietary changes, such as eating more garlic and lemon, may benefit you as well.

Lemon with Garlic Mixture: Perfect for Clearing Heart Blockages

Method #1


  • Lemon juice 1 cup
  • Ginger juice 1cup
  • Garlic juice 1 cup
  • Apple vinegar 1 cup
  • Mix all and boil for half hour, or until balance of 3 cups.
  • Let it cool, then mix 3 cups of natural honey.
  • Transfer to glass bottle and keep in fridge.
  • Every morning, before breakfast, take one tablespoon.

Method #2


  • 6 peeled lemons, cut into small pieces.
  • 30 cloves garlic, chopped to small pieces.
  • Put in food processor or blender, top up with adequate water, and blend.
  • Pour into pot and add 2 litres of water.
  • Bring to boil and simmer for another five minutes.
  • When cooled, sieve the liquid and transfer into glass bottle.
  • Discard the residue.
  • Store in fridge.

Directions for consumption:

1. First Dosage: Drink 50ml each day for three weeks.

2. Then stop for one week.

3. Second Dosage: Drink 50ml each day for the next three weeks.

You may repeat this treatment every 6 months.


Method #3

Place 3 lemons and 15 cloves of garlic in food processor or vitamiser. Top it up with water (If you want you can add a little sugar for taste) and then vitamise.
pour into a metal pot. Then repeat the process with the other 3 lemons and 15 cloves of garlic. Finally was the vitamiser out with another litre of water and pour this also into the pot.

Bring the pot to boil, and then simmer for five minutes. Pour through a strainer, and let liquid drain into another pot. Finally when all the liquid has drained into the pot, leave it for some time to cool.

When it has cooled use a strainer and funnel to pour into bottles.

Note: give the mixture time to drain through the strainer. And do not keep the slurry from the strainer. Simply throw it away.

You should finish up with (About 3 to 4 Litre Bottles Quantity). Store in fridge. NOTE: DO NOT USE PLASTIC BOTTLES (Plastic bottles with filled warm or hot liquid can cause serious health problems), as plastic particles will leach into liquid in bottle. Use only GLASS Bottles to keep the mixture in.

First Dosage: Drink 1 standard glass each day for three weeks.

Then stop for one week

Second Dosage: Drink 1 standard glass each day for the final three weeks.

Repeat above every twelve months, or whenever you feel like it as long as you allow some time between treatments.

You can also warm the liquid if preferred, or even dilute it with water and ice for a refreshing summer drink. The lemons kill the smell of garlic on your breath. The secret of the mixture is it’s easy to prepare, and inexpensive to make up.

Alijuina Herw
Alijuina Herw is a passionate, tea-loving, nutritionist, herbalist , who believes in the healing power of nature. She help people find out what their goals are, then coach them to use their own resources to improve their health and happiness. She like to see her as a very holistic nutritionist, herbalist that you can trust for the best advice and service for your health.

  • Jairam Relwani

    This is very informative. I appreciate ur efforts.

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  • Linda Canto

    Thank you for all your information. It is the best natural news I ever did read. Be well…Happy New Year.

  • One of the best and informative post on this topic thanks a lot for sharing

  • This is beautiful, thanks for sharing a little bit of your world!

  • Cin Hus

    This would be great if you have a problem that needs to be addressed immediately, but it’s only treating symptoms, not the cause. Why is the cholesterol there? Because there are tears in the artery walls. You need to repair the arteries and stop using table salt. I wish the article went on to discuss this further!

    • Laszlo Makrai

      You can’t be serious about the table salt… Why is it there you ask ? Well how about McD’ and good ol’ burgers and french fries and all the preservatives etc. Do you think all those additives are not working after we ate the food ?
      All the restaurants use frozen half-ready food. They buy it from large manufacturers like Cisco and warm it up, cook it a little, add their own spice and charge the usual 3-4 times the price. Most people eat 2 types of food – restaurant or fast food and frozen food at home. Both are full of crap.
      If you buy raw food and make it yourself – the chances are less to have any problems. Its not foolproof because if you use anything that is not clean but made to last long by adding additives and preservatives then you almost at the same shoes. Growing your own veggies and fruits and having your own animals are not always a solution either. What does that chicken ate ? Processed food or corn ? Was the corn an organic and natural or just a corn full of chemicals and pesticides ? Its a vicious circle. We can not escape the fact that we have to eat to live. I think the old roman saying is where the truth is.
      we should follow their saying – Eat to live and not live to eat.

      We do have to eat but we don’t have to love eating. It is a necessity but we should only eat what we absolutely need and when we need it. Anything more and our body just starts to pile up the excess and there the trouble starts.

      • Cin Hus
        • Cin Hus

          There is a difference between table salt and Redmond’s Real Salt, Himalayan Salt and Celtic Salt! Table salt has been stripped of minerals which will cause health problems and deficiencies. I’m fully aware of Food as our best medicine and let our medicine be our food!

  • Fay

    My husband’s heart surgeon said that it was sugar that was the cause of the build up on in the veins.

    • Laszlo Makrai

      sugar and salt – sure. not the double cheeseburger ? Not the french fries ? Not the food that is good for 6 years without being frozen ? Like the yellow American cheese ? I haven’t heard of a cheese that can be edible for more then a few months until I saw that. Its label says contains zero percent cheese. What does it contains then ? But a better question is, why are we eating it ?

      ALL we eat causes it. Every single food portion we eat is bad for us somehow.
      All the salad eaters never think about whats the purpose of the leafy plants in life ? To filter stuff out of the air. They collect pollen, dust, radiation, etc. So a salad is essentially same as eating your a/c filter. Yuck. Yet people eat it. It stays in a stomach for 72 hours as a human stomach can not easily digest it. It contains about 2% useful stuff for a human. 2 % is what we use from it. If we are lucky.
      Sure if you eat vegetables all day long you won’t have arteries full of grease, you will die from something else. Like weak bone structure, not enough protein so your hearth muscle will weaken, your brain will have no power, etc.
      Humans are carnivals – we need meat. Lots of it. But we need to maintain balance in diet and in most everything in life. Don’t just drop a sugar and think you will live forever.

  • Anita Gupta

    Can we drink this remmedy {Lemon with Garlic Mixture: Perfect for Clearing Heart Blockages} in summers? As it is considered to be hot in nature