Juice that Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 1 week

These Following recipes will help to reverse your Type 2 diabetes in 1 week, especially when these juices are combined with the Death to Diabetes plant-based Super Meal Protocol; and, you avoid eating pasta, rice, potatoes, corn, and processed foods made with flour, wheat, gluten, sugar, corn syrup, and partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats).Spinach and Celery JuiceIngredients:
3 Handfuls of spinach
2 celery stalks with leaves
1 carrot
1 green apple
1 cucumber (optional)Directions:
Wash and peel the carrot and green apple and remove the apple seeds.  Juice the carrot and green apple together with spinach and celery.

Note: Carrots and lemon contains potassium which can help to counter balance the high sodium levels associated with high blood pressure and hypertension. Carrot is a good blood regulator and is excellent for helping eye problems in diabetics.  Spinach contains calcium, beta carotene, vitamins A and C, which provide multiple health benefits. Celery is rich in potassium and magnesium which are again so essential in the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure.Celery contains sodium and minerals that help to regulate blood pressure. Green apples contain mallic acid which helps in bringing down your sugar level.

Brussel Sprouts and String Bean Juice

10-12 Brussels sprouts
2 cup string beans
1 cucumber (optional)
1 peeled lemon

Juice the Brussels sprouts, then, the string beans, then the lemon.
When completely blended, stir.

Note: The Brussels sprouts and the beans supply you with key minerals and energy through the creation of vitamin B6 and are a great source of insulin.

Spinach, Celery and Parsley Juice

2 Handfuls of spinach
1 stalk celery
1 Handful of parsley
3 carrots
1/2 green apple

Juice 2 carrots first, then, the spinach, parsley, the celery, and the last 2 carrots.

Note: The potassium, sodium, and other minerals will help you manage your blood glucose naturally and will also help to lower your blood pressure.

Health Tip: Instead of taking a drug such as a diuretic (i.e. water pill) to lower your high blood pressure, try a vegetable that acts as a natural diuretic, i.e. asparagus, cucumber, parsley, lemon juice.

Watercress, Tomatoes and Parsley Juice
6 sprigs watercress
1 handful of parsley
2 tomatoes
2 apples

Cut the apples into wedges and remove both the core and the seed.
Place all ingredients into a juicer and blend well.

Note: This is a great heart healthy juicing recipe effective in helping to prevent heart disease and strokes. It has been found that daily consumption of green apples or apple juice can greatly lower cholesterol levels that are the causes of inflammation and plagues the blood artery walls and greatly increasing the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Tomatoes contains lycopene which can help in reducing LDL which is the bad cholesterol by at least 10% if consumed daily. In fact consuming 1/2 liter of tomato juice daily can help to protect against heart disease. Watercress is packed full of beta carotene and antioxidants which are crucial in reducing the risk of heart disease, cataracts and certain types of cancers.

Note: If you juice regularly, make sure that you are not replacing your “super” meals such as steamed vegetables, whole raw vegetables and green, leafy salads with juices. Juices should be used primarily as a complement to your meal — not as a replacement. (However, a green smoothie can be used as a replacement meal because it contains everything that’s in the meal including carbs, fats, proteins, water, and fiber).



jeery park
She is wife, mother and natural health advocate. After a number of close relatives got cancer, she left the corporate world to pursue their passion for health and wellness awareness. She brings a wealth of writing talent and a background in natural health. She enjoy reading and writing about all things related to exercise, nutrition, and healthy living.

  • Anelda

    Being pre diabetic and later type 2, I got frustrated with all the diabetes management programs, after reading a lot of news articles saying diabetics we're able to reverse diabetes I started feeling more positive about it all and subscribed in a lifestyle plan to reverse diabetes and I'm surprised that after 2 weeks I already managed to drop blood sugar levels and expect to have a better a1c result soon, I found the article below if anyone have the same conditions, thanks for sharing the article more people should be aware that diabetes is a reversible condition.

    • charlıe

      true.dıabetes ıs a reversıble.ı dıd last year.looked after myself.force myself lıl exercıse few tımes a weeks.results are great.ımportant ıs,eat enough daıly.get rıd of whıte bread.have brown bread.and try to eat small portıon every 2 hours.

    • John

      My A1C was to high so went on a strict smoothie and vegetarian diet for 2 weeks, A1C went down to normal ranges in that time. Never had to take any meds.

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    Is there a link to the death of diabetes protocol? And how are we suppose take these juices? Daily?

  • Chelle

    I started juicing and drinking a green smoothie daily. In July my hemoglobin A1c was 11.7, by October it was 6.8. I took no medications, but did (and still do) check my glucose levels twice a day. Type 2 diabetes can be reversed with the right diet and exercise. I am proof of that!

  • ammar kayani

    Read this articale regarding diabetes type 2.

  • Vicky

    What do you do re insulin and oral medication if you cut out carbohydrate and drink these juices. Do you stop taking the medication ? If you continued to take medication you would suffer hypo's.

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    Great information I am going to start my juicing tomorrow, also follow the diet guidelines

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    Hello, My A1C is 6.1 I do take meds should I take my meds or talk to my Dr. are just go for it? I don't check my blood suger just every 3 months with the A1C. I eat what every i want my A1C has been 6.1 for about 9 years so what do y'all think?

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  • Rita Singh

    I m taking insulin 4 time a days. ( short term acting & long term acting insulin)
    I m 29 age….my A1C is 14….I got frustrated of my high sugar.
    So, I m going to start my juicing tomorrow.
    Then after 3 months I will check my A1C .then let u know.

    Plz any suggestions for me.