The Healing Power of Colors


Have you ever wondered why lots of hospitals and schools utilize the color green in their paint and décor? Deep green is known to invoke a calming effect just like blue. Physiologically speaking, exposure to the color green can help stimulate better blood flow which is good for healing bodies in the hospitals and for keeping the mind well nourished and therefore more alert and receptive whilst in school. But how about the colour pink in maternity wards you might ask. Light pink, just like green also has a soothing effect and may help increase the release of oxytocin, a hormone that facilitates bonding and a feeling of safety.

There are many more examples of the healing power of colors and their uses, but the point is, it is very easy to see how the use of color in many forms can help people feel better, especially if the source of the color has other healing properties like mica.

Mica in Cosmetics

If you have been paying attention to the world of cosmetics, you may have noticed that the use of mineral cosmetics, especially those made with mica has been gaining wide popularity these days. Aside from being hypoallergenic and non-comodegenic, mica has other health benefits and not just on the physical level.

Mica in Focus

Do you know that there is a theory that the origin of life may have developed from within mica sheets? Both the Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics and Discovery published articles on this. It is thought that the environment in between sheets of mica is the perfect setting for biomolecular components to join together and give rise to what we know now as cells. Over time, these primordial cells developed into more complex life forms such as you and me. It is also a fact that aside of the structures within the mica looking like cells, the potassium content within the sheets are exactly the same formula as those found within every living cell in the world. No wonder mica is so good for the skin!

Enough of the scientific big words, but do you see how well suited mica is as a safe source of pigments for both art and cosmetics?

The Grounding Effects of Mica

Categorised as a group of minerals, which also goes by the name of glimmer, mica has a long history of use for its reflective properties. In mysticism, it is used to help eradicate a person’s negative traits and dissipate negative energy such as anger, hostility and nervousness. Eastern medicine also uses mica to help align the energy meridians of the body and facilitate better energy flow, thereby producing a grounding yet stimulating effect – much like what you feel when you have finally come to decide what you want after a long period of thinking. Things become clear, you feel invigorated and with a sense of purpose, bye depression and the blues!

Unleashing the Power of Mica through Creativity

Now that you know how mica can help you physically, psychologically and metaphysically by giving you more energy, a clearer mind, and a sense of purpose, let’s talk about how it can help you unleash your creative juices as well.

It is not a secret that indulging one’s creative side has great psychological benefits, like increased self esteem for instance. When you know you can create things which are appreciated by other people, you feel empowered, and therefore happier – Quite an easy solution to add to the list of unusual ways to manage depression, eh?

It is not just the above, but making your psychological self happier and healthier will benefit your body as well. Creative people are happy people, and happy people have stronger immune systems, better toxin elimination system, live longer, and just overall livelier. It is really the perfect cycle!


Lana King
Lana King is the founder and the brains behind
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Lana King started her career in the cosmetic industry as Biotechnologist, but soon realised that her real passion was educating people about safe and fresh cosmetics.
It was her love of natural cosmetics and passion for inspiring people that lead her to write a book “10 Reasons to Swap Your Lipstick – The Smart Woman’s Guide to Better Lipstick Options”
In her spare time, Lana loves to create her own raw food recipes and practice yoga. She is also making plans to fulfil her dream of building a yoga retreat with a huge collection of books.