What Happened To My Non-Immunized Children When Whooping Cough Broke Out


By Toby Monte


My husband and I chose not to vaccinate our three children. It had nothing to do with Jenny McCarthy, as she was only six years old when our first child was born.

It was a decision that was consistent with many other health-related choices that I was making at the time. I wanted to have a homebirth, breastfeed, and cook a natural foods, plant-based diet for my family.

I, myself, was raised on the standard American diet (with extra sugar), and spent most of my childhood chronically ill and needing ongoing medical care. Despite the best treatment, my health never seemed to improve. Naturally, I wanted something better for my own children.

When I was nursing my babies and watching them thrive, the last thing I wanted to do was inject them with mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, monkey kidney, human fetal DNA, and other terrifying substances. The vaccine package warnings, which included anaphylaxis shock and death, did not entice me either.

Clearly, taking care of my children was going to have to be my responsibility, not my doctor’s. So I did the most important thing that I knew, and that was to focus on the quality of their daily food. Every day, I prepared organic whole grains, plenty of land and sea vegetables, bean and bean products, fruits, seeds, nuts, fermented foods, and some fish. There was no sugar, dairy, red meat, or processed food in my kitchen. My children rarely became ill, but when they did, I would bring them for acupuncture, herbs, or homeopathy.

I could not help but notice that many of my friends had very different attitudes on this issue. They did whatever the doctor told them to do, and would give their children over-the-counter and prescription drugs freely. Meanwhile, these same children were fed a diet rife with processed foods heated up in the microwave, soda pop, and ice cream. Something here was not making sense.

In the autumn of 1996, a fully-vaccinated boy in my son’s fourth grade class was diagnosed with whooping cough. I admit to feeling nervous. Why did he get it if he was vaccinated? Would my kids get it? Would I be in trouble for not vaccinating? Would some authority figure demand that I vaccinate my children, or even worse, force me to turn them over to the government?

In no time, we had a whooping cough epidemic in our town. One immunized child after another got whooping cough. Town officials started talking about closing the schools. Parents wanted to know, How could this happen? Shouldn’t the vaccinations have protected their children? Even the doctors seemed baffled and suggested that perhaps the shots wore off over time.

So, what happened to my three non-vaccinated children when our local whooping cough epidemic broke out? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. They never contracted whooping cough.

Why didn’t my kids get whooping cough? Probably for the same reason they didn’t get ear infections, mononucleosis, the flu, and many other things that infected so many others in our town. Children who are breastfed and grow up eating whole, unprocessed foods have strong immune systems, which have always been the best protection against all forms of disease. And no plethora of vaccines, pills, and potions can substitute for that.

The news media asserts that whooping cough breaks out in towns across America because parents are not vaccinating their children. But they are not citing as potential sources the millions of adults who were never vaccinated for whooping cough in the first place, and all the children and adults whose immunity from the vaccine has worn off (or never took). How can we combat this problem? Are we looking at regular booster shots for the entire population? Where does this madness end?

On the other hand, we have more and more parents who are questioning the effectiveness of vaccines, since so many of the children who have been fully vaccinated get sick anyway. When these same parents read the package inserts warning of the most horrible side effects from these powerful drugs, we can hardly blame them for thinking twice, and saying, No.

The best thing we can do for our children is to take greater responsibility for their health by strengthening their immune systems with proper nutrition and active lifestyles. Yes, it takes time and effort, but it makes all the difference, and what could be more important? Ultimately, it is this approach that is the greater service to the public good.


Toby Monte is a homemaker who works closely with her husband, Tom Monte, one of the most prolific writers and teachers of natural healing in the world.  Their website is tommonte.com.


  • Mama2boys

    I had the same thing happen to my kids. Non vaccinated in a whooping cough environment and they did not get sick. Someone should follow the health of non vaccinated children and see that they are by far healthier.

    • Cassandra

      The CDC and TPTB already know this. They are not stupid; just money hungry. There is nothing sacred to them as long as it results in financial gain. I had these same experiences with my non-vaccinated kids growing up. While all their friends were gulping antibiotics, mine weathered small infections naturally and never had any significant problems. Everything in our Country today is about the bottom line–period.

  • W.Sharrock

    Good for you. Seems more and more people are educating themselves on the fallacies of vaccination. Nothing like a good healthy diet and natural lifestyle to keep your kids (and yourself) free from disease. Unfortunately there will always be those who seem to think they can treat their bodies with disdain and get out of trouble by taking a pill/shot. Well good luck with that, they are the ones vaccines were invented for, not the health wary.

  • candi

    my first was vaccinated according to the schedule at the time…she was sick alot…my next took 2 shots, became very ill..laying and screaming for 2 days. all the while the Dr. said just give tylenol..its normal..after the second reaction, we got a chiropractor that recommended we hold off on more shote…the next 2 kids never had a shot…they have always been very healthy..the other two sickly..coincidence??? I will never think so!!

  • Granola

    Wow great display of ignorance!

    • Gaines

      The only one who is ignorant…is you…you must be on the wrong site.

    • tracy

      that is your whole argument? i suppose i should be grateful.

    • Juanita

      main stream media sheep

    • Tom Orley

      You cant argue with these animals. They are incapable of seeing anything except their own self-righteous opinions. They know more than decades of established science and results, but surprisingly know nothing about immunology or human health.

  • Lance

    Awesome article. We are doing the same with our daughter. No neurotoxin injections. Boosting nutrition quality of breast milk using herbal teas, and hey this baby sleeps through the night (healthy nervous system) and is happy all the time smiling.

  • Kerrie Fullen

    My sister didn't have my neice or nephew vaccinated. My nephew was invited to go to Africa with a friend, and had to get vaccinated, and he was FINE .He still IS! He's 23 and going strong. My neice was never vaccinated either. She's fine.

  • Misty

    My 3 year old son has had no vaccinations and caught whooping cough from my nieces who also never received any immunizations they got it from other vaccinated kids at school… My nieces all had it for a week before my son.. my nieces eat lot's of processed and microwaved foods and hardly eat anything organic( my sister thinks organic is a waste of money) we eat healthy organic and local foods at the time my son had only had colds no ear infections or high fevers. I treated my son with colloidal silver, pau d arco and body balance as well as honey and lemon herbal tea's for his throat, while my nieces were given 2 courses of antibiotics… it was long and miserable I was scared the whole time not sure if I was making the right choice by not giving him the antibiotics, I almost did but right when I was about to give in I noticed that his cough was getting better slowly and my nieces just finished with the second round of antibiotics still had very little improvement … my son was cough free in a little over two weeks the girls had terrible coughs for over a month….

    • Yarrow

      Thank you for sharing your success using natural, healthier means to healing!!

  • Penni

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, it lends a valuable support and confirming validation to the growing health
    conscious decisions parents are starting to make all over the world.

  • Yarrow

    Excellent, well written article! Confirms what those of us who follow natural methods know!!

  • Tyler

    So the fact that the number of reported pertussis diagnoses in the united states dropped from the hundreds of thousands per year to about ten thousand per year within a decade of the first introduction of a vaccine against it means nothing to you?

    Polio has been eradicated in our country and it has almost been globally eradicated. Does this not illustrate to you the simple utility of vaccines?
    Even if you can "strengthen a person's immune system" it doesn't help at all if it has to fight an unrecognized, highly efficient infectious disease. It just doesn't work that way.
    This is just fear-mongering, plain and simple. You have no evidence to support your claims other than anecdotes and personal accounts. That's nowhere near on par with national and/or global eradication of some pretty horrifying diseases.
    It's self-serving, egotistical and irresponsible to be perpetuating this pseudo-scientific fear campaign against one of the greatest life saving technologies of mankind.

    • gary

      Putting toxic chemicals in vaccines is not a good idea, then putting them in people to make them sick, isn't good either.

    • Skye

      Tyler, if your immune system is strong and healthy, your immune system absolutely CAN and DOES "fight an unrecognized, highly efficient infectious disease." That is the whole purpose of the immune system. If the immune system couldn't fight unrecognized diseases, there'd be no point in having an immune system.

  • Fred Jones

    The author probably stated this wrong… her children most likely did get the whooping cough, but their diet and lifestyle allowed their bodies to fight it off without creating outward symptoms. They are also likely now immune for life. Congratulations!

    • Justmom

      Whooping cough is caused by a bacteria so there is no lifetime immunity.

  • km

    Sadly, vaccine makers have no incentive to change their ways. They make huge profits but are totally protected from lawsuits because Congress granted them immunity in 1986. We the taxpayers are paying for the damages they are causing. Sound familiar? Privatizing profits while socializing risk!! If you want to change this, please sign this petition on Moveon.org.



  • deenie1219

    Common sense permeates this mom’s article. Thanks!

  • Le Hunt

    What tosh.

    • Lea

      Every whooping cough outbreak occured in the populations of over 90% vaccinated. It is common knowledge to anyone doing the slightest bit of research, that the pertussis vaccine is a failure. Even the CDC admitted the pertussis vaccine doesn’t work well, and any supposed protection wanes very quickly. Why do you think they’re giving kids so many boosters? It doesn’t work!! But it’s a lot of ka-ching! for pHARMa. So infants and children are taking all the risk of the injected toxic brew with no benefit!
      And, the fact that they’re still vaccinating kids for diphtheria is insane.

    • Cherry

      Clearly a sheeple

    • Kathleen Kahl

      Need a pill for that?

  • Sandi Hornsby White

    In my opinion, Western Medicine based on Synthetic Chemical Drugs is failed medicine and a crime against humanity. DuPont and Rockefeller banned “Natural Science” from being taught in Medical Schools to promote synthetic chemical drugs as medicine to make their next fortune, and DuPont for “synthetic fibers”. After 75 years….all I can say is it failed medicine with a focus on “suppressing the immune system.” This is an untruth that is leading the Nation and spilling out into the global community…..damaging DNA and Killing our infants, toddlers, and children. Natural Science approach is to change the PH balance to Alkaline by diet. Cleansing the body of daily toxins and accumulation of toxins, and feeding each body system and cells what is needed to work, optimally. I took my first vitamin C tab in 1965 and the Glyconutrient Ambrotose guaranteed significant health for my family. Read The President’s Cancer Panel Report-May 2008.

  • deanrd

    Food doesn’t protect you from disease. That’s ridiculous. If that story is true, she just got lucky. Of course, you can get sick with a damaged immune system that could come from lack of sleep or living on a diet of cotton candy or something else equally extreme. But to say organic cabbage protected my kids is silly. Beyond silly, it’s dangerous.

    • peggi linder

      who said anything about organic cabbage protecting their kids???

    • Davidson Shannon

      Great read. More proof that vaccines cause illness and not unvaccinated children. Every one not just children should eat a healthy diet full of fresh produce fresh fruit and veg. Even the bible says it. That herbs are natural medicine. So how can eating healthy be silly or dangerous. Seriously sheeple do some research and read the article properly it doesn’t say they live of organic cabbage. Boy i would hate to see your diet. Eat well and healthy

    • Mezni

      Eating the right foods do boost your immune system, you clearly have not done any research into this and FYI no one mentioned a cabbage

    • Kathleen Kahl

      Clearly you did not read the article or have no sense. We are what we eat. I have not had one serious illness since perfecting a good diet of very little refined foods or sugar that are the mainstay of the Standard American Diet (SAD) .Shooting chemicals into babies and pregnant women is so working, Opps wait: Kids of this generation are the sickest in history. ADHD,ASTHMA,ALLERGIES,AUTISM. Oh its the A’s making them sick not the lovely mercury, fetal DNA, formaldehyde,aluminum containing vaccines. Silly us.

    • Toni Ann Williams

      food does keep you from disease if you are eating the right food because it gives you the vitamins you need to remain with a strong immune system. You can actually get really sick or even die without certain vitamins and minerals. Why the elite are trying to make vitamins drugs which are hard to get. Vaccines cripple and kill… stay away from them. They were designed for an agenda and an agenda that has been in the makings for centuries.

    • Jennie H Spooner

      food DOES protect you from disease…what you eat turns into your cells..you are what you eat…every doctor takes the Hippocratic oath ..who was Hippocrates ? he was the father of all medicine ..what did he say? he said ..” Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food “

      • Delwyn Thomas


    • Janet Robinson-Gillmore

      Now that was funny…sadly.

  • peggi linder



    In contrast, vaccination led to a 40-fold enhancement of B. parapertussis
    colonization in the lungs of mice. Though the mechanism behind this
    increased colonization was not specifically elucidated, it is speculated
    to involve specific immune responses skewed or dampened by the
    acellular vaccine, including cytokine and antibody production during
    infection. http://vaccinecommonsense.com/2015/12/20/acellular-pertussis-vaccination-enhances-b-parapertussis-colonization/

  • Elske Reizer

    Come on just have a look in the death rate of infants and children before vaccinations !!!. By the way 3 people that I know who committed there lifes to health food and do healthy stuff got cancer so whats that then? A mother buried here 1 month child after getting sick with whooping cough. Look both sides guys. If you want to here what you want to hear your wiil be blind to the other side of the story. And did anyone read the side effects of paracetamol???? I rest my case

    • Janet Robinson-Gillmore

      You may have rested your case but anyone who does extensive research will never rest their case.

    • Delwyn Thomas

      please use spellcheck.

    • Debbie

      Even though those 3 people devoted their lives to being healthy, they probably got all their vaccines to “PROTECT” themselves. Vaccines destroy your natural immune system. Getting vaccines can and do cause cancer.
      Please spend a little time researching so you better understand the real truth,

  • Nothing wrong with red meat as long as it’s grass-fed and not given antibiotics, just saying.

  • Warrior_Mama

    Well…mine got it last year (2015)…I think. I don’t know because my child is unvaccinated and to take him in and get him evaluated would have brought the health department and worse to my door. (his homeopathic MD had passed away). This is the world I now live in. I am not sorry. He recovered. He may get it again. I doubt it since he is under the care of a homeopath now. Again, I repeat: I COULD NOT TAKE HIM IN. I couldn’t risk it. Let’s all think about that for a moment.

    • Delwyn Thomas

      thank you …so true.

  • Holley Wages

    What would you recommend for a special needs child who eats only a few things? He is autistic and has sensory processing disorder. He will not eat vegetables or fruit. He won’t eat eggs. He won’t eat beans. The only meat I can get him to eat is chicken and fish. If he doesn’t like the taste, the smell, or even the look of it, he will not eat it. We’ve even had problems with him taking vitamins and supplements. I’ve tried crushing them up into his juice, but he can still taste it and won’t drink it. What can I do?

  • Patricia Hilton

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are a great mom and you are doing the best job for your children. It doesn’t get any better than this. Healthy, Happy Children.