Good breakfast recipes – quick raw nut and seed cereal


Nuts and seeds are a huge part of a typical raw fooder’s diet, probably a little too much in some cases. I try not to eat nuts too often myself but they are a good source of nutrients that I like to pack in our diets. My family and I use nuts and seeds mostly for raw cereal and raw candies.

Raw nut cereals make for some good breakfast foods

The recipe I follow for raw cereal is probably never the same. I am trying more to keep fewer ingredients in each bowl for better digestion, but it’s easy to really drop in lots of foods for extra taste and potential nutrition. I mostly start with placing the soaked nuts and seeds in a blender (or if not blending I’ll just add them to a large bowl). I might add a Medjool date or a fig for extra calories and sweetness.

Then I include a liquid, either almond milk or a bit of water to aid in the spinning and to help achieve the desired consistency. I might also add in some frozen fruit, cinnamon, vanilla, chia gel, hemp, etc.

I then blend or stir until I’m happy with the consistency. I might top it with fresh fruit, dried fruit or shredded coconut to keep it unique from the day before.

These cereals are delicious, the kids love them and they are loaded with nutrients. It’s possible to get it too sweet so keep that in mind when choosing the ingredients along the way.

Soaking nuts and seeds

As mentioned in this raw food YouTube video soaking and/or sprouting nuts, seeds, legumes and beans is important in order to a) invoke the powerhouse of nutrition and b) to also remove any anti-nutrients that are present, which can block nutrient absorption.

A fun raw food diet rap song:

To that end I just prepare the night before by soaking the nuts and seeds, in plain or salted water, that I need for the next day’s cereal.

Combing nuts or seeds with greens

I’m not 100% sure whether blending in some greens into the raw food cereal would cause any digestion grief or take away from the flavour in any way, but it’s something I will try next time with a bit of spinach. I’ll be able to gauge how I feel afterwards whether nuts (or seeds) and greens are two foods that can jive well together through the digestion process or not.

According to this thread on Raw Food Support, people feel that combining greens with virtually any other food would not cause any indigestion or fermentation issues. I guess it’s always best to try for yourself and see how you feel. If you feel gas discomfort after a meal then it’s likely that the combination of foods isn’t appropriate and that could lead to further problems than just gas.

Raw Nut or Seed Cereal Recipe

>> handful soaked nuts or seeds (blended or not)

optional ingredients blended in or topped:

>> frozen fruit
>> fresh fruit
>> dates
>> figs
>> dried fruit (raisins, unsweetened coconut)

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