Fluoridated Water and Brain Performance Linked


Is it possible to improve your athletic performance by drinking filtered water?

Yes, our water supply has been poisoned by the addition of fluoride.  This is a scientific fact. So simply filtering your water to take fluoride and other chemicals out of the water, you will perform at a higher level. The major problem will be that you may not believe that this is a scientific fact.

Water that is filtered to eliminate lead, arsenic, mercury, fluoride, etc will increase your IQ by 15 points and allow your endocrine system will work properly.  The mitochondria power house will work at elite levels and testosterone levels will be balanced.

Still need more information:

Fluoride (F) is a toxic and reactive element, and exposure to it passes almost unnoticed, with the consumption of tea, fish, meat, fruits, etcetera and articles of common use such as: toothpaste additives; dental gels, non-stick pans and razor blades as Teflon.

1.  Dr. Phyllis Mullenix’s study how fluoride influences your brain and your body to not work properly.

2.  Reuters mentions that fluoride causes body to break down.

3.  Statement of Dr. J. William Hirzy, National Treasury Employees Union Chapter 280, Before The Subcommittee On Wildlife, Fisheries And Drinking Water, United States Senate, June 29, 2000

4. Dr. Phyllis Mullenix directly linking fluoride to decrease of IQ

5.  Christopher Bryson “The Fluoride Deception” Interview on the main players in the history of fluoride.

6.  Study on the affects of fluoride and the central nervous system.

7.  Stimulates the growth of tumors in cancer patients

8.  Decreases brain function

There are 100′s more scientific studies and presentations to prove this point.. I know it is hard to believe that something this simple can be covered up for so long.  But it is true.  The composition of the water you drink and brain performance are linked.

Stephen McCarthy