Fish Oil Protect Your Blood Vessels


A study published in Aug 2014 stated that fish oil in your dietary will help protect your blood vessels. It involved 84 subjects totally with moderate risk of CVD – cardiovascular disease, who were taking fish oil supplement (contains 1500 mg Omega-3 fatty acid) daily and lasted for 8 weeks. Researcher compared the fish oil group to those in placebo group in this double blind trial, there is no significant improvement on blood pressure, or plasma lipid or glucose function – maybe the testing period is not long enough. But they found that the EMPs (endothelial microparticles) were reduced and EPCs (endothelial progenitor cells) were increased, which meant the omega-3 had a protection against the endothelial damage, meanwhile the blood vessel were repaired.

Other researches had shown the use of high dose fish oil help reduce the triglyceride levels among the subjects with severe hypertriglyceridemia. Although no study supports the intake of fish oil supplement can prevent stroke or heart attacks in the people with high risk of heart disease, we’d better eat fatty fish two times a week or fish oil supplement daily if people live inland. It is suggested by nutritionist to be a healthy diet for the consideration of your vessel system.

Some previous studies had shown the prenatal women may get benefits from fish oil. It might help prevent premature births or low birth weight, but so far the evidence of these usefulness is still weak. And for the reduction of postpartum depression is about 9.67%, compared to the placebo group is 11.19% in one study, maybe it is not so significant but it still seems fish oil has a little effectiveness on it.

There were solid evidence proved that if the pregnant women intake the DHA or EPA, then for the visual and cognitive function in children will be improved. So it is thought that the to-be-moms or breastfeeding mothers might benefit from fish oil supplement. You may also find DHA is often added to premature infant formulas or regular infant/toddler formulas and baby food.

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Nancy Nelson