FEMA Camps – Grand Opening! Praying on the homeless


Columbia, South Carolina voted unanimously to ban homeless people. This asinine inhumane ban is further adding insult to injury by “allowing” them, if they choose to remain, inside of a FEMA Camp just outside the city limits.

While an offer of shelter sounds like a kind generous idea, they will not be allowed to come and go freely and will essentially become prisoners for a crime they haven’t even committed.

The police have been assigned to patrol and make sure no homeless people are wandering around or try and leave the camp. Business owners and residents are encouraged to call a hotline if they see a homeless person – like calling the animal catcher for stray dogs. Public benches are being removed and areas where the homeless have formerly congregated will be watched.

Do not be fooled. This is not an innocent act. We cannot stand for this. What this is – A round up starting with the weakest link in our population – The Homeless.

If we stand idly by and do nothing because it “is not us they are targeting”, who is to say we might not just be next? The goal is control and depopulation.

The homless are just the easiest targets. They believe that society views them as less than human. They are our fathers, mothers, friends and neighbors who have fallen on hard times. They could be you.

EMAIL The Mayer of Columbia, SC – Steve Benjamin
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  • Holly Sours

    Praying….I think the word you are looking for is preying

  • FreeJon

    Any proof at all? Or more fear Porn!!!

  • lindalou

    How horrible! My sister from Seattle just told me about this. Why have we not heard more on this from the news?? Or maybe I missed it.

  • Chris Sitter

    I was also extremely concerned when I heard this news, and I appreciated the link to Steve Benjamin's email address.

    Having done a great deal of Bible study on the subject of how God feels about the poor and what he calls "the stranger" – which I believe is what we today call "the homeless", as well as the blessings that come from being kind to the poor and the curses the result from oppressing them, I wrote Mr. Benjamin (the Mayor of Columbia, SC) a lengthy e-mail, with about 5 or 6 very relevant scriptures on the subject.
    I was very kind, and yet very firm – regarding my hopes that he and his city leaders would reverse any bad decisions that they may have made. I also exhorted him to make good decisions regarding the poor and homeless (in his area) , quoting just a few of the many verses that spelled out the blessings that God has for those who "Remember the Poor". I sent that e-mail just last night.
    Mr. Benjamin replied to me directly – early this morning. His reply said that these reports are false, but that he appreciated me taking the time to e-mail him. Then, he wished me Godspeed.

    So now, I don't know what to believe – regarding this report – but I felt your readers might be interested to hear his reply, which I received this morning, just before 6am Central. (4/23/15). Chris – in Texas