The Earth’s Natural Schumann Resonances are being manipulated by CERN, HAARP, GWEN Towers!


The Earth’s Natural Schumann Resonance are being manipulated by CERN, HAARP and GWEN towers:

The Earth itself, has a heartbeat, known as the Schumann Resonances. And it has surrounded and protected all living beings in a natural steady frequency of 7.83 Htz for thousands of years. And was identified as the sacred cosmic sound of the Hindu’s. Claims have been found that there is evidence that HAARP, CERN and the GWEN towers are manipulating Earth’s Natural heartbeat! Many believe the Schumann Resonance is not only to altered to control us, but, we can also alter it, depending on our own level of awareness!

On June 2014 when the Russian Space Observatory system showed a sudden increase in activity with the spikes stretching from 8.5 hz to 16.5 hz. The Schuman Resonance are oscillating magnetic frequencies that happen in the Earth’s electromagnetic spectrum. They are said to be generated by electromagnetic changes within the Earth’s core. Which affects Earth and all life. When these natural frequencies get manipulated, it can have drastic results for Earth and all life! It’s the greatest population control ever!

A mass awakening! If we lived in a natural world, the Schumann Resonances would increase awareness. and we would have a mass awakening! But, the Powers that Be don’t want that to happen. So, by manipulating Earth’s frequencies, they are manipulating all life. Chaos can ensue under the wrong frequencies. Frequencies control emotions!

On the upside Earth is still changing! Without all the manipulations happening, the Schumann Resonances are still changing. But, why? What researchers can mutually agree upon is that those shifts clearly mean change. And people are slowly waking up to a greater reality, where thoughts will materialize in an instant. The SR and the shift that has been happening in recent years is among the best proof we have of this change.

It has long been suspected that people acting on the “collective conscience” level can impact the magnetic field structure and create disturbances such as the recent spikes. This is usually amplified during times of high anxiety, passion or tension.

Earth is raising her frequencies and Humans might be doing the very same thing due to our strong connection with Earth. With this in mind, perhaps we are a species with amnesia that are going through a spiritual and cognitive awakening. It is true that waking up to this reality would turn our entire culture upside down and non- sensical. Making way for new and improved concepts of history and life in general.

CERN, HAARP and GWEN towers might be manipulating the SR’s, but, collectively, as stated above, we too can manipulate Earth’s heartbeat and SR’s and overcome this destructive technology! Some things are much stronger than technology!


Patti Dail

  • Chicken Little

    The Sky Is Falling!

  • BringonDrLiberty

    I’d like to glean useful information from your article, but I’m finding it hard to get past the incomplete sentences. Look at the first paragraph. Sentences should NOT start with “And”.

    • mangomuffin2

      Social media helps cause this…

    • Kelcey1

      I agree; does the author speak English?

  • BringonDrLiberty

    “Claims have been found that there is evidence that HAARP, CERN and the GWEN towers are manipulating Earth’s Natural heartbeat!”

    Care to cite any of these claims of evidence?

    • Photomaineac


      • Freespirit

        NEVER use Google

    • Freespirit

      People only need to do a SEARCH, via TOR Browser( to get best results) using KEY acronym ” “HAARP” or SEARCH words “Geo Engineering”, or “Weather WARFARE”

      If you don’t have TOR Browser ( you should) use Firefox. NEVER use I.E.,Google or Yahoo

      There is enough material to keep one busy for a few hours

  • Stephanie Stockbridge

    They are very likely contributing to the insanity we are witnessing on Earth. Another explanation (which by no means excludes your premise) is that we are entering an area of our galaxy where the cosmic energies are different and our planet (in fact, our entire Sol system) and all its inhabitants are responding–earthquakes, volcanos, extreme weather, volatile tempers among humans etc.

  • don

    There is not enough layman’s literature on the subject.

    • Freespirit

      There is plenty. SEARCH with TOR Browser or second best, Firefox

  • Xabre

    IF THIS ARTICLE IS TRUE, AND WHY WOULDN’T IT BE, since it was proven many years ago that All things in the universe Vibrate at their own certain frequency, it only makes sense that the Earth would vibrate at its own frequency….What is really scary is who in GODS name gave certain people the right to mess with things they obviously DO NOT understand…This Planet is already reeling from OUR interference as a Malignant Species. Now with HAARP, CERN etc. messing with things even the most brilliant of scientist’s can only begin to grasp let alone have the audacity to play with.
    Mans Arrogance might possibly get us all killed, and I’m talking the entire planet