Castor oil is great for thickening and regrowing hair, eyelashes and eyebrows


Castor oil is often overlooked for its benefits for the skin and hair because of its extremely thick and sticky consistency.  However, if you’re looking for a cheap, natural remedy for several common skin and hair complaints, then castor oil is definitely worth your time.

Castor oil for regrowing and thickening hair, eyelashes and eyebrows

I first stumbled on castor oil as a remedy for regrowing thin eyebrows. I had over-plucked my brows back in the nineties when it was the hip thing to have pencil thin brows, and they never did quite recover.  It became necessary for me to pencil in the “bald” spots and I missed the natural look of real hair where these spots were missing.

I read about castor oil as a remedy for thinning brows and hair, and thought I’d try it. I bought a hexane free, organic and cold pressed castor oil and started applying it to my eyebrows every night after washing my face.  After about three months, I noticed my brows were noticeably thicker (and they seemed to be growing in darker as well), and attributed it to the nightly application of castor oil.

I’m not the only one that this has worked for.  So, why would castor oil help you regrow hair – both on your head and the other two important places, the eyebrows and the eyelashes.

Castor oil is high in ricinoleic acid.  This acid is a very effective natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent.  This can help keep any fungus or bacteria from inhibiting hair growth.  Since the oil is also very thick, it may help to prevent hair loss simply by helping to coat the hair and protect it from falling out.

Castor oil is also high in omega 9 fatty acids, which are nourishing to both the hair and the follicle, as well as the surrounding skin.  Castor oil has a unique ability to be deeply penetrating, and this helps it to deliver its nourishment deeply into the pores and the follicles that produce hair.

It also has a high gloss, so it lends a lush glossiness and shine to the hair. A little goes a long way, and it is best to only add a tiny bit to the very ends of your hair instead of putting it up near the scalp if you’re just looking for a natural hair smoother.

Simply put about two drops on your hands and rub, then smooth through the ends.  If you use too much, there is a fine line between subtle shine and a heavy greasiness so go very light until you figure out the amount that works right for your hair type.

If you’re looking to regrow the hair on your head, you can use castor oil as a scalp treatment. However it can be tricky to get on the scalp without thinning it out with a lighter oil. You can add some melted coconut oil, apricot kernel oil or another lighter oil to help get it spreadable enough.

If you’re simply looking to help thicken hair that is thinning at the edges of your hairline, you can use pure castor oil, with a light hand of course.  Another use is to apply the oil to eyelashes to help thicken and strengthen them, as well as to help prevent thinning and shedding.

Castor oil for scar tissue reduction and shiny, smooth lips

Many attest to the wonders castor oil offers for keloid types of scars and other scars that involve a lot of hardened scar tissue.  This is presumably due to its ability for deep penetration through multiple skin layers.

Because castor oil softens the skin so much, the thought is that this softening helps to break down deep scar tissue so it may be smoothed out.  In addition, castor oil has shown promise as a white blood cell stimulating agent.  Studies have also shown that castor bean oil helps reduce the inflammatory response in subcutaneous tissue.  This may be why it seems to speed wound healing, and may also contribute to its ability to reduce scarring more quickly.

Castor oil is also excellent for the lips.  Our lips needs constant protection against the elements. Although our lips regenerate and recover quickly, they also dry out and begin to peel when they are dehydrated.

Castor oil not only smooths the lips with fatty acids, but it also helps protect them due to its naturally thick and immovable nature. In other words, it doesn’t budge without being wiped off. It also imparts a natural shine to the lips, which makes it ideal for both improving the appearance and health of the lips.

Danna Norek is the founder of, which offers a line of natural body, skin and hair care products. The Herb Mint Citrus lip balm uses castor oil as one of the primary ingredients to add shine, moisture and protection to the lips (all naturally flavored).  Line also includes a Natural Shine Enhancing Shampoo (sulfate free), Deep Hydration Conditioner, natural deodorant and a popular MSM and Vitamin C Face Cream.

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Danna Norek on FacebookDanna Norek on PinterestDanna Norek on Twitter
Danna Norek
Owner, at
Danna Norek founded AuraSensory, a line of naturally inspired and effective hair, body and skin care products free of harmful chemicals.

  • brittneyj123

    I can't wait to try it!

    • Lisa Frye

      My hair was so damaged that i actually had to take clippers to it and ended up with a burr and my hair used to grow fast but it's barely growing now so i can't wait to try this and hope it works!!!

  • sassy

    how long do you leave it on your hair as a treatment for thinning hair?

    • Mintee

      my daughter had severe thinning hair.. (she is 19).. she was born with lush thick hair.. I read somewhere about this castor oil.. so for 6 months, she has been using it and her hair thickened up again.. and the semi bald spot in the crown of her head has disappeared.. due to the thickness of the oil, she puts a tablespoon in a little bowl and then adds a tablespoon of olive oil (any good oil can do) to thin it down.. then rubs into her scalp twice a week and leaves on 1 hour, then goes and shampoos as usual. I thought this was just another crock remedy, but it has worked for her..

      • LISA

        hello , i saw tour post , does this really work ?

      • Carla

        that kinda sounds like me. Ive been dealing with hair loss since I was 15. I'm 21 now and its gotten worse. I've tried a lot of things. I guess, since it worked for your daughter, I might as well try it out! Thanks!

  • DMD5

    So how do you use it to stimulate white cells & to reduce inflamation?

  • Ju

    Thank you for this great info. You didn't tell us how to use it in your hair, as in, how long do you leave it on and before or after wash? Can it be left on all on & so on? Thanks

    • tunddra

      Do a google search like 'castor oil for hair' or 'application of castor oil on hair' or even 'uses for castor oil'. It is quite messy, sticky so trying to wear it to bed would be difficult. More like apply, sit down and watch a good movie and hit the shower.
      You can also use coconut oil on your hair to soften and stimulate hair growth. good luck.

      • Mintee

        dilute the oil down with another essential oil.. use a tablespoon of castor and a tablespoon of other.. I use olive oil.. massage into scalp. leave on an hour, then shampoo.. do this twice or 3 times a week

  • Myrna

    How can you put it on eyelashes and not hurt/blur eyes and can you still put mascara on after or do you wash it off with what?

    • tunddra

      Put on only at night. Does not hurt the eyes. I have tried it. Whether it worked for me or not is beside the point. What works for one may not work for another and vice versa. Won't hurt to try as long as you make sure you get the good castor oil and not junk.

    • jfelfin

      You put it on overnite and I put one half of a panty hose leg over my head and face to keep it off my pillow. Then you wash it out and wash your hair the next day.

      You couldn't possibly put it on and then try to put mascara or eyebrow pencil over it.

    • Sandy

      My elderly mother's eyes are very dry, and her ophthalmologist (eye doctor) gave her some drops to put in her eyes at night. Turns out, the drops were 100% pure castor oil. Not only does castor oil NOT hurt the eyes, it actually helps them!

    • Patti

      castor is fabulous for eye health. When my son was little, he got a lot of pink eye…that is until I learned about castor oil. Then every time there was any hint of eye trouble, I'd have him lay down, put a dollop of castor oil on his closed eye and cover it with a hot/warm damp washcloth for about 10 minutes or so and never had a problem again. It's wonderful stuff!

    • toni

      To answer Myrna or anyone about how to put it on, I would use a clean mascara wand (I always completely clean & save the good ones for things like this). How is everyone else doing it?

  • NSS

    Indians have been using this from thousands of years. And it is proven beyond any doubt.

    • nive

      true ma,granny speaks a lot abt it

  • TigerAU

    Well dayum, who knew?! Not me! Gotta procure some asap.

  • Robin nordyke

    How is it any different that olive oil (which most of us already have)

  • Chris

    I made an oil face wash of grape seed oil and castor oil. The castor dries out oily spots while the other oil nourishes the rest of your skin. It was working like a charm for me, time to start using it again! By the way, you could also use coconut oil, olive oil, or any other natural oil that suits your fancy. Just need to adjust the castor according to your face's oiliness. If it dries it out, less castor, if it seems too oily still, add more. My ratio is about 3:1.

  • dallas

    edgar cayce!

  • gordon

    caster oil.. Now I remember what that was always around the house for growing up.

  • Avatar

    My husband had a growth about the size of a dime high on his cheek and in front of his ear and it was growing. I told him to rub castor oil on it every morning and at night before he went to bed and in about 6 months it totally disappeared…you could not tell a growth had ever been there. Needless to say I'm a firm believer in the benefits of castor oil. If you want to learn more about all the benefits of castor read: The Miracle Oil: Secrets of Edgar Cayce's Palma Christi Revealed.

    • Steve

      I had a small patch of skin on my forehead about the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil where it was a harder texture, a little darker, and slightly raised. Over the years it became more prominent, so each night I applied a dab of a paste made from castor oil and baking soda, and sealed it with a small piece of saran wrap. The spot would become red, softer, dry, and a layer would flake off or could be rubbed off. After a couple of months the spot was totally normal; I could not tell where the patch had been. This works on moles as well.

  • Sachin

    Herbs Essentials – Brow Envy – Eyebrow Oil help to regrow thick eyebrow in 90 days

  • jazz pollard

    I m also using castor oil for my lashes and the results are good!!!

  • Lillian

    External and home made remedies are good for your hair. Unless you experience some problems which require medical treatment. Your hair often indicates the state of your whole body. That is why hair problems should be first of all treated from inside out. I have strongly suffered from hairloss over years. No external solutions could help. The thought that crossed my mind is that the issue cannot be tackled externally. So I started googling up pills and dietary supplements for hair loss conditions. There are at least 30 products sold on the Internet that are designated as hair loss products. Their price range is also very diverse: from very cheap to very expensive. The product that caught my attention was called Hairgain formula (90 capsules) by Military Grade Nutritionals. This product is the only nutraceutical which possesses prostaglandin D2 blocking properties.In about three weeks of using it, I noticed that my hair got back its natural shine and hair strands got thicker. My skin condition improved significantly. I also became more relaxed. Highly recommended product, guys.

  • Arun

    I live in chennai,i had a heavy i heared about castor oil half ratio with coconut oil promotes hair growth,yeah it does work but adding few herbs made it more effective.massaging is important.And diet like almond,walnut,black dates,indian gooseberry makes a man's life even more healthy and energetic.

    • Madhu

      May I know how the additional herbs you used and the method of application?

  • botanical

    Ricinus communis…is a poisonous plant. It's seeds especially. Ricin gas (nerve gas) is made from it, too. Wouldn't touch the stuff with a ten foot pole. Coconut oil is better. growths which respond to it's application may not be cancer but fungal in origin. Check this out in more than one place people. Be informed …be careful.

    • Deane Alban

      I agree! Castor oil is for external use only. One seed can kill a child. Why not use coconut oil externally instead?

    • Vidya

      No, i don't agree with you. Main source of castor oil is India. I grew up in India and we plant it in our home and the seeds which are dry and fall from the plant is not poisonous. we use one are two seeds in our cooking also.

      • Jen

        Castor oil is sold as a natural laxative how can it be poisonous lol

    • Mandy565656

      Fool get your facts straight

  • candy

    I used castor oil for my eyelashes, but my eyes get swelled after using this.

    • Vidya

      May be you applied more oil and it went inside your eyes and eyes reacted to the foreign product. Apply less

      • Trish

        Put castor oil on eyelashes with a cotton bud

    • Sandy

      Since eye doctors give castor oil for use INSIDE the eye (applied on the front of the eye, not injected or anything like that), perhaps the swelling was from contamination which got into your eye while applying the castor oil. Same as the risk of eye irritation and swelling from contamination when inserting or removing contact lenses. If you're very clean and know how to avoid contamination and are sure that wasn't the problem, perhaps it was the type of castor oil you used. Purity is VErY important, especially when using it in or around the eyes.

  • lucas neetham

    nice blog

  • Prerna

    Castor Oil is best for Hair growth.

    Here is my personnel experience

  • iin

    While hair sparseness is a harming physical trouble, those encountering it are seen to endure pulverizing mental impacts too. These unfriendly impacts are regularly because of the troubling, disgracing and baffling nature of the great male pattern baldness. This uneasiness for the most part assumes an extraordinary part in the choice to search out hair sparseness cures. It is a urgent endeavor to restore some feeling of self-esteem around the individuals who have lost all fulfillment in their self-perception.

  • mickel tutor

    i've never try this oil before. i guess i should give it a try.
    I own this blog:
    where i share tips about hair thickening. i may post un article about usefull oils.

  • rajesh

    i have been using since two month this castor oil to stop hair fall and regrow the hair again . but did not see any benefit from this oil tell me why pls

    • Christine

      I think you should give it some more time.

    • anusha

      some people they didn't get result in short span. use it for more than 6 months u will get good result ..

  • Atulyakirti

    Good information …. Love it and will try it… Thanks with best wishes

  • Jacob

    Really a nice one..When I read this one I started searching in about this oil. And I found like the Castor oil is nothing but a vegetable oil which is obtained from the seeds of the castor plants like Ricinus. And it is mainly used as a food additive and reports says like it is started using for hair loss prevention. Really want to try this oil. But I don’t know where I get this one.

    • Jen

      Cvs..Walgreens..whole foods Any health store

    • Lourdes Latonio

      It's true I can not castor oil oil I've asking in drug store but nothing can find it.

  • muskan

    from where i will get this product. i am using neuzen herbal oil but my hairfall is like before not a single change. is it really working? do i need to switch?? please reply .so much hairfall.

    • Debadoodles

      A large percentage of people have a zinc (mineral) deficiency, which can cause excessive hair fall and scalp problems like dandruff due to overgrowth of yeast. I started taking zinc picolinate 44 mg. (body ready form) recently and my hair loss went from profuse to what I would say is normal.

  • Vidya

    You can get it from local Indian stores.

    • sathis STR

      All organic store are selling

  • chuckyman

    Thank you to put information about this wonderful oil, castor oil already has many benefits for the hair, particularly hair loss has read an article in this link
    About castor oil for hair growth and decided to buy it 🙂

  • Lily Hansen

    Use brow effect into your eyebrows every day. It will stimulate hair growth. It works, trust me!! ;D

  • marchia

    ciao everyone Not all oils are the same meaning that you have to make sure you are getting a castor or any other for that fact oil that is from a good natural organic state one that is not old and rancid. This is true whether using on or inside the body. So this may be reason some are using the castor oil & not seeing results. I am very clear that working from the INSIDE out IS the Key. So put IN your body HIGH dense nutrition and if you want to put those same things outside on areas needing help then this is GOOD* Remember EVERYTHING you put on the body goes into the body. Our skin is our largest organ of the body. Take a look at the crazy ingredients that are in most of the products on the market & you will see why people are having so many issues health wise*
    hope this helps
    marchia co-founder of Healthy Referral Newspaper & MindYourBodyandSpirit radio show

  • need more skill to do that?

  • Therese

    Also try getting argan oil, the one from the Pro Naturals brand is awesome to grow your hair strong and healthy. They have shampoo and conditioner too. You can get them online. Best stuff I've used. 🙂

  • sakthi

    hey my mom told that castor oil applying at night time and washing like coconut oil in morning is not good it would make headache is it true help me please

  • Karl

    I use WD40 to regrow hair. It does the same thing as castor oil… nothing.

  • Jackie

    Do you wash this off ? What does it smell like? talk about the basics.

    • Jessica

      Hormone changes due to low estrogen levels will cause hair to grow slowly
      Answer your question: I have used organic, pure coconut oil sold at Walgreens for $10.00.
      in the vitamin section. It's made by Spectrum a popular brand sold in grocery store chains.
      I'm in my late forties and Caucasian. I have thin,curly hair; I dry it straight and color it every 6 weeks.
      I apply it all over my scalp, and massage for 5 minutes.and place it all over my hair. Wash it first!!! Let it Dry naturally, I seep w it and keep it on for 12 hours. I sleep on my stomach. Once or twice a week is enough.
      You can put a shower cap on if needed.
      The next day rinse w water first and than a conditioner, some people may need to shampoo first.
      Other option: sit under a commercial dryer, used in salons, at home.The cuticle will not ABSORBE anything after 10 minutes. <<<use a shower cap
      My hair is so silky and soft. I used a dab on heels and hands works like a miracle.
      I will never buy any commercial lotions again. Never buy anything w petroleum, sulfate, or para-bens
      Added a zinc and copper supplement sold at the vitamin shoppe, absolutely LOVE THIS STORE!!!
      Inside is just as important, if not more important, than the outside

    • Jessica

      Also, coconut oil has a very light, scent, but you can't smell it..
      I have never used castor oil, but I am going to try it on my eye lashes w an applicator, disposable brushes.
      I'm excited about using the castor oil on my eye lashes, because of hormone changes, my eye lashes have thinned out a bit.

  • Dee

    Thank you for an interesting article. l would love to try this hoping to restore eyebrow hair loss, but have been told that loss of eyebrow hair, especially in the last part of the eyebrows, if often due to incorrect hormone levels in the Thyroid Gland – either too little or too much! Can you comment on this please?

  • Amelia Oloyede

    Thanks for the information, I will give it a trial!

  • Lucy

    Fascinating. Thanks so much for this article. I've had alopecia for 24 years. My eyebrows have gotten thin which really bums me out. And I've had to wear a scarf on my head for a great amount of the last 24 years. I just found a diet that is helping a lot, so this is very complimentary to that. Can't wait to try–and hopefully renew.

  • Vincentia Nyamadi


    • Alem

      Castor oil can be found pretty much in every pharmacy or chemist.

  • health

    Hello there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading through your blog posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects? Thanks a lot!

  • Riza Sørlie


    Where can we buy castor oil?

  • mARY

    Can it be ingested? my mom used to give me something disgusting when I was little, maybe it was cod liver oil?

  • hummingbird

    Me either, and I have been using it for over a year.

  • Moon

    Can I apply caster oil every night lighten it with coconut n olive oil…leave it for whole night n wash it next morning… Will it help to regrow hair??

  • saily

    it really grows know
    by how many months i can get a good result

  • wanda

    you can buy castor oil and other great products from baar. just put that name in your search and it will come up with their site.

  • Right Stef

    I have very long colored hair that gets dry at the ends. I rub the Shielo Restoration Oil into wet or dry hair and the ends of the hair are just as supple as the hair at the roots. Plus, I am very, very tender headed and this Shielo Oil makes comb out easy-peasy.

  • kenny

    Its a very great tip of caster oil for eyelashes and also for hairs. This caster oil is necessary for specially those who are not eating all kinds of vegetables. Because they need to take some kind of proteins from outer way. In that case caster oil very good option for hairs and eyelashes. their are many online treatments are also available and they also having very good and instant results. you can see its details and check it.

  • hummingbird

    I have used jamaican black castor oil on my hair, lashes and brows for over two years. Nothing. Bought two 16 oz bottles, for lots of $$$ and now, I have lots of a very thick useless oil which doesn’t work.

  • greg

    hi great site greg

  • Anna rose

    I am interest about this castor oil,because I have a problem with my hair.Its getting hair fall everyday when I take the shower,my hair is unhealthy now!Where do we buy this?I leave here in Norway.and how can I used this?Thank you!

  • Debbie Skelly

    Try to use good quality product like brow effect which is make your eyebrows thicker and growing naturally i am also using that product for eyebrows growing really i got good result.

  • drich

    U can get good castor oil almost anywhere online if u can't find it in a store near u. Just make sure that it it of great quality! Make sure its therapeutic grade. My mom used to make me take a tablespoon full when I was constipated as a child….it didn't kill me! But tasted so bad that I prayed it would kill me!!!! Lmao. I have not tried castor oil for hair but I will get some tomorrow at our health food store….if they are very good quality!!!! They don't cary therapeutic grade essential oils so I'm not expecting them to have it here in my town….but in the next I know there is a cvs….Or I can order something online. Does anyone know if it helps for hair fall that's caused from meds??? I hope u ALL have great results from this….I'm starting asap.

  • Karman

    That sounds good but wheres the best place to buy it from and which brand?

  • It seems to be a good product by the way, I'll definitely try it. Thank for sharing the info!

  • Rekha

    Castor oil has been in use for in India for many many years. Yes it indeed, helps in hair growth and is also used as a purgative. But all ladies out there, be careful, youwill end up with your beautiful face full of unwanted hair growth.

  • Raul

    The Hair-Loss industry does NOT want you to know the truth!

  • dean12345
  • dean12345
  • Hellen

    Excellent idea. Thank you a lot. I must try this. 🙂
    Btw I've found this on the net which makes me doubt should i try it or not.
    It's some kind of shampoo with baking soda which regenerates the hair totally.
    I think this was the article.
    What do you think guys? Is it safe or not?

  • Prima

    castor oil seems to have a lot of benefits. i have been doing an experiment with it on my eyebrows after following this guide:

    I had not lost mine from tweezing but i ended up making them thicker.

  • fifa

    Hello Everyone
    can i use castor oil which is white in color and which is cold presses instead of black castor oil for bald spot on head.

  • Joshua

    Hey, Thanks for the short tips, i'll be sure to try some out in the future!

  • Mary Mitchell

    I’m surprised that no one has commented on this. Everything the author says is true. I found out about castor oil from my elderly mother, whose ophalmologist told her to use pure, hexane-free castor oil IN her eyes to combat chronic dry eyes.

    I was impressed that castor oil was safe enough to be used IN the eyes, and while researching that use online, I encountered several citations of using castor oil to thicken and strengthen eyelashes and eyebrows. Most of those included cautions about keeping the oil out of the eyes, but my mother’s info preceded that precaution, so I knew it was safe (given the caveat that the oil itself is high-quality, hexane-free and unadulterated).

    I tried it in and on my eyes, and it really does work – for dry eyes, for thinning eyebrows, and for eyelashes which fall into one’s eyes too often. It also seems to clear up small-ish skin tags (I say “seems to” because I haven’t a control for my observations yet).

    • Zirah B L Hearn

      Thanks for sharing all that.

    • Wondering Woman

      Got a painful paper cut on my eye from ragged edge of newspaper. No relief from artificial tears and only relief was to keep that eye closed. Not wanting to drive with one eye closed, racked my brain for anything I might have in the house to try and thought of castor oil. Tried it and got relief very quickly. Put drops in my eye again at bedtime and awoke the next morning with no pain and vision back to my normal.

      Later read where a veteran on glaucoma watch and poor vision being followed by VAH used castor oil drops in his eyes. The next follow up
      visit, he was taken off glaucoma watch and his vision was much improved.
      His doctors were dumbfounded when he told them what he had been doing, and remarked that they had never heard of anyone using castor oil in the eyes.

      • Zirah B L Hearn

        Wow, great share. Thanks for the input and details of personal experience w/ using castor oil.

  • betty

    How do you use it to make your hair thicker and grow,also for the eye brows?

    • Pamela

      You apply to your fingers a small amount and rub it into your eyelids and also gently massage into your lashes nightly. Wash off in the morning.

      • bruce

        I’m guessing this doesn’t clog pures? as my skin is prone for that.

  • Ogechi

    I just bought castor oil but I read the label and discovered that it could only be used for constipation. Now I’m confused because I’m not constipating.

    • I think the label is referring to taking castor oil internally: It’s a laxative and may relieve constipation 🙂 It can also be used externally in all sorts of great ways. Those probably won’t be on the label.

      As a side note, did you buy the drugstore brand, and does the bottle say it’s cold-pressed and hexane-free? My favorite brand is Home Health, but there’s also an Edgar Cayce brand I think.

  • Castor oil is also great for reducing or eliminating bruising. I wiped out in my apartment building lobby a couple of years ago, since the floor was wet from tracked-in snow, and I hit the floor with my chin and wrist so hard I bounced. Ouch!

    I declined a trip to the hospital and instead mixed organic sugar into castor oil to make a thick paste and applied it every 20 minutes for 20 minutes at a time, alternating with ice. The next morning I felt almost entirely better and had no bruising, which was amazing.

    Interestingly, I had missed a spot on my ankle because my chin and wrist were hurting so much I hadn’t realized I’d hurt my ankle too. That spot was black and blue.

    Go castor oil!

    • Zirah B L Hearn

      Great share and great idea to remember for future reference.

      • Amarind Benning

        I agree 100%. I’m so thankful to have read this. 🙂

    • Zirah B L Hearn

      Great input. Will have to remember to use on bruising.

  • I was buying castor oil form online but there was many categories of castor oil so I am confuse which castor oil is good for hair and eyebrows.

    • El Comandante

      Make sure it says “cold pressed”

    • Joan Camara

      Yes, cold pressed, and ORGANIC! And “hexane-free”.

    • Gwendolyn Worthy

      Try the Health Food Store in your area. You’ll find, Palma Christa which means hand of Christ, Cold Press meaning no heat to pasturize, leaving all the natural property,that leaves it as close to it’s natural state as possible. Enjoy the results and you can also add, a carrier oil to it changing the fragrance example lavander or the oil of your prefereance.

  • Eva Clusters

    Castor oil has numerous benefits for sure, but olive oil is also very much effective in eyelash and eyebrow growth. Other natural ways like petroleum jelly, coconut oils etc are also very much effective. Read here:

    • Joan Camara

      Petroleum Jelly? Ah, NOO! Do not use that anywhere on your body! Think about it…it’s “petroleum”??

      • W Hughes

        I think of it as dinosaur butt! 😀

      • Zirah B L Hearn

        There’s actually a product….I think it’s made by Alba Botanica….called Un-petroleum Jelly that is very healthy and can be used as an alternative to petroleum jelly.

    • Jeannie Willard

      NO petroleum jelly! I used baby oil for decades (same as petroleum jelly)…contributed to my now chronic illness!

  • Tara

    I used clear Castor oil on my hair and my hair grew down to my shoulders.

    • Zirah B L Hearn

      I’m not so much interested in making my hair grow longer as I am making it thicker. Did you notice any difference that way?

      • Wondering Woman

        Can’t answer for Tara, but it thickened mine up after losing most of it twice following a serious illness in the hospital. Wondered if they gave me chemo, but have since read that some antibiotics will make your hair fall out. Whatever they gave me, I lost about 3/4 of my hair both times.

        One other thing you might think about is the shampoo you are using. First time I noticed I was losing lots of hair was when Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo hit the market. Works fine for the dandruff, but I noticed that my hair brush was having to be cleaned out daily after about a week or two of using it. Advise anyone who wants to keep their hair to avoid this shampoo and any other shampoo with the same active ingredients. Personal experience is that half water and half apple cider vinegar rinse after shampooing does wonders on getting rid of dandruff and think it probably works by cutting the shampoo effect out – so perhaps dandruff is just a reaction to the shampoo.

      • dd3751

        MSM (organic sulfur) crystals will thicken up your hair. I’m on week 5 of taking it everyday and wow I can say for sure without a doubt that my hair has become much thicker and full of body.

        • Zirah B L Hearn

          Thanks, dd3751. Good to hear your personal results.

        • Sheila

          were can I get it from ,,,,you’re reply would be awesome I’ve had numerous operations and on medication that defo thins hair 😌 😊

        • wellred

          Which brand of MSm do you use?

  • Coconut oil has also be shown to reduce protein loss in both damaged and undamaged hair, when used both before and after washing. Read more “”

  • Zirah B L Hearn

    Thanks for the article and info. Now I will have even more ways to use the castor oil I have, which is organic, cold-pressed and hexane-free. Yea!

    • Sheila

      Could you please tell me we’re I can get it from please ?!! I really need it since my operations medicine 💊 has thinned it so much I wanna cry !!!! Tyin advance for any replies xx

      • Cedarblues

        You can get it on Amazon just make sure it’s hexane free, organic, and cold pressed. Hope it helps! 🙂

      • Carol

        It can be found in health food stores, but Vitamin Shoppe and Amazon are your cheapest sources for hexane-free (cold pressed) castor oil.

  • Jeannie Willard

    Great uses from first hand experience both in article and below!
    Research more, there are even more uses for castor oil, i.e. Soaking cloth and placing over liver to detox the liver.

  • Keneilwe

    The one I bought only says “castor oil for medicinal use

  • Roshan Reddy

    Yes Castor Oil is natural and very effective for hair problems. It’s an ancient Oil our ancestors and even my grandmother uses.

    Roshan Reddy

  • Coy Barela

    Where can we get this? Doesn’t say. I know we can get some at the Walmarts and stuff but I want one I can use IN my eye. 🙂

    • Carol

      Walmart does have a growing supply of natural products, organic foods etc., which is great . . . but the castor oil at my local Walmart is not hexane-free. Cold-pressed (hexane-free) castor oil is available at health food stores. I found the best price, however, at The Vitamin Shoppe (it’s a nationwide chain that carries those “rarer” products not found at Walmart or Target, but at considerably lower prices than health food stores).

      • Coy Barela

        Thank you. I found some at Vita-Cost and Pure Formulas.

  • Susan

    I used Castor oil and coconut oil mix on my scalp followed by a hot towel wrap to let it penetrate three times a week for one month and the result was marked. I stopped shampoos and used a hibiscus leaf extract to wash off the oil.
    I do not know about the oil that you get, but what I buy from the medical stores here was used as a laxative by my grandma to detoxify us during infections. So please be careful about ingestion.
    It causes a stinging sensation in the eyes and will therefore stimulate the production of tears.


    Do not take it internally when I was a young lad my grand mother would give me a table spoon to swallow, but it made me sick to the stomach and I would spit it out. Well she compromised by adding anything sweet like brown and white sugar, condensed milk, all sorts of jams and chocolate to it mixed it up and bribed me with it in a large bowl I guess to let me think it was some sort of batter or cake mix, anyway as soon as it got into my mouth I would spit it back out, sick to the stomach but they would not give up as they tried and I would spit it out every time. I guess because of all this torcher the smell of Gin reminds me of castor oil and makes me sick to the stomach so even today I will not drink Gin in any form.

  • L.Xavier

    A friend bought me a bottle of Castor Oil: cold pressed hexane-free and told me to try it on my eyebrows because I noticed my eyebrows are thinning due to over-plucking. It worked on her eyebrows. I’m on my 2nd week of using and I stumbled upon another benefit. I noticed difference,it softens the skin area around my eyebrows so I decided to use on my face every night and wash off in the morning. It actually works on skin as well if you are willing to put up with the thickness of it on your face at night. Worth it. My next try is on my scalp!

    • Debbie Griffith

      did it help wrinkles

  • My son has a slight scar on his eyebrow from where a classmate collided into him and pushed his glasses into his eyebrow, and there’s a little bit of hair missing there. Think this would help?

    (The school wanted me to take him and see about stitches. I knew what would happen–be pressured into a tetanus shot. I just got some butterfly band-aids and used those, worked great.)

  • liz

    I love this stuff!

  • Carlo

    Has castor oil ever worked for anybody with alopecia?

    • Meri Hannon

      I’ve read that Lugol’s iodine works for alopecia. Clear iodine works as well but takes longer.

  • I often get chapped and dry lips during winter. I will apply castor oil then another thin layer of petroleum jelly and they will cure after a few days.

    • BChristine

      OMG, NO petroleum jelly! It’s PETROLEUM, need I say more? Your skin (your body’s largest organ) absorbs that. It is totally toxic; do not use.

  • Brenda

    Has anyone had any success using castor oil to regrow hair when hair loss has been caused by an underperforming thyroid?

  • Phyllis

    How would one apply castor oil to eyelashes? An old mascara wand cleaned up well? Qtip?

    • Jane

      I just put a drop or two on my clean fingers and spread it above my eyelashes, then onto my lashes. I tried using a mascara wand and it goes on too thick because castor oil in so thick itself. I hope this helps. My lashes and eyebrows have grown back in thicker. Before starting to use castor oil, I had severe thinning and big gaps between lashes. It has now filled back in.

      • Alice Mae Todd

        How long before you noticed a change

      • Haneen

        A lip brush will do 🙂

  • Danny Ovy

    I was already aware of the fact that castor oil could improve men hair, but nobody told me yet that the same oil can be used to fix eyelashes and eyebrows (I will try to use it to make my eyelashes and eyebrows shinier).
    However, I also heard that natural gas (liquefied) can regrow men and women hair.
    Natural gas is a cleaner fuel that also works very well to clean and energize your scalp and regrow hair back.

  • I have castor oil here , but on just to clean around is good on wood