Cancer Cells Die In 42 Days: Famous Juice Cured Over 45,000 People From Cancer


Rudolf Breuss was a healer from Austria, an educated man who had an incredible understanding of, and love for, his fellow human beings. Born in 1899, he devoted his life to finding an alternative cancer treatment. Breuss claimed that since 1950 he has successfully treated more than 2000 patients. He estimated that since 1986, an additional 45 000 patients with cancer and other “incurable diseases” had been healed by the used of his methods.

How does it work?

The Breuss Total Cancer Treatment lasts about 42 days. Because cancer cells have a very different metabolism than normal cells, the Breuss diet is designed to starve the cancer cells to death by not providing any solid food proteins. But the diet does not harm normal cells.

During the 42 days fast, all the raw fruits and vegetable are taken in liquid form. Breuss rigidly insists that cancer patients are not allowed to drink/eat anything other than the juices and teas. All vegetables used have to be organically grown and the sediments must be removed. The theory is that cancer cells can only live on the protein of solid food. Therefore, if you drink nothing but vegetable juice and teas for 42 days the cancerous cells die while the normal cells continue to do well.

Raw fruit and vegetable juices have always been used and recommended in natural medicine as part of the healing system for many ailments and chronic disease. Raw juices contain antioxidants and living enzymes that science has identified as an imperative part of everyone’s diet if they wish to stay healthy and maintain a defense against all the toxins in today’s environment.

Juice Recipe To Kill Cancer Cell

He developed this juice formula consisting of beetroots, carrots, celeriac, radish, and potatoes in specific ratios, to provide a balance of basic elements required for the body’s nourishment. In combination with the juice formula, Breuss recommends various herb teas to enhance its cleansing effects.


-1 beet
-1 carrot
-1 celery stick
-1/2 potato
-1 radish


Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix them all well.
Pour into a glass and drink slowly.

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  • Valdoria

    I was ready to give this a try until I saw potato on the list. Potatoes have a chemical mostly in the skin but also within that is toxic to the body and some people are sensitive and react poorly.

    • You can omit potatoes, potatoes are required only if liver is not functioning well.

  • Paula Akers

    Thank you for this article! One comment: It seems that something is missing in the juice recipe above. The article says that the “fruit/veggies must be taken in juice form, with all sediments removed.” However, the above recipe sounds like a smoothie containing all sediments. It seems that the ingredients need to be run through a juicer, not a blender.

    • This article is a very crude description of Breuss treatment and ratio of vegetables as well as juice preparation is not correct. You have to drink only juice which has to be strained well. Easier option is to by bottled Breuss juice by Biota. I’d recommend buying his book, because there are teas that have to be included with his 42 days fast.

  • cmack

    I’ve always heard that cancer’s number one nutrient is simple sugar. I know a meat diet isn’t good for cancer, but…


    • Jaymie Bowers-Walter

      Natural sugar from fruits and vegetables is not the same as processed sugar, such as, high fructose corn syrup….which is actually what feeds the cancer!

      • Cassandra Cornwell


    • Hela

      Sugars sweetners the aspartame phenillilin sucralose so many and also meat protein feeds cancer 😉

    • Cassandra Cornwell

      Yep, refined, fermented sugar, not raw fruit and vegetable sugars from organic sources. It’s long been known that a raw fruit and veggie fast/cleanse can kill cancer and reset proper digestion. Look into it 🙂

  • Janine Schouten Sepp

    Article kind of confusing. It says juice, but the recipe says “blend” which is not juice… to get juice it needs to go through a juicer. Also, in the article it says celery root, the recipe says celery stick, also different. I’d like to try this though as a preventative measure, but would like a more accurate recipe and plan to follow.

    • Paul Val

      I noticed the same inconsistencies.

  • Linda Sidorovich

    this is similar to Gerson therapy. but that is based on only carrot juice and a few choice others. JUICED with a masticating juicer , slow grinding.

  • Ahmed

    Mexico is big on cancer treatment as well.

  • Kim Florentina

    Hello everyone
    I have a question : how often i have to drink this juice during the day?
    And also i am a little confused about the quantity. ..can be a big or small vegetables?
    Till now i done it using 3 small beets 1 carrot 1 small patatoes. …can u be more precise on the quantities please?

  • alexthecomic

    That is awesome!! 🙂 I will add that to my cancer folder for when people ask! 🙂

  • David S

    Celeriac is celery root, not celery stalk. A blender is not a juicer. How big a carrot, beet, etc. should be used? Or is a weight or volume measurement more appropriate? And how often is this juice to be consumed per day over the 42 days?

  • Ray C

    A raw potato

  • Ra Hsay

    This article is incredibly poorly written!! Says juicing and liquid only, then it says put those ingredients in a blender?!! yet it says don’t drink the sediments!!! There is no information as to how often to juice, and what kind of potato, and presumably juicing a raw potato is ok to drink?!!

    • Stitchfan2

      I’m wondering the same thing. If you put those vegetable raw in a blender you wild end up with pulp. To get a juice, you have to put those in a juicer…