A Backup Generator Can Benefit Any Business


It is important that a business successfully operate during a power outage. Generators are an essential part of preparing to handle any type of power disruption. This should be part of a company’s disaster preparedness plan. Loss of power can result from unpredictable weather events, man-made disasters or disasters resulting from nature. Power can be lost from a site-specific event and disrupt a company’s operation. A generator enables a business to operate when power is lost.

Generator Hire Services

Portable generators are more cost effective than installing a permanent generator. Most of them use a specific type of fuel. If a power outage lasts for a long time, they will need to be refueled regularly. These generators are made to operate with a few appliances. They can be plugged directly into the generator. It won’t require the use of a transfer switch. Choosing the right generator for a business is essential. Generators are designed to supply the power needs of different sizes of companies. You can check out generatorhire.com.au to learn more about backup generators . In some cases, a diesel generator hire will work best. It’s important to determine what critical business functions are to be run on a generator prior to any power loss event.

Generator Safety

When using a generator it is important to not overload it. Each generator will have an operating manual that will provide information on the power consumption of various appliances. When preparing for a possible power outage, a business may want to contact a certified electrician. They will be able to tell the owner what type of generator will be able to handle their needs during an emergency. A portable generator will require an electric power cord. This needs to be a strong outdoor-rated extension cord designed to handle the electrical load necessary to provide a company’s power needs. It should actually be able to handle more than the anticipated electrical load. This will prevent the cord from having excessive heat buildup in it. Too much heat can degrade the power cord and cause a fire.


If a generator is being operated outside, it need to be kept dry. In wet conditions, there is a chance for a short circuit to occur. In come cases, this could cause a generator to catch fire.

Local Codes

It’s important a company be aware of any local codes that cover the use of a generator. A company that provides portable generators will know about the local ordinances. It’s important the generator’s operation manual from the manufacturer be provided. When using a portable generator, it’s important to know its operation and maintenance processes. This will help avoid any potential operating problems.

Docking Station

This is sometimes called a storm switch. A docking station makes it possible for a building to be properly set up to run off generator power prior to a power outage. It is a retrofit placed on a building that makes it able to immediately utilize emergency mobile power. Docking stations are flexible and can be placed on a building where they are needed. . This eliminates the need to hard wire a generator during an emergency. It is considered plug and play technology.