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Lori M. Sweeney is a scientist, professor, and tutor (BA, MBA) who has mastered weight loss by devising her own system to combat everyday obstacles that cause overeating. After losing 125 pounds, she has modeled for The Rachael Ray Show and has been called "The Biggest Winner" by Oxygen Magazine. Her story has appeared in both newspaper and internet articles. Lori wants to be the "Dear Abby" of advice for obstacles that cause overeating. She wants to give confidence to those who were/are put down in their lives and want to grow a positive spirit. Lori is determined to show the world that weight loss can be done by an average person and that perseverance can be achieved, regardless of what naysayers say or do. Her book, Goodbye Fatness, Hello Gorgeous! shows struggles as a result of being overweight, and divulges tips/tricks on how to overcome healthy eating obstacles. So feel free to comment, ask a question. Lori wants to take the journey with you to help motivation increase while the weight decreases!

Up the Recipe Flavor, Not the Fat!

Many have the impression that the more fattening a recipe is, the better the flavor. Now the dish is too fattening, so cutting back on the fat changes the taste and texture. Then food manufacturers try to incorporate chemicals to… 0 Shares |

Weight Loss Tips-Valentine’s Day

In my book, Goodbye Fatness, Hello Gorgeous!, I dedicated a chapter about how to handle the candy holidays.  And one of the major candy holidays is coming up – Valentine’s Day!  This is also the time for flower gifts, which… 0 Shares |

Weight Loss Advice-When Someone Else Does The Cooking

A lot of people have been asking me for weight loss advice now that my book Goodbye Fatness, Hello Gorgeous! is out.  Sometimes they are in tricky situations that will lead to eating fattening food, or just overeating.  So from… 0 Shares |

New Year’s Resolution Solutions For Weight Loss

For many of you, January first was the day to start anew.  Losing weight is the most popular New Year’s Resolution.  For some, this has been a future plan because deep down they know a few pounds must come off. … 0 Shares |

Healthy Holiday Cookies – Recipe Revamp

Now is the time for holiday baking!  There are parties to bake for as well as for cookie swaps, gifts, and family gatherings.    We find great recipes in our cookbooks and on the internet; most require lots of butter, sugar,… 0 Shares |

Holiday Parties-Keeping Spirits Up and the Weight Down!

This the season to be overwhelmed with holiday parties, brunches, lunches, dinners, etc.  You are faced with the work holiday parties, the friends getting together for a little dining out celebration, the family parties, children’s school parties, club parties, and… 0 Shares |

Ready To Inspire and Motivate for Weight Loss!

This is my first post and intend to do many if there is an interest.  I want to be the “Dear Abby” of advice for obstacles that cause overeating.  I want to give confidence to those who were/are put down… 0 Shares |