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Lose Weight Faster with Essential Oils – A Guide for Women

How to lose weight fast for women If you’re interested in learning how to lose weight fast for women, consider giving your mouth a break while putting your nose to work. Humans have been extracting natural oils from plants for… 0 Shares |

Beyond Dieting: The Eight Best Ways To Lose Weight

With all of the fad diets out there, it can be seductive to try eating only kale, or merely soup for a week in order to shed some pounds. But, the research has been pretty clear on this issue. Shortcut… 0 Shares |

High glycemic foods vs low glycemic foods

Glycemic Index The glycemic index of a food is a rank structure of foods in terms of how much your blood sugar will spike if you eat them.  Glycemic loads matter to those who have diabetes in particular, and of… 0 Shares |