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Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain, is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, IIN, U.S.; a certified Functional Medicine Expert, FMU, U.S., and a certified Holistic Nutrition Therapist, SNHS, U.K. She is an expert writer about the topics that deals with nutrition, holistic health, and functional medicine. Also, I would like my readers to be informed that I have published my new book namely, "Your Guide to Good Health.' It's available on the previous hyperlink, do buy to get the basic health coaching required for great health!

The End of Antibiotics Era

Did you know… that now it’s the End of Antibiotics Era!! How??? Focusing on the diagnosis of one Pennsylvanian woman, who has been reported to have the American’s worst case of infection caused by a superbug which is highly antibiotics… 0 Shares |

Learn Cancer Centered Apoptosis: The Best Prevention, and Fight Against Cancer Disease

Did you know…..your body has a many natural ways to protect you against disease. Apoptosis or cell suicide is a name given to one such bodily protective process that tries to keep a balance between cell renewal, and cell death.… 0 Shares |

Can The Color of Your Mucus: Tell About Your Health Status (Fact or Myth??)

Let’s find out…….. Well, it’s definitely a FACT. (Intrigued?? Keep reading for more in-depth explanation and guidance!!!) So, here goes….. Did you know… the nasal tissue produces 1.5 quarts of mucus daily, non-stop, around the clock, and this nasal mucus… 0 Shares |

The One Potent Natural Supplements Blend: To Guarantee Longevity, Super Health, and Green Youth

“Usually, parents instruct their kids to have more veggies, and fruits. Surprising, not in vain. This parental instruction, has been hugely endorsed by the mainstream health, and fitness publications around the World, and innumerable universities, researches, also, support this eating… 0 Shares |

Man-O-Salwa—the Holy Diet

Ingredients of Man-O-Salwa-the Holy Diet are holy and they are guaranteed by ALLAH SWT in the Holy Quran and Hadith to be absolutely full of nourishment, health and healing. This Diet is prevention from all disease, and the right nutrition… 0 Shares |

Manage Your Thyroid Disorder Naturally

Did you know… some natural remedies are potent treatment against thyroid dysfunction? As they help in its restoration, and regulation. Before moving down to its remedies. Let’s first discuss the structure, and function of thyroid gland. Thyroid gland looks like… 0 Shares |

The European Secret to Excellent Digestive Health: Revealed Today

  The Europeans Secret Weapon to Avoid Constipation, Bloating, and Gas! Will be revealed TODAY! (Keep reading) For decades, the European natives have relied on a natural treatment that have saved them from gastrointestinal problems, completely. Belonging to a region… 0 Shares |

Anti-biotics Resistant UTI Cure Found

Did you know? There is one potent antibacterial food item that can effectively cure against antibiotic-resistant urinary tract infection? But First, let’s Review The Severity of UTI in Women: Did you know, that 1 out of 5 women will suffer… 0 Shares |

Bacteria on the Root of the Plant can Also Promote Immunity

Shi quan da bu tang also called as juzen-taiho-to, is a traditional Chinese, and Japanese medicine. Often prescribed by the Asian practitioner as “all purpose tonifying decoction” which contains the following ingredients that are usually grounded into powdered form, and… 0 Shares |

Hypertension Facts, and It’s Natural Treatment

What is Hypertension? Hypertension is the pressure with which the blood hits the arterial walls. If the pressure remains high against the walls of the arteries, and other blood vessels it can cause more pressure on the heart. And consistent… 0 Shares |