Aspartame – A Hidden Schedule II Narcotic


What? That can’t be right, you are likely thinking.

It is.

The methanol in aspartame affects the dopamine system of the brain causing addiction. Methanol, or wood alcohol, is classified as a severe metabolic poison.

Aspartame is a dipeptide molecule produced by joining phenylalanine and aspartic acid. Aspartame itself does not occur naturally but is a manufactured substance. When aspartame is consumed, it is completely broken down by the enzymes in the digestive system into the two amino acids and a type of alcohol called methanol.

Methanol is a schedule II Narcotic.

What that means:

Schedule II substances have high abuse potential and severe psychological and/or physical dependence liability. Examples of schedule II substances include narcotics, amphetamines, and barbiturates. Prescriptions for schedule II substances can never be ordered with refills and must be filled within 7 days of the date originally written.

Yet you can buy diet soda and are encouraged to drink it because it has been marketed as a health product.

According to independent doctors and researchers, aspartame can cause a range of symptoms including but not limited to:


Memory Loss

Vision Loss





Worse, it cam mimic symptoms of diseases like MS, Lupus, ADD, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

It can be dangerous to take with medications, has reactive properties when combined with MSG (mono sodium glutamate) which is found in tons of packaged foods, and will induce cravings for carbohydrates which often leads to weight gain.

So much for the myths of diet and or healthy!

 *Best Advice: Never touch a food with aspartame in it again.

*Alternate Advice: If you don’t feel ready to give up diet drinks or foods but are having any of these symptoms try a 60-day aspartame free test and see how much your health improves.





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  • Sallie Seay

    HELLO! This is exactly the reason I refused to buy this product for my mom when it first came out. So glad that I got her away from it quickly.

  • Lena and Paska

    Did you know that it kills aunts. When we see a huge colony in our walk way, we sprinkle aspartame and they die…. So can you imagine what it does inside,,,

    • Dustin

      Yeah it killed my aunt too. We were having a pick nick and the next thing we knew a whole bunch of ANTS came by. We didn't know what to do so we busted out the Aspartame and it killed her.

      • Sarah Barendse


    • Jennifer

      It kills ants the critters, not aunts that are one of your parent's sister. But, it may be killing your aunts too…

    • Paul

      Best typo in the world.

    • Ruby V

      kills "ants" – and maybe also some of your aunts!!

  • cindy

    I officially quit diet pop thank-you!

  • Zen Since Phe, Glu and Asp acid, amino acids are CLONED on E. coli plates. Aspartame and MSG were termed "Natural flavors". This abuse of fecal E.coli being "Natural", allows them to term cloned GMO food-like products as "Natural"

    • James

      Speak for yourself, American. In Europe we do not regard Aspartame as "Natural".

  • Nathan Boor

    Methanol is not a scheduled drug. Your argument holds no water.

    • Suzie Creamcheeze

      What type of Nutrasweeet drink do you love? :/

    • Brian

      I agree. Methanol is not on the DEA drug schedule. Are you thinking of Methadone or Methamphetamine perhaps? Those are schedule II drugs.
      Simple alcohols, like Ethanol and Methanol, are not considered drugs by the Federal drug schedule.

  • csafarz

    I am not surprised.

  • M-LV

    Safety and health effects[edit]
    The safety of aspartame has been studied extensively since its discovery with research that includes animal studies, clinical and epidemiological research, and postmarketing surveillance,[37] with aspartame being one of the most rigorously tested food ingredients to date.[38] Peer-reviewed comprehensive review articles and independent reviews by governmental regulatory bodies have analyzed the published research on the safety of aspartame and have found aspartame is safe for consumption at current levels.[7][37][39][40] Aspartame has been deemed safe for human consumption by over one hundred (100) regulatory agencies in their respective countries,[40] including the UK Food Standards Agency,[41] the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)[42] and Health Canada.[43]

    Who is right?

    You can die also from water if you consume it in extremely large doses!

    Be aware, but be smart!

    • Heike

      'independent reviews by governmental regulatory bodies' <—
      There's your answer. Don't be brainwashed.

    • Pak

      Well this is a subject just as everything else. If you eat you die, if you drink it you die. No matter what there is always something that isn't good for you. Even the air you breathe with all pollutants and poisons. I believe not a person alive want to stop breathing . ENOUGH SAID!!! Pak.

      • guest

        agree enough said. LO shhhhhh

    • stan

      The UK, starting right from the Prince is corrupt, and then there's the beheading incident…..Canada grows GMO canola, and has a host of other dastardly and disgusting practices against the health of it's own citizens including it's wait in line til you die national healthcare system. Regulatory agencies have not helped us in years because of political pressure……the way that these kinds of products are harmful, evade us, is that they prey on the % of the population who are prone to the reactions they cause….as with sugar….the worse form of sugar it is…the higher glycemic index it has, and therefore, the more devastating of an effect it has on a diabetic. The fact is, is that US foods are highly restricted for sale and consumption, and in many cases, banned, in most major countries.

    • Guest more info…. you decide what you are comfortable drinking…..

    • M-ZR

      The same things as with vaccines: pharma studies say they are safe and effective, despite thousands of deaths and disabilities; Monsanto conducts studies showing that their own GMO and aspartame (which is also GMO produced by E coli) are safe and effective; Stalin and Kim Ir Sen had 100% of population voting for them when they controlled elections, and so on. What bureaucrat will ever admit they are poisoning us?

    • John

      This is false information and you know it. Just go online and read the complaints of adverse reactions with use of this neurotoxic substance. It's poison and it's ruining lives. It changes into methanol/formaldehyde in the body.

    • John

      And the government would never lie to us!

    • Barbws

      What color packet~~Pink, Yellow or Blue are we talking about. Or all! I am Diabetic~eek! My husband loves the Pink!

  • Hmm

    Did you read you own reference?;…

  • ex-user

    All I can say is that after stopping all aspartame products, within 30 days I began to feel like a new person. Never again.

  • Terry

    Methanol is not on the DEA's list of schedule 2 narcotics. I see that mentioned on many other blogs that claim Aspartame is bad but it is not on the DEA's list.

  • Mike

    Seriously, I can't believe people doubt information like this. Even if not 100% accurate, do you actually trust what the government stamps as "Okey Dokey?" What is wrong with people? We weren't designed to consume processed garbage and it's causing health issues the medical profession can't even identify. And if you believe we evolved, well, the argument is the same… Amazing that doctors always come back to encouraging us to eat more of what naturally occurs on the earth! Love the argument, well if you drink too much water that will kill you too… genius reasoning.

  • overand

    Apartame doesn't "contain" methanol any more than table salt "contains" chlorine, a toxic gas. People writing about chemicals need to understand the difference between a mixture and a compound.

    That being said, I don't trust aspartame at all. I'm not saying it's good for you. But methanol:

    A: Not a schedule 2 narcotic
    B: Not an 'ingredient' in Aspartame

    • skew17

      Methanol is not an ingredient, in is a resultant of Aspartme being broke down during digestion, and does enter your system.

  • SJE

    I personally avoid all aspartame, along with most other food additives. That being said, check the references at the end of the article and you will find that the cites that are based on science, and not just recycled blog writings, do not support the claims in the article. One requires that you buy the article, but I happen to be able to use a university library to access it. For those studies that do support caution, a person would have to consume massive amounts of the substance per day to create problems. I am a health educator, and before presenting information from articles like this to my clients, I have to do due diligence to make sure the claims are supported. In this case, not so much. In my opinion, this type of information adds to public confusion.

  • Adam Jenkins

    Funny how there are millions of ambulance chasing attorneys in the US, who have successfully gone after numerous hazardous materials produced by thousands of manufacturers and won huge awards for victims damaged by products containing those materials, yet there is not ONE DOCUMENTED case of damage of any kind to a human, not ONE lawsuit or judgment against ANY company who's products contain it. Not stated in the scare tactic article is that there is more methanol produced in the human body from drinking orange juice or eating tomatoes than a person would ever get from ingesting Aspertame.

  • thanks for the info will save more peoples live

  • ABA

    The European Food Safety Authority recently determined aspartame safe for consumption by the general population, including pregnant women. Moreover, this risk assessment concluded that aspartame does not cause cancer, harm the brain or nervous system or affect behavior or cognitive function in children or adults. This adds to decades of scientific research that has come to the same conclusion, as well as the positions of regulatory agencies around the globe, including FDA. In other words, consumers can enjoy diet beverages with complete confidence in their safety and efficacy as a diet tool.
    -American Beverage Association

    • dave

      its amazing how an american beverage association employee would comment on this. if its so safe you have nothing to worry about and shouldn't have to comment. I also love the commercials for high fructose syrup has commercials telling people its safe to eat? really I don't see other products coming out and defending their product like the some of the food industry products do? reminds me of big tobacco. oh no our products aren't bad for you trust us. while we make billions. funny

  • edrebber

    Fruit juices and ripe fruit contain methanol.

  • in pain in Oregon

    I don`t have scientific evidence or references to quote from. That being said, I suffer from Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain related illnesses and I know within 15 minutes to a half an hour if I that I eat or drink has aspartame or any other artificial sweetener,my pain levels will go from a little sore to extreme and it takes up to 24 hours to go back to a tolerable pain level.So,argue science and all its terms all you want,I know ASPARTAME is a POISON to my system. Thank you or reading and healthy life to all. :~}

  • Mike CPhT

    Please Refer to the DEA listing of scheduled drugs and substances. Methanol is not listed.… feel free to check for yourself if you wish to do so. while i agree that aspartame is dangerous and methanol is poisonous it does not do what is listed above. Methanol can be found in toner and is extremely toxic making it classified and listed as a poison not as a scheduled drug.

  • Rob

    All we can do is warn people of the effects of aspartame. What they choose to do after that is up to them. I know personally the effects of aspartame poisoning. I felt like me heart was going to explode and I was certain I was going to die. Since then I try to explain to my friends and family why they should stay away from diet drinks, but they just ignore me. I like to ask people this question. If diet drinks are so good, then why are 9 out of 10 people you see drinking them overweight?

  • Dan

    I want to know why Aspartame is now put in ALL chewing gum not just sugar-free?

    • Erin

      They do it because it makes the flavor last longer. I’m sure it saves money as well. It is a terrible and deceptive thing to do, though. I guess since it not illegal it’s ok though, right?

  • Endrest

    And now you can add obesity to the list of maladies this toxic chemical causes.

    “Now, researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have found a lead. The results of their study on this subject was published in the journal “Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism”.

    “Richard Hodin’s team investigated a sweetener called aspartame (which has the EU ingredients code E951). Along with the salt aspartame-acesulfame (E962), it is among the most commonly used sweeteners in the world.”

    Below is the actual press release from Massachusetts General Hospital’s website.

  • Aspartame is an essential instrument in turning food into a bioweapon, Henri Kissinger’s wet dream…