Alzheimer’s Patient Reverses Symptoms by Applying Coconut Oil On A Daily Basis


Carolyn, the devoted daughter of an 88-year-old women who has Alzheimer’s recently decided to take charge of her mother’s care. The almost immediate results she saw were drastic and inspiring.

Additionally, the simple change she implemented in her mom’s life is available for any family struggling and suffering from Alzheimer’s to try for themselves.

Her mother spent the last seven years in a nursing home. As the years wore on and her mother’s condition deteriorated, Carolyn started to worry that her mother was being neglected and potentially abused.

Carolyn decided it was time to make a change and take matters into her own hands. She removed her ailing mother and devoted herself to being her mother’s full-time primary caregiver. On February 14, 2016, Carolyn made the hardest and probably the most important decision for her mother and removed her from the toxic nursing home environment and took her home to care for her.

While in the care of the nursing home, Carolyn’s mother was diagnosed with stage 6 Alzheimer’s. Stage 6 is also known as the “severe decline” stage. In stage 6 most patients need help with day-to-day life activities and near constant supervision. For the last two years, Carolyn’s mother struggled to speak and did not remember people, names, faces, and words. Reading had become almost impossible for her mom due to her memory issues. Communication was becoming a real struggle for Carolyn’s mother.

Coconut oil, the wonder drug

Carolyn had read about and was familiar with the benefits of coconut oil. Immediately after her mother’s liberation from the nursing home, Carolyn started liberally applying coconut oil. She would do this twice a day, after bathing in the morning and again at night before bedtime.

Within 5 days she started noticing an immediate and drastic improvement in her mother’s condition. Her mother started remembering people and names she hadn’t in years. She was able to communicate again. Carolyn was amazed when her mother was able to read, out loud, a Bible storybook and only struggled with a couple of words.

Alzheimers and coconut oil, science backs it up

These results may have been shocking, but they are no surprise given the results of a recent Spanish clinical trial. In December 2015, a clinical trial was published on the effects of coconut oil being used to treat patients who have Alzheimer’s.

The study included giving 40 ml, approximately 2.7 tablespoons, of coconut oil a day to one of two control groups. Both control groups were made up of people of varying ages and genders in various stages of Alzheimer’s. One control group received the coconut oil and the other did not.

The study concluded that there was a statistically significant increase in test scores demonstrating improved cognitive status in the control group that received the coconut oil. The study clearly demonstrated the potentially powerful positive effects of coconut oil on patients struggling with Alzheimer’s.

In addition, a US study currently being conducted in Florida is scheduled for publication in late 2016. The health, wellness, and Alzheimer’s communities are eagerly awaiting those results.

Big Pharma doesn’t welcome the idea

The pharmaceutical industry is the one industry that stands to lose the most if the new studies collaborate Spanish study findings. Alzheimer’s disease affects millions of seniors and is a rapidly increasing disease. Pharmaceutical companies have been working for years to develop a vaccine but to date have come up empty handed. Pharmaceutical companies may be left out in the cold if the connection between coconut oil and cognitive ability increase in Alzheimer patients is proven.

For Carolyn and her mother there is no doubt that coconut oil has made a huge impact in their daily lives. Carolyn and her mother are enjoying this additional time together, their newfound freedom, and their ability to communicate with one another.


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  • edrebber

    The origin of medicine was healing through nutrition, but modern medicine seeks to suppress and eliminate nutrition from our collective consciousness.

  • TXChemtrail

    how did she consume the oil?

  • Xmen442002

    The Alzheimer patient needs to consume 3-6 tablespoons daily.

    This is not a cure…just helps to relieve the symptoms and clear up cognitive issues.

    Dr. Mary Newport is the leader of this treatment in the US and she is the one helping sponsor the study at The University of South Florida

    • Yep. Dr Newport used coconut oil on the her husband and when you watch the videos on Youtube, you’ll see a drastic change in his behaviour.

      • Xmen442002

        Yes….but the effects were only temporary. He eventually succumbed to his death, but her research has led to stopping the progression of it which is a MAJOR achievement! They now understand that dementia illness is more directly linked to Auto Immunity issues and are using functional medicine to improve or in many cases….reversing the onset completely.

  • Chris

    I can only imagine that if you add the different things that assist in reversing Alzheimers; would you be able to completely reverse it?
    – Silica water. Supposed to remove up to 70% of the aluminum in the brain, that per Harvard University is a major contributor to Alzheimers.
    – Black Seed Oil. Allows for healthier blood and more oxygenation.
    – Coconut oil.
    – Oil of Oregano.
    – Classical music played on head phones that assist in creating new connections from the left and right side of the brain.
    *This list is only a small portion of what can be done to improve their condition. That first step though is to detox from the metals in the brain.

    • David S

      This still requires a patient that is willing to try these alternatives. By stage 6, most are not even able to remember where they are, and some are quite combative and resistant to everything. Most definitely worth a try, but not always possible past a point in the disease.

  • Liz

    As a certified biologist you cant possibly believe this to be true.

    • ghendric

      Not everything is cut and dry when it comes to life. We keep discovering new things about it all the time.

    • earthunit

      Being a biologist does not mean you deny results from clinical trials.

    • LatinosForTrump

      What are you basing this on? Isn’t it more prudent to read any available studies, analyse them and then make a possible determination then?

  • Michael Haymar

    It is good to see more case history’s of Alzheimer’s patients who have been helped by the use of coconut oil. Mary T Newport reversed Alzheimer’s in her husband by using coconut oil. She went on to write a book explaining how it is done. The book is — “Alzheimer’s Disease: What If There Was a Cure?: The Story of Ketones.” By Mary T Newport and Cheryl Hirsch.

  • Ylbyrt

    Where to apply particularly in the body?