8 Best Herbs for a Healthy Kidney


While many studies have been undertaken to study the effects that many herbs have on the heart, lungs or colon, for instance, much less research has been done on herbs which help with kidney health. The need for this is great, however, as in the United States alone, over 20 million people suffer from chronic kidney disease. Based on the research that has been done, however, some herbs have emerged as being able to support good renal health and they are discussed below.

Green Tea

Green tea has astringent, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, all of which make it excellent for kidney health. It also contains chemicals calls polyphenols, which help prevent the formation of kidney stones. Because of its antioxidant properties, it can also reduce kidney damage caused by oxidative stress.

Couch Grass

This nutrient rich herb has long been used to treat urinary tract infections and to help increase urine production. It also has been shown to help prevent the formation of kidney stones, especially when taken in combination with potassium citrate.


Though not well known in the West, this herb has long been used in China to promote overall renal health and to treat a number of conditions of the kidney. Studies done on renal patients taking this herb found that it was useful at reducing creatinine levels, a clinical indication of improved kidney function.


Native to Australia and Southeast Asia, this herb also has a long history of use as a natural diuretic and a tonic for the kidneys and urinary tract. It is believed to be an effective treatment for infections as well as preventing the formation of both gallstones and kidney stones.

Java Tea

This natural diuretic helps the kidneys eliminate nitrogen from the body and is also a treatment for kidney stones and infections as well as a general tonic to improve overall renal function. This is likely due to the fact that it contains a well of active compounds such as flavones, volatile oils and glycosides.


Cranberries are a popular treatment for urinary tract health and may help reduce infections and also the formation of kidney stones. This is likely due to the fact that cranberries contain a compound called quinic acid, which makes the urine more acidic and prevents kidney stone formation.


Dandelion tea is a great general tonic for both the kidneys and the liver. It is a natural diuretic but is also rich in vitamins and minerals and its active ingredients have the ability to help break up kidney stones and allow them to pass naturally.


The strong antioxidant properties in ginger help to protect overall renal health and reduce oxidative stress; is also a very effective treatment for cleansing the kidneys and being able to dissolve kidney stones.

These eight herbs are all great tonics for the kidneys and will help prevent common problems like infections or the formation of stones, as well as protective against the development of renal disease. Most can be found at your local health food store and some even in mainstream supermarkets, making them accessible as well as effective to maintain healthy kidneys.

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