5 Unique Raw Recipes that Make Raw Seem Easy


Thinking about going raw, but need some help with easy recipes that don’t take a genius to make? Well, you’re in luck. When I first started toying of the idea of trying a raw diet, I looked at the recipes and wanted to quit before I started. I’d never heard of most of these things and it was completely overwhelming. So, I went off in search of some raw recipes that made my senses soar and here’s what I came up with.

1.    Breakfast Made Chocolate Chip Donut Holes

Recipe from: Rawmazing.com – Click for Recipe

This awesome breakfast treat is sweet and almost chewy. It’s great for giving a little burst of energy and good for a sweet tooth. I’ve made a similar recipe and frozen it for use later or midnight snacks if I was craving something sweet – delish!

2.    Warm Hazlenut Milk – Great for upcoming cold months!

Recipe from: Rawmazing.com – Click for Recipe

This warm Christmas style drink offers a little sweetness with some added spice. I love the idea of sitting on a cozy couch covered in a big blanket with this drink in hand for the upcoming cooler months (especially from you Midwesterners!)

3.    Raw Red Pepper Soup – Amazing health benefits

Recipe from: Rawfoodrecipes.com – Click for Recipe

As one of the highest fat scorching foods and one of the most vitamin C rich dinner foods, bell peppers make a great addition to any meals. That’s why this recipe gets our applause and our tummy’s applause, too!

4.    Raw snack cheese-it recipe – Om nom nom

Recipe from: Rawfoodrecipes.com – Click for Recipe

One of my all-time favorite junk foods is the trusty “cheese it”, they just hit my spot in all the right ways. That’s why when I found this alternative raw cheeze-it copycat recipe, I just about jumped out of my seat!

5.    Sun-dried Tomato Corn Chowder

Recipe from Nouveauraw.com – Click for Recipe

This recipe is hardy and filling, as well as packed with nutrients and delicious flavors. Describable as robust and hardy, you’re sure to love this dish. This also would be an awesome dish to introduce to friends and family who are “skeptical” about going raw.

The Benefits of a Raw Diet

Raw diets are becoming more widely accepted by people everywhere. The primary reason being, raw foods are easy for our body to digest. That means, it’s easy for our body to get the nutrients it needs. When considering going raw, make sure you’re familiar with what a raw lifestyle is all about and browse the web for more awesome raw recipes. Want to find out more about the benefits of an all raw diet? Check out this interview with Nomi Shannon.


Amanda Little
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