12 Water Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know


Probably, most of us have heard that we should drink six to eight glasses of water every day, and probably, most of us have not yet put that good advice into practice. We understand the general fact that drinking plenty of water is healthy and may even know a couple specific reasons why we should, but most of us would soon be surprised at the many ways water can help us were we to dig deeper into the subject. Listed below are 12 ways water can keep our bodies to run more smoothly, which should serve to motivate us to drink those six to eight daily glasses.

  1. Hydrating your system will give you more energy. When you get dehydrated, your cardiovascular system has a harder time moving oxygen, vitamins, and other important nutrients through your blood stream. On the other hand, when these vital elements get where they need to be fast, both your brain and your body will feel and function better.
  2. Having lots of water in your system help keep your muscles from cramping and your joints from getting dry and “creaky.”
  3. Drinking plenty of water does wonders for your immune system health, as many studies have shown. The flu and a whole host of other ailments are better guarded against when our bodies are “well watered.”
  4. Water can thin out your urine so that kidney stones will not form. The great increase in the number of people with kidney stones is directly connected with the fact that few of us these days drink enough water. Additionally, water helps to fight against urinary tract infections.
  5. When you drink more water, you feel fuller and tend to eat less. This can cut down on over-eating and help you stay within proper weight boundaries.
  6. Water helps to put an extra shine into your hair.
  7. Water promotes skin health. It puts more moisture into your skin so that it looks younger, and it can even cut down on wrinkles.
  8. A body with high water content will be freer of toxins since water tends to rid the body of waste. This is accomplished both by sweating and by urine release.
  9. The common cold can often be prevented by simply drinking plenty of water.
  10. Warm water, with a little salt mixed in, can help to cure a sore throat. Just gargle with the solution, and then spit it out.
  11. Water can keep your muscles “fueled.” Next time you are working out at the gym, replace some of that sweat you just lost with a glass of water. You may be surprised at how it helps you to go that extra exercise mile.
  12. Although we cannot recommend getting a hangover to begin with, if you do find yourself in that predicament, drinking large quantities of water can help you by flushing the toxins out of your system.

These dozen benefits of including a heavy does of water in your regular diet should motivate us to keep ourselves well hydrated. There are, no doubt, 100 or more valid positive impacts of water-drinking that could be mentioned, but these 12 should suffice to get us drinking plenty of water and living a healthier, happier life.

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