What is “disease”?

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Disease is an abnormality in the harmony of the body. In the “perfectly normal” individual, of which there are none, all aspects of life would be in total harmony and the body would live forever.

But we, the imperfectly normal individuals, are constantly being subjected to influences that upset our inner equilibrium. Our body has innate defense mechanisms that can protect us from reasonable threats.

Modern humanity can not be considered either normal or ordinary because virtually every aspect of modern living causes disharmony in the physical, mental, and moral planes of our existence as we are constantly exposed to vast changes in both our internal and external environment.

The physical body, designed for and requiring demanding physical exercise for its optimum functioning, now performs effortless tasks.

Our diet, once composed of whole grains, nuts, raw fruits, fresh vegetables, simple proteins and pure water, is now made up of refined, devitalized grains, highly salted nuts, frozen, canned, or poisoned fruits and vegetables, complex protein meals also poisoned by all manner of drugs and chemicals, and harmful liquids, such as coffee, tea, soda, and alcohol. Even the air is no longer pure.

As if this were not enough for the physical body to handle, many people take drugs and smoke all forms of tobacco and pakalolo (pot).

The human form has been bastardized due to conditioning through the consumption of flesh and blood. We, the humans, are an herbivorous form, not a carnivorous form. Our alkaline saliva breaks down the alkaline plant-based foods allowing us to virtually drink our foods, which leave the body in two to three days. When we ingest the acidic flesh and blood, it interacts with the alkaline saliva adversely and does not break down.

So, after sucking out all the flesh, blood, and seasonings, we swallow the muscle, where is sits in our digestive tract for five to seven days releasing poison upon poison into our blood stream and organs.

We are equipped with various adaptive mechanisms which clear from the body a normal amount on unneeded, unwanted, toxic substances. But, if the safety channels are clogged, overburdened, or suppressed, the vital force can no longer slowly and safely maintain harmony. The result? Disease!

To better understand the direction and purpose of the disease process, it is first necessary to understand and better appreciate the basic causes of disease.

ACCUMULATION of toxic material within the body due to improper diet, poor circulation, poor eliminations, and lack of demanding exercise is a major factor in almost all disease. While it is acknowledged that other cause di exist, most factors that contribute to disease result in an accumulation of poisonous substances in the body which, when the channels of elimination cannot adequately remove them, will invariably initiate a disease process. These accumulations ultimately lead to changes within not only the cell, but within the whole body.

INCORRECT OR UNBALANCED DIETS lead to reduced vitality, nutritional deficiency, toxemia, poor eliminations, and tissue degeneration. Modern food processing and refining leads to an unbalanced, low-fiber, unnatural diet which drastically decreases the nutrient value of food. High-yield fertilizer use upsets the natural balance of the soil, producing nutritionally inferior and deficient food. Pesticides, GMOs, and additives place a further burden on the body to detoxify unwanted and poisonous substances. Improper diet is a major cause of nearly all forms of disease.

IMPROPER POSTURE AND BODY MECHANICS due to habit, poor muscle tone, accidents, or injury can interfere with normal nervous activity or the circulation of blood or lymph, leading to tissue degeneration and defective function. As the normal curves of the spine are altered by weak abdominal muscles, high heels, spinal trauma, or poor body mechanics in sitting or standing, the normal relationship of internal organs and their nervous, blood, and lymph supply, and consequently their nutrition, are severely affected. These changes can lead to poor local nutrition, reduced drainage, and reduced tissue vitality. The end result is congestion, toxic accumulation, and disease.

DESTRUCTIVE EMOTIONS such as fear, anxiety, hate, self-pity, envy, impatience, lack of tolerance and resentment can affect the body by upsetting digestion. Physiological causes of disease are increasing as society itself places greater pressures on the individual.

THE ADMINISTRATION OF SUPPRESSIVE DRUGS AND VACCINES, which inhibit the eliminative efforts of the body, place further demand on it for drug detoxification, are a growing cause of disease. Many drugs, and vaccines in particular, can cause allergic reactions, chronic allergies, and other long-term health problems. The incidence of drug-induced illness has skyrocketed, especially in older age groups where multiple prescriptions can cause toxic interactions. And now, with the advent of GMOs, autism has taken on unbelievable growth.

EXCESSIVE USE OF ALCOHOL, COFFEE, AND TOBACCO are serious health threats. These social drugs, although widely accepted and used, are major factors in many disease processes. They can severely damage the liver, lungs, pancreas, thyroid, adrenal glands, and other parts of the body and mind.

ENVIRONMENTAL CAUSES of disease are becoming difficult to avoid. The air, water, and soil are all becoming more susceptible to pollution as the population grows and we treat the earth without proper respect.

OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS also help cause disease. Chemical contact and poor air quality are common factors in downgraded health. Some substances that have been in use for decades, like asbestos and fluoride, have been found to be toxic and are a severe health risk. Work-related stress could be the greatest cause of illness among workers.

CERTAIN INHERITED FACTORS or tendencies, an abnormality of predisposition from birth, can also leave an individual more susceptible to disease or unstable conditions. Usually, these conditions manifest when the body comes under stress from one of more of the other cause of disease listed prior.

PARASITIC VIRUS OR GERM INFECTION, is not a primary cause of disease but rather its result because a germ can only survive in a suitable environment. The body hosts millions of microorganisms; some beneficial and some bad, bad bad. So, if harmful bacteria are allowed to multiply, then typical symptoms of disease result.

A healthy body has multiple defense mechanisms to keep harmful bacteria from gaining a strong foothold. The normal healthy bacterial flora in the digestive tract and vagina prevent others from proliferating. The body’s secretions also prevent bacterial infection by their pH and other qualities. The mucous membranes are lined with tiny hairs (cilia) that constantly move debris and bacteria out the door. Glands like the tonsils are designed to screen foreign matter from the air, and internally from the circulation. The bad guys that manage to invade are attacked by antibodies consumed by white blood cells and either digested or removed from the body.

The body is naturally well protected. Only when defenses are weakened can harmful bacteria get a foothold. The factors that bring about reduced vitality have been disclosed above. When one or more of the causative factors that bring on disease are present, the body is forced to act strongly to reestablish proper equilibrium. The result is acute disease.



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Hesh Goldstein
When I was a kid, if I were told that I'd be writing a book about diet and nutrition when I was older, let alone having been doing a health related radio show for over 36 years, I would've thought that whoever told me that was out of their mind. Living in Newark, New Jersey, my parents and I consumed anything and everything that had a face or a mother except for dead, rotting, pig bodies, although we did eat bacon (as if all the other decomposing flesh bodies were somehow miraculously clean). Going through high school and college it was no different. In fact, my dietary change did not come until I was in my 30's.

Just to put things in perspective, after I graduated from Weequahic High School and before going to Seton Hall University, I had a part-time job working for a butcher. I was the delivery guy and occasionally had to go to the slaughterhouse to pick up products for the store. Needless to say, I had no consciousness nor awareness, as change never came then despite the horrors I witnessed on an almost daily basis.

After graduating with a degree in accounting from Seton Hall, I eventually got married and moved to a town called Livingston. Livingston was basically a yuppie community where everyone was judged by the neighborhood they lived in and their income. To say it was a "plastic" community would be an understatement.

Livingston and the shallowness finally got to me. I told my wife I was fed up and wanted to move. She made it clear she had to be near her friends and New York City. I finally got my act together and split for Colorado.

I was living with a lady in Aspen at the end of 1974, when one day she said, " let's become vegetarians". I have no idea what possessed me to say it, but I said, "okay"! At that point I went to the freezer and took out about $100 worth of frozen, dead body parts and gave them to a welfare mother who lived behind us. Well, everything was great for about a week or so, and then the chick split with another guy.

So here I was, a vegetarian for a couple weeks, not really knowing what to do, how to cook, or basically how to prepare anything. For about a month, I was getting by on carrot sticks, celery sticks, and yogurt. Fortunately, when I went vegan in 1990, it was a simple and natural progression. Anyway, as I walked around Aspen town, I noticed a little vegetarian restaurant called, "The Little Kitchen".

Let me back up just a little bit. It was April of 1975, the snow was melting and the runoff of Ajax Mountain filled the streets full of knee-deep mud. Now, Aspen was great to ski in, but was a bummer to walk in when the snow was melting.

I was ready to call it quits and I needed a warmer place. I'll elaborate on that in a minute.

But right now, back to "The Little Kitchen". Knowing that I was going to leave Aspen and basically a new vegetarian, I needed help. So, I cruised into the restaurant and told them my plight and asked them if they would teach me how to cook. I told them in return I would wash dishes and empty their trash. They then asked me what I did for a living and I told them I was an accountant.

The owner said to me, "Let's make a deal. You do our tax return and we'll feed you as well". So for the next couple of weeks I was doing their tax return, washing their dishes, emptying the trash, and learning as much as I could.

But, like I said, the mud was getting to me. So I picked up a travel book written by a guy named Foder. The name of the book was, "Hawaii". Looking through the book I noticed that in Lahaina, on Maui, there was a little vegetarian restaurant called," Mr. Natural's". I decided right then and there that I would go to Lahaina and work at "Mr. Natural's." To make a long story short, that's exactly what happened.

So, I'm working at "Mr. Natural's" and learning everything I can about my new dietary lifestyle - it was great. Every afternoon we would close for lunch at about 1 PM and go to the Sheraton Hotel in Ka'anapali and play volleyball, while somebody stayed behind to prepare dinner.

Since I was the new guy, and didn't really know how to cook, I never thought that I would be asked to stay behind to cook dinner. Well, one afternoon, that's exactly what happened; it was my turn. That posed a problem for me because I was at the point where I finally knew how to boil water.

I was desperate, clueless and basically up the creek without a paddle. Fortunately, there was a friend of mine sitting in the gazebo at the restaurant and I asked him if he knew how to cook. He said the only thing he knew how to cook was enchiladas. He said that his enchiladas were bean-less and dairy-less. I told him that I had no idea what an enchilada was or what he was talking about, but I needed him to show me because it was my turn to do the evening meal.

Well, the guys came back from playing volleyball and I'm asked what was for dinner. I told them enchiladas; the owner wasn't thrilled. I told him that mine were bean-less and dairy-less. When he tried the enchilada he said it was incredible. Being the humble guy that I was, I smiled and said, "You expected anything less"? It apparently was so good that it was the only item on the menu that we served twice a week. In fact, after about a week, we were selling five dozen every night we had them on the menu and people would walk around Lahaina broadcasting, 'enchilada's at "Natural's" tonight'. I never had to cook anything else.

A year later the restaurant closed, and somehow I gravitated to a little health food store in Wailuku. I never told anyone I was an accountant and basically relegated myself to being the truck driver. The guys who were running the health food store had friends in similar businesses and farms on many of the islands. I told them that if they could organize and form one company they could probably lock in the State. That's when they found out I was an accountant and "Down to Earth" was born. "Down to Earth" became the largest natural food store chain in the islands, and I was their Chief Financial Officer and co-manager of their biggest store for 13 years.

In 1981, I started to do a weekly radio show to try and expose people to a vegetarian diet and get them away from killing innocent creatures. I still do that show today. I pay for my own airtime and have no sponsors to not compromise my honesty. One bit of a hassle was the fact that I was forced to get a Masters Degree in Nutrition to shut up all the MD's that would call in asking for my credentials.

My doing this radio show enabled me, through endless research, to see the corruption that existed within the big food industries, the big pharmaceutical companies, the biotech industries and the government agencies. This information, unconscionable as it is, enabled me to realize how broken our health system is. This will be covered more in depth in the Introduction and throughout the book and when you finish the book you will see this clearly and it will hopefully inspire you to make changes.

I left Down to Earth in 1989, got nationally certified as a sports injury massage therapist and started traveling the world with a bunch of guys that were making a martial arts movie. After doing that for about four years I finally made it back to Honolulu and got a job as a massage therapist at the Honolulu Club, one of Hawaii's premier fitness clubs. It was there I met the love of my life who I have been with since 1998. She made me an offer I couldn't refuse. She said," If you want to be with me you've got to stop working on naked women". So, I went back into accounting and was the Chief Financial Officer of a large construction company for many years.

Going back to my Newark days when I was an infant, I had no idea what a "chicken" or "egg" or "fish" or "pig" or "cow" was. My dietary blueprint was thrust upon me by my parents as theirs was thrust upon them by their parents. It was by the grace of God that I was able to put things in their proper perspective and improve my health and elevate my consciousness.

The road that I started walking down in 1975 has finally led me to the point of writing my book, “A Sane Diet For An Insane World”. Hopefully, the information contained herein will be enlightening, motivating, and inspiring to encourage you to make different choices. Doing what we do out of conditioning is not always the best course to follow. I am hoping that by the grace of the many friends and personalities I have encountered along my path, you will have a better perspective of what road is the best road for you to travel on, not only for your health but your consciousness as well.

Last but not least: after being vaccinated as a kid I developed asthma, which plagued me all of my life. In 2007 I got exposed to the organic sulfur crystals, which got rid of my asthma in 3 days and has not come back in over 10 years. That, being the tip of the iceberg, has helped people reverse stage 4 cancers, autism, joint pain, blood pressure problems, migraine headaches, erectile dysfunction, gingivitis, and more. Also, because of the detoxification effects by the release of oxygen that permeates and heals all the cells in the body, it removes parasites, radiation, fluoride, free radicals, and all the other crap that is thrust upon us in the environment by Big Business.

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